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The Sexual Frustration Act - "Liza - diary of



My name is Liza and I am a sex slave, I am nineteen years old and I have been with the Master for two years. It is actually a very good life style once one comes to terms with the Master’s exacting predilections. I am the newest recruit to the Master’s stable, he has two other girls and we all live in a big house within a high walled park.
I come from a mining village, and left school at twelve years of age to go and work as a bal maiden at the local wheal. It was hard noisy back breaking work, standing beside the stamps sorting crushed ore by hand for twelve hours a day. The pay was meagre but it helped my parents, my father worked as an underground tenter on the water pumps at the wheal. I had five b*****rs and s****rs and we all lived in a miner’s two up and two down tithe cottage with a privy out back.
At f******n my body developed sexually, my breasts burgeoned into womanhood, I began getting warm feelings between my legs and I had started to attract the fumbling attentions of the local boys. Eventually, if nothing changed, I would join the treadmill of marrying one of these yokels, have many c***dren and live out a peasant life of abject poverty, waiting to be told that my husband had died in yet another mining disaster.
At sixteen I was still a bal maiden, but not so much emphasis on the maiden part, I was getting some respite from the work place drudgery due to the wheal owner’s son, he would take me behind the coal store and fuck me as he believed was his right. Between this and the local boys I thought myself to be really quite sexually experienced and in demand.
I would look at myself in the mirror, and other than work worn hands and strong arms, I did see myself as an attractive maid. I knew not of measurements, my breasts were certainly comely firm handfuls with perky protruding rubbery teats, height wise I matched a nine and half hand horse, I was probably on the thin side with big blue eyes, long light chestnut brown hair and a matching triangle between my legs.
The stentmaster came to visit my father one day and left his newspaper behind, I had not had the opportunity of reading one before, not that I could read, there were a lot of little stamp sized pieces in small print all over the front page and some pictures of our good queen on the inside pages. The following day I discovered that my mum had wrapped my crib in the front page of this newspaper.
When we stopped for crib break, one of the old women pointed at one of the small pieces of writing and told me, ‘You’re a good looker, that’s what you should do, get you out of here, and I’ve heard it pays well’. I had no idea of what she was talking about, I asked her what was it that I should do? When she realised I couldn’t read, the old woman read out what I now know to be an advertisement. “Gentleman, mid thirties, of independent means, has a vacant position for a first time sex slave …..” followed by an address in the shires.
I had told the older woman that I was not a sex slave, and didn’t actually understand the advert at all. She told me that if she was my age she would give it a go and get away from all this hard work and poverty. I asked her to explain, and I was told this: “If you gained this position, the said gentleman would be your master, and as such he has to look after you, feed you, clothe you and keep you well appointed, further he has to put £1000 per annum in a special government approved account in your name for your retirement fund at age forty – that is the law.”
I had said that that sounds too good to be true, and asked what is the catch, what did I have to do in return. The old woman answered: “Well as the position implies you would be his ‘sex slave’ and required to be at his bidding to satisfy all his sexual urges, you would also be expected to keep house and you may be part of a ‘stable’ of girls. The gentleman will be a registered keeper of one or more sex slaves and you would be, likewise registered with the local authority.”
I thought out loud: ‘So all I have to do is have sex with this man and he gives me all that in return by law?’ The old woman looked quizzical at my then naïve interpretation of the situation and said, “well something like that, but the gentleman placing the advert would be a lot more demanding and sexually adventurous than the local boys and their inept gropings.”
I cut out the advert and went home that day with a new lightness to my step and heart. I barely slept that night, just imagining myself living the new life that the advert had to offer. The following day, I sought out the old woman at crib break and asked her to help me reply to the advert; She suggested that I come round to her house after work, and that one of the new daguerreotype images could be taken to help show me off. She knew of a young man in the neighbouring village who saw this as the future and had invested all his money in purchasing a Fox Talbot photographic imaging machine.
I did not go straight to the old woman’s house, I went home, had my tea, did my chores, put on my Sunday bests and unearthed my small savings before going out. When I got to the old woman’s home there was already a handsome young man there with an imaging machine. The young man introduced himself and said he would only charge a shilling per ‘image plate’, the old woman winked at him and suggested that I might have other charms of more worth than a shilling.
