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True Story. b*****r and s****r

Based on a true story that happen to me on June 18th around 3 AM.

So I came home all irritated and mad since my Boyfriend pissed me off. (But thats another story)

I was talking on KIK with a new friend I made, she was basically a whore you can say. She started to calm me down and I told her it was only my dad,b*****r, and I who are home. (My mom is visiting her s****r down in San Diego)

So she dared me to tease them. I didn't know what to do so I said yes. I wore a very loose black and white bra.

My b*****r was sitting in the living room watching tv and was probably on crack since he is a crack head.

She told me to go out and tease him so I did, when I was in the living room, he came up to me and rip off my shirt and bra. We just stood there and after 3 minutes I ran into my room.

He came into my room moments later jerking his cock, just looking at my half naked body so I just sat there, watching him jerk it off.

He told me to spit on his cock for lube, I did so, I never touched it nor had his cock touch me. Her was just jerking off to my tits.

Five minutes later he cummed all over my tits and he walked out liked nothing happen.

I just sat there, trying to recap what happen.

I just put on a new shirt and went to sl**p afterwards, not cleaning up the cum on my tits, I just left it there.

In my mind after that I just thought for a quick second to just bring him in here and give him head so I can get more cum, i dont know why...


These stories will probably keep going, so keep a look out.

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