I took my clothes off and dutifully posed naked for the young man; He positioned me, moved my legs, tossed my hair, adjusted my arms and created a sexually alluring look without being overexposed and obscene. I kept still for many minutes with the young man gazing intently at my pudenda and breasts. I am sure he wanted to fuck me but when I touched his erect dick it exploded in my hand and was of no further use to him or me.
Further pictures were taken, and the embarrassed and apologetic young man went off with his plates and machinery, promising to return on the morrow eve with actual printed images of me. The old woman compiled a letter of application on my behalf: I understood, that she merely described my circumstances, that I was sexually aware but naïve, that the enclosed pictures told the whole story and that I was willing to be a sex slave; But my work hours and distance from the shires made it difficult to get away for an interview.
The following eve, with trepidation, I went to the old woman’s home. The young man was already there, and obviously in a state of sexual excitement, caused by him showing off the four pictures he had prepared of me. In one, I was fully clothed, in the others I was naked; Two showed me standing viewed from front and back and the third showed me posed as an odalisque lying recumbent across the sofa. I thought they looked very tasteful and sexy, and easily explained the bulge in the young man’s pants. The young man asked that if I ever wanted to pose for him again he would be most remunerative, as he was sure there was money to be made out of selling ‘nudie’ pictures of sexy young girls, and he left. We decided to submit all four pictures with my application, I gave the old woman a 1/- to cover the postage and went home in a state of agitated arousal, that would later require relief by touching myself.
Over a week went by, and I had started to think the worst; When the old woman came to me at crib clutching a letter addressed to me at her house. I nearly wet myself at the thought of what it could say, and begged the old woman to open it and read it to me: The old woman paraphrased thus:- “Most impressed with your use of the new imaging picture process, definitely like what I see. All things being equal you are a front runner for the post of sex slave. Don’t worry about time off at work I’m a major share holder in Tehidy Minerals and have arranged with your employer to give you the time off. Should you find the post to your liking you could begin right away – so make your preparations and let me know upon which day you will attend, a rail warrant and voucher is enclosed for your travelling expenses, let me know which train you are on and I shall arrange for your collection from the station.”
That same afternoon I was summoned by the overseer to go straight to the wheal owner’s house and see his son, the bringer of the message was waiting for me in a dog cart and I was taken at once to the ‘big house’, and shown into the study. The wheal owner’s son made arrangements for me to take a day off, the following Saturday to be exact: He then bent me over the desk pulled down my knickers and ravished me in the cunt, he told me he would miss this piece of meat, and was certainly going to enjoy what might well be his last chance to fuck me. I was taken back to work via the rail head, where my rail warrant was exchanged for a train ticket.
Wow, it had all happened so quick; I hadn’t even had a chance to discuss it with my parents or tell my b*****rs and s****rs: It was only the old woman at the wheal, the young image taker and my boss who knew of anything. I had thought it best to tell my parents that I had been offered an interview for a ‘domestic’ post in a gentleman’s country house. At work I asked the old woman to write to the gentleman telling him of my travel arrangements, and told her of my subterfuge. She had agreed that this ploy was probably for the good and she would have a word with the young image taker, after all he did not know the actual nature of the need for my nude pictures.


The Saturday soon came, I had a dreadful case of the stomach butterflies, I put on my Sunday best clothes, packed a very small valise, was wished well by my parents and set off on my journey to Hungerford in Berkshire. My Sunday best did very little to show off or enhance my figure, my only other clothes were the white smocks of a bal maiden and the long woollen night gown in my valise, together with some socks and knickers.
En route I had plenty of time to ponder my future, I decided that it had to be better than remaining in the mining village, and, that come what may, I would, if offered, accept the post; I hoped the gentleman would be reasonably good looking if not downright hansom as this would make the job easier. These idle thoughts about the gentleman and sex were starting to bring on that familiar warm feeling between my legs: I tried to put such thoughts out of my mind so that I might arrive in an unflustered state. I went for a meal and could not believe the amount, or choice, of food to which my little voucher entitled me: I had never seen so many goodies, not even on Christmas day, unfortunately the excited state of my stomach meant I was only able to pick at the dishes, but it did take my mind of sex.
At the station I was met by an elderly man with a one horse phaeton, He knew who I must be right away, and introduced himself as Coachman to the Master, he took my valise and we set off in the midday sun. As we neared a red brick estate boundary wall the Coachman told me that this was the Master’s estate, on realising how close I was my heart would not stop pounding; We entered through a pair of crested wrought iron gates and proceeded along a tree lined drive through verdant parkland to the manor house.
As we approached the big house, I saw a rather dashing man dressed in country tweeds walking down the steps from the double front door, I hoped that this might be he who I had dreamt about. I was not wrong, the phaeton pulled up by the steps and the man in tweeds opened the door and took my hand to guide me down. He told me that he was indeed The Master, another, older man dressed like a penguin, was hurrying behind the Master apologising for his tardiness, this penguin I was later to find out was the Butler, he was instructed to take my valise and we all went into the house.
I was asked about my journey, taken through a marbled hall and into a panelled study. The master ordered tea for two and required that we get right down to business. He explained the basics about a sex slave - very much as the old woman at the wheal had told me: He was indeed a registered sex slave master, he had two other girls in his charge and, yes, I was to be fully looked after and the £1000 per annum thing was real. In return he explained that I must be fully compliant in all his sexual demands and help around the house, as required, when not being used sexually.
He explained that he was entitled to punish any infractions or disobedience, but that he was not allowed to inflict any punishment that would lead to scarring, mutilation or any other long term disfigurement without specific judicial authority. If I failed to hold myself still for punishment, and required the use of restraints, then the punishment would be doubled.
If I accepted the post I would be registered as his sex slave with the local office of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, I would wear his mark tattooed on my behind, I would be immediately examined by a doctor and have a gold spigot plug fitted to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. As far as other laws were concerned, I would never be in a situation to be involved in public demands for wet pussy inspection or erect dick relief.
I was asked if I had any questions, and I had asked “what happens to me if something happens to you”. The Master explained that, by law, he was required to be a member of a sex slave owner’s syndicate, and that if he died, was made bankrupt or any other happening I would become the property of one of the syndicate members and that my agreement would continue with my new master. He explained that he was a member of the West Berkshire & North Wiltshire syndicate and, in all probability, I would meet most, if not all, of the members in the course of my employment.
I also asked “What happens when I reach forty?” and I had been told that by mutual agreement the master sex slave relationship could continue, or I was within my rights to claim my liberty and my compounded annual emolument.
The Master, further explained, that I could be traded, sold, or swapped on a temporary or permanent basis between registered sex slave masters. I was not so keen on the sound of this, I liked a settled existence, probably my gold fish bowl small village mentality, but it was not going to be a problem.
I ventured to enquire about personal time and visitors. The Master told me that I was not being kept in isolation from friends and f****y, that, if I gave proper notice I would be allowed to receive members of my f****y and any close female friends that I had, and, of course I could write as often as I wished. This cheered me and I did declare my inability to read or write. I was told not to worry, as he would see to it that I was properly educated to his and my needs.
I was asked if I understood everything so far and the master inquired if I was sure I knew what was involved in providing sexual services as a sex slave. Somewhat naively I said, “yes I knew all about the sexual demands of men.” I did wonder about staff and put this to the Master, again, he allayed my fears by telling me that his girls were strictly off limits to his staff, which, he informed me, only comprised of the Butler and Coachman that I had already met, a cook, and two gardeners not including the estate workers.
I was asked if at this stage I was still interested in the post, and, rather keenly expressed my affirmation. The Master then rang his desk bell twice and two girls came in. The first: A stunning red head in her mid twenties, dressed in a ball gown with the front lower hem pulled up and tucked into the waist belt, leaving her pouting shaved sex on display, and the bodice slung low to push up and expose a pair of firm melon like breasts, he called Sara. The second: An equally stunning girl with jet black hair and alabaster skin in her late twenties, who sported a large black bush between her legs and was otherwise entirely naked, he called Titania.
Several thoughts went through my mind on seeing these two girls: Was I as beautiful as them? What was having a shaved pudenda like? Would I ever be as graceful and voluptuous as them? But worst of all it was the feint red marks across Titania’s bottom that worried me most, I dared not ask what she had done to deserve such punishment, suffice to say that I vowed to myself not to disobey. I also noticed a discreet black tattoo, resembling the crest I had noticed over the wrought iron gates, on Titania’s bum cheek.
I was lost in my thoughts when the master told Sara to show me the ‘Green Suite’, I did not know what this meant. Sara took me by the hand and led the way out of the study, back into the hall and up a grand flight of stairs to a balustraded landing and a corridor leading to a wing of the house. We passed a brass plaque on a door ‘Pink Suite’ “That’s mine” said Sara. The end door to the corridor had ‘Green Suite’ on its brass plaque. Sara unlocked the door and ushered me in.
I was astounded at such space and grandeur. Sara informed me that if I joined the Master, this would be my suite. I could not believe it: There was a drawing room that I imagined would rival one that a queen might have, it was bigger than the whole of my parent’s tithe cottage and then some! Well appointed with sofas, desks, chairs, tables and bookcases. Off the drawing room was a bedroom with a balconied veranda overlooking the park, a large four poster bed and built in wardrobes, and off this there were two little rooms – a boudoir equipped with dressing tables and a toilette complete with bath and the latest flushing crapper. I definitely wanted some of this, and to hell with getting a caned arse, it had to be worth it!
I tried to question Sara, but she put her fingers to her lips and hushed me. I had to make do with my observation that both girls looked happy and well cared for, so that would have to suffice. Sara led me back to the study, where the Master had Titania standing next to him with her legs spread while he idly fingered her cunt. The Master dismissed the two girls and we continued with what was left of the interview.
Again, the Master asked me if I was still interested in being his sex slave, and, again, I was still able to reply in the affirmative. I now sort of guessed at what was coming next, and sure enough it did, after all I had fully seen and been told what was on the plate for me, so it was no surprise when the Master told me to undress and show him what charms I was offering.
The Master put me at ease, he told me not to worry, if all went well his costumier would attend to all my clothing needs. It was what was under the clothes that interested him, were the picture images lying or not?
I took off all my clothes and stood, self consciously, to attention in my bare feet facing the Master. He told me to relax and stand easy, I did as I was told and parted my legs. The Master got up, walked around me, stroked my hair, patted my bum and returned to his seat. He told me I was better in the flesh than in the sepia tones of the images. He reached up and massaged my breasts, tweaked my teats and commented on their firmness and responsiveness. He put one hand around my bum and pulled me close to him, he sniffed at my sex, and with his other hand he gently parted my soft light covering of pubes to find the slit and entrance to my cunt.
The Master’s finger traced up and down my slit, drawing moans from my body and moisture from within my cunt, two fingers worked over my clitoris, tickled my pee hole and then delved into the velvety soft wetness of my love tube, they sought out my rubbery little G spot and carefully worked their magic on me. The last thing I remember seeing, before shutting my eyes and collapsing into the throes of orgasm, was the Master’s manhood, obviously erect, straining against his pants. I came in great gushes all over the Master’s hand.
The Master made passing reference to the ease with which I had orgasmed and I was told to bend over the desk, legs spread, to reach back and pull my bum cheeks apart; This I did, I had never been so exposed to a man before. I knew he was looking into the depths of my opened sex and puckered anal hole. I could feel his breath cooling my wet cunt as he took in the sight presented before him. The Master wiped cunt juice onto a finger and then firmly worked the wet finger into my bum hole. I squealed, no one in the village had ever touched my bum hole, this was a new experience for me, not unpleasant but weird, and I wondered what other new experiences could be in store for me at the hands of this man. He withdrew his finger, commented on my anal tightness and said we might have to do some thing about that, and went back to his seat.
Without any further ado I was informed that I was being offered the job of sex slave to the Master starting immediately!!! He awaited my reply. I stood up, essayed to regain some composure, and said “Yes Master”. He looked extremely pleased and produced a folder containing documents: a bank mandate, which required my specimen signature, an agreement form, a blank medical certificate and a blank sex slave registration form. He got out pen and ink and filled in all the forms. I stood there, still naked, watching in detached fascination at the ease with which the Master used the pen to stroke the paper.
The Master left his desk, clutching the forms and knocked at an adjoining door, a man’s voice answered “All okay then” and I was asked to accompany the Master into the next room. We entered a library and I saw a middle aged man sat in a leather chair drinking brown liquid from a large round glass; The man got up when we came in, I curtsied and shock his hand, rather aware of my nakedness before a total stranger.
The Master said that I was ‘The Liza’ in the sepia images and the girl he had been talking about, he was pleased to announce that I was to join his household. He called the man Dr Rodgerham and explained that the good Doctor would examine me and fit my coil. I was invited to sit in a special chair that had two stirrups raised upon either arm into which my legs were placed. This had the effect of parting my cunt lips and showing off my still wet pussy hole for all to see. The good Doctor inserted a strange metal tube like device into my cunt, the tube was in two halves which, upon applying pressure to the fitted handles, parted and f***ed my cunt to open up like a shot through peach, the device was locked in this position.
The Doctor held a candle against a mirror placed before my cunt opening, allowing him to peer inside my body; He produced a piece of wood, not unlike a lollipop stick, and pushed and prodded the inside of my cunt with it. He put a thermometer up my arse, he opened my mouth in similar fashion to a horse dealer checking on an intended purchase, he felt my breasts for signs of lumps. But the only lumps in the room were in the Master’s and the Doctor’s trousers.
At last I was declared medically fit, free of any sexual or contagious diseases and not to be gravid. Dr Rodgerham signed the pre-prepared medical certificate, asked if he could use me and was told no, but that Titania had been instructed to relieve him of the burden troubling his ball sack. I was a bit alarmed at the casual way the Doctor was being allowed to use one of the Master’s girls.
Before the Doctor could leave to enjoy Titania, the Master remembered my inability to read, and so had asked the Doctor to read out the agreement form and witness it to the effect that he had read it out loud to me and that I had understood it and signed it. This he did, he also explained that the small print on the back contained all the legal bits to which I had already been made privy. I was given a pen and told to make my mark on the document hovering before me. With difficulty, legs still apart in the stirrups is not the ideal way to sign important documents, I managed a sort of cross and the Doctor appended his endorsement.
The last act of the Doctor, now that I was officially the Master’s sex slave, was to fit the gold plug device as deep as it would go into my cunt, all the way into my uterus, it tickled: He patted me affectionately on the tummy and left to enjoy Titania’s favours.
The Master explained that on the Monday morning he would take me to the bank, the local office for the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, the tattooist and instruct his costumier to attend upon me in the afternoon. He would immediately write to his sex slave master’s syndicate informing them of his new girl.
Before being released from the stirrup chair I had one last task to perform, much to the relief of both of us. The Master let out his weapon, a superb erection that put the village boys and wheal owner’s son to shame, it was firmly introduced into my body. When fully encunted it began slow long thrusts, letting me build up and then it would increase in speed bringing me close, then he would withdraw it leaving the head twitching inside me, then start all over again and again. I had never known such control, or believed that the incredible sensations it was producing could go on for so long without either of us climaxing. The Master’s momentum got faster and faster bringing us to the grand crescendo and we flooded each other in sex juices, I had never been so well fucked and orgasmed; If this is what being a sex slave was about I was in heaven.
I was told I could go to my room and rest till dinner at 8 o’clock. Sara was summoned and told to hand me the key to the ‘Green Suite’, She was also ordered to find me some appropriate clothing for this evening, to wear to bed and for the town visit on the Monday. Clutching my copy of the sex slave agreement I followed Sara into the study, gathered up my Sunday best rags and we both went off as bid by the Master.
Sara called in on the Butler, who handed over my valise, and we went to Sara’s ‘Pink Suite’. I was almost the same dress size as Sara and we were both large breasted; She found me a ball gown with a breast exposing low cut bodice, and said I could wear that for this evening. I was given a see through silk negligee for my night wear, followed by a white blouse, long skirt, leather boots and leather jacket for my town visit. Sara reminded me that they were all her clothes and she would be expecting them back. Still naked and grasping all the clothes and valise, I followed Sara to the ‘Green Suite’ she unlocked the door and left the key in the lock, she begrudgingly congratulated me on my success at being the chosen new girl and bid me bye till dinner time, she added that the Butler would strike the gong exactly ten minutes before we were expected to attend for dinner. I had two hours with nothing to do but pamper myself in my new surroundings – what luxury.
I ran my very first bath, sure I had shared hip baths before in front of the range in my parent’s cottage, and had regularly washed from a basin, but hot and cold running water all to myself! I luxuriated in the water, washed my hair and douched my cunt, I had never felt so clean. I put on the one piece of clothing I had been given to wear. I looked at myself in a full length cheval mirror and admired the view of my heaving breasts offered up in full view.
I stood on the veranda feeling the evening air rising between my legs and cool my hot little pussy, I watched the sun twinkle as it set behind the trees in the park, and took in the perfumed aroma of the night scented Nicotiana rising from the border below. The gong was sounded, I put on my Sunday shoes and waited a few minutes until I heard a door open and close on my corridor.
I followed Sara along the landing and down the stairs into the hall and thence to the dining room. The Master was already seated at the head of the table, he got up as we came in, he took one look at me, turned to Sara, dressed the same as I was, and Titania, who was still naked; Then turned his gaze back to me. I looked at the other two girls and realised what was wrong. The Master profusely apologised and said that make up and toiletries would have to be added to Monday’s shopping list.
I was not sure what all the food was, but it tasted delicious, and so much of it: We were each allowed a glass of wine, another first for me, it went to my head, and I had great difficulty in suppressing the giggles. The conversation was mostly about what summer flowers should be picked for which room, and guesses as to what tomorrow’s sermon would be about, I had never attended a church, only the village bethel, and expressed my interest as to what the differences might be.
The only discourse of note was a warning from the Master to Sara and Titania, he pulled no punches in telling them, that if they showed any jealousy, bitchiness, cattiness or any other misbehaviour towards me, they would be seriously punished. The Master went on to tell them that they were to help me in learning the routine of the household and what was expected of me, they were to teach me the basics of sex slave positions, deportment, etiquette, use of make up etc.
After dinner we adjourned to the library and the Master read to us until 10 o’clock. Titania was instructed to clear the dining room and set it for breakfast before she could retire, I was given leave to go straight to my suite and told to be down for breakfast at 8 o’clock dressed in the same gown. Sara was informed that she would be accompanying the Master to bed that night.
I went direct to bed, I didn’t bother with the negligee, knowing that I was not to be disturbed by siblings or parents I decided to sl**p in the nude for the first time ever. I felt secure and relaxed, I thought about the events of the day and kept focusing on the wonderful orgasm the Master had given me, I wished it was me and not Sara keeping the Master company that night. I soon found myself playing with my clitoris and cunt, I brought myself to a gentle orgasm and drifted off to sl**p.


I was awoken by the breakfast gong, quickly put on my borrowed gown and went down for breakfast, I was the last to arrive. Sara had on a new gown, and Titania was equally robed. Sara was told to lend me a shawl so that we could all attend church suitably hiding our breasts.
After church we were instructed to be naked and meet the Master on the front lawn. It was a hot sunny day, the grass was warm under my feet, we picked the flowers, that had been talked about the previous day. There were parasols to keep the sun from burning our pale skins, padded recliner chairs and, to complete the idyllic moment, the Butler brought out some lemonade.
The Master, who was fully dressed, bid me stand in front of him with my back to him, to spread my legs, and bend over on all fours. This I did, I hoped he was going to give me another orgasm and started to juice at the thought. He sat staring at my nether charms for a full five minutes, then gently reached forward and did as he had done before: He wetted a finger with my cunt juice and inserted it into my bum hole. He invited Sara and Titania to pull my bum cheeks apart, He commented that it was still a very tight fit. Titania was ordered to try my bum hole, the Master’s finger withdrew and a more delicate slender one replaced it.
Titania agreed with the Master that I was indeed very tight in that department, just as she had been on first joining the Master. He asked Titania to tell what had been done about it and she had replied “I had to have four inch long flared sticks f***ed into my hole, held in place by a strap, the sticks got bigger in girth with the passing weeks until I could accommodate your manhood without any discomfort to yourself, Master.” The Master guessed that I had never had anal sex in any shape or form and said “We’ll let you settle in for a week and then start the loosening of this tight puckered little rosette.” My idyll was temporarily shattered by this news: I did not like the thought of what was to be done to me, but dared not complain.
I was kept bent over, Sara took the Master’s boots and pants off, she knelt between his legs and sucked on the Master’s erect manhood, Titania was made to bend over next to me so that the Master could fondle us both at the same time. The Master dismissed Sara to go and help prepare lunch, he stood up and introduced his member into my sopping wet cunt hole, it did not take many thrusts from the Master before I came in dick drenching gushes all over his member.
The Master appeared displeased, he took his dick out of me and put it into Titania’s hole, two fingers entered and explored my over moist vaginal tube. The Master voiced his concerns. “When you orgasm, Miss Liza, your increased lubricity, that is the extra slipperiness your orgasm juices add to the fucking, diminish the feeling of my dick gliding across your pussy flesh. Do you understand what I am saying?” I managed a reply through my confused emotions. The Master went on to tell me that in future I was to hold back my orgasm until either given permission or it was obvious that his desires had been satiated.
The Master continued fingering me and fucking Titania, the Butler came and recharged the lemonade jug, even this did not put the Master off his stroke as he continued to plough back and forth into Titania, who was now making mewling noises and perspiring profusely. After twenty minutes the Master came in a long grunt of satisfaction, followed by screams of delight from Titania, who kept position when the Master sat down. The Master told me to lick Titania clean, he moved his chair back to allow me the required access.
I did not know exactly what was expected of me, but luckily I made a good choice, and moved to kneel facing Titania’s bent over rear. Titania’s pussy hole was a throbbing mass of engorged red flesh contrasted by the white globules seeping out of it and the thick black bush framing it. Two more firsts for me, I had never indulged in any lesbian activity and had never tasted a man’s or boy’s emissions. I did the best my untrained mouth could manage, at first I thought it would make me retch, but far from it, it was really quite nice and produced a certain frisson of sexual warmth between my thighs. I licked Titania clean, I could definitely make out three distinct flavours, there was a honeyed sweetness, a saltiness and a very slight hint of pee mixed with sweat. I did get some pubic hairs caught in my teeth and had to pull and spit to get them out, otherwise I thought it best to swallow.
Meanwhile the Master had positioned himself in front of Titania, who was eagerly using her mouth to clean love juices from his semi-erect member. When satisfied with Titania’s work he put his pants and boots back on.
The Master examined my handiwork, kissed me full on the lips with his tongue entering my mouth, he savoured the combined tastes located there, his hand reached down and, once more, fingers explored my cunt. This time I controlled myself and squeezed hard not to come; The Master must have ascertained my intent and told me that I was a fast learner, a good girl and that I could have a fingered orgasm if I desired. Two seconds later I exploded and, probably due to too much lemonade, I let out a little trickle of piss with my orgasm; The Master was not displeased with this added discharge. The ten minute lunch gong sounded and we all went inside for our meal.
After lunch the Master said he had estate business that needed attending to and that Sara and Titania were to spend the afternoon on my sex slave education. Still all naked, we three girls sat out side under the parasols, that had been turned to catch the afternoon sun.
I was told about household chores, basically we were responsible for the cleanliness of our own suites, sheets changed every Monday, requests for essentials like toiletries, make up etc we wrote a list and handed it to the Butler, until I could learn to write, Sara said she would help with this. Whoever spent the night with the Master was responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the Master’s suite. We were all expected to take it in turns, by our own mutual agreement, as to the cleanliness of the reception rooms and the rest of the house, excluding the Kitchen. I was told that it was harder in winter because of the need to attend to open fires and the extra dust they caused. It was the Butler’s task to check and report on these household matters.
Unless told otherwise by the Master our basic mode of attire was the gown, light ones in summer, heavier ones in winter, with house shoes and faces made up, nothing else was permitted; With the exception of being on the monthly cycle, when suitable underwear was allowed and we had to wear a red band on the left sleeve indicating we were in purdah.
Both girl’s agreed that they would take it in turns to come to my suite before breakfast to help with my makeup and ensure the correct general appearance was achieved to satisfy the Master. As I had noticed yesterday, the gown could be worn with the lower hem tucked into the waist belt, either of ones own volition or at the Master’s request.
As far as my bodily functions were concerned, I was told to make sure that all my anal ablutions were completed before breakfast. If giving oral sex, I was to swallow the emissions. I was reminded about my orgasm control. Titania said that the Master often likes to watch us pee or deny us the right to pee until he gives permission, so be ready to learn bladder control. Lesbian relationships between us were strictly forbidden, unless required by the Master.
The Master had instructed that my pudenda be kept shaved. There was a choice of using a cut throat razor, applying wax, tweezers or using an abrasive paper; Sara said we could do each other if I didn’t mind, and that I should try the different methods of depilation to find the one that suited me best. To suit the Master it had to be smooth enough to allow a silk handkerchief to glide over the skin without snagging. Along with Sara I would present myself to the Master at breakfast to allow him to check on my smoothness. Sometimes the Master might want us stubbly or let it grow for the winter.
Underarm hair was to match pubic hair, and any other hair like legs, arms chest etc was strictly and always to be removed. Our coiffure was left to our own determination, so long as it was not cut short, though, sometimes the Master would instruct on the wearing of a wig. Unless otherwise instructed by the Master our make up was of our own choice.
The Master had a set of slave positions that we were expected to adopt on command. I would have to learn these as follows:
Position 1. Stood up straight, legs apart, breasts thrust forward and hands clasped behind a high held head. “Stand Easy”.
Position 2. On all fours, legs wide apart, bottom pushed up and head held high. As Titania and I had been displayed on the lawn before lunch. “The a****l”
Position 3. Kneeling, head on the ground arms reached back with hands pulling bum cheeks apart. “Exposé”.
Position 4. Kneeling on all fours, thighs apart, head up. “The Bitch”
Position 5. Sitting, legs folded to expose cunt, breasts thrust forward, head back with hands clasped behind. “The Buddha”.
Position 6. Resting on shoulders and elbows, legs straight slightly back and apart. “The Flower Vase”.
Position 7. Face up on all fours, legs apart, head up. “The Table”.
Position 8. Lie on back legs apart, knees up, hands behind head. “The Missionary”.
Position 9. Lie on stomach, legs apart, hands reach back and pull bum cheeks apart. “The Scissors”.
Position 10. Lie on side in semi-prone, cunt pushed out. “The Baby”.
I watched as the girls positioned themselves and copied like for like. Without batting an eyelid at the display of female goodies before him, the Butler came out with fresh glasses and jugs of lemonade. Titania added, that these were the standard positions, The Master would either use the name or the number of the position and he could further command ‘together’ to indicate that legs were not to be splayed apart.
Sara told me about the cellars to the house and that the Master kept a bondage and punishment dungeon in one of the cellars. This was kept locked and was only entered at the Master’s invitation or command. This sent a tingle through my body of both fear and sexual anticipation, I had never been secured for sexual purposes and I certainly had never received a sexual punishment so it was both exciting and frightening at the same time.
They warned me about the Master, while he is genuinely generous and appears fairly benign, do not disobey, as then you see a man who is very exacting in his retribution and punishment. I did say that the Master had already spoken of punishments. I was told, that they had been asked to convey to me, that infractions of a sexual nature, so long as not deliberate, would only be tolerated during my first week of learning, thereafter no such infractions would go unpunished.
It was also suggested, that on occasion, the Master was apt to push one or other of us to a point where he knew we would fail, just to obtain a reason to inflict punishment. It was not fair but it had to be endured. Other than this, they both agreed that they could not wish for a better Master.
Other matters of a social nature, decorum, manners, etiquette, reading and writing they would help me with as and when time permitted. I was not sure how much of this helping enthusiasm was genuine warmth to a fellow slave girl or how much had been offered to comply with the Master’s wishes and avoid punishment.
By seven o’clock it was starting to cool and Titania suggested we go to our suites and get ready for dinner, as we had not been told otherwise we were to remain naked. Sara invited me to her suite so that I could have some make up and lessons in its application. On the way in we passed the Master who informed us that it was ok to wear gowns with the fronts raised and tucked into our waist belts. I was glad of this as I was definitely cold and getting goose bumps.
The dinner gong sounded and we attended as instructed. After dinner we cleared the dining table, Sara fetched the Master a large round glass half full of brown liquid. Sara and Titania were bid to stand either side of the Master in the ‘Stand Easy’ number one position. The Master asked how my training was coming on, had I learnt any positions yet? I said I had learnt positions and thought I knew the basic expectations of his household.
The Master told me to take my gown off and get on the dining table facing away from him in the ‘Bitch together’ position. I undressed, climbed up on the table and adopted the correct position. The Master gently stroked between my bum cheeks his fingers running all the way up and down, I could feel myself getting hot and wet. I was bid to the ‘Bitch’ position, and instantly parted my thighs as far as I could, knowing that this would expose my cunt to the Master, His fingers traced along the line of my slit and the sides of my pussy lips, he gently opened me and pushed my cunt lips apart: I could feel his breath on the delicate flesh on the inside of my pussy lip walls.
The next command was ‘Exposé’. I lowered my head to the table and reached back with both hands to pull my bum cheeks apart. My cunt now flared open to allow the Master’s breath to enter me. The Master’s fingers stopped stroking me and were replaced by his mouth, his tongue lapped up and down my slit, he used it to flick the nub of my clitoris and finally it entered my cunt hole and lapped at my copious out pourings, as a cat does to a bowl of cream. I clenched tight to control my orgasm, and the Master said he wanted to taste my cum so I could orgasm, and cum I did! I had never been licked out by a man or boy before, it was truly exhilarating and gave me yet another of my best orgasms. The Master gorged himself on my salty come, he congratulated me on my performance and told me to put my gown back on.
The Master read to us for an hour in the library. We were told, that for Monday morning, we should all be suitably dressed for the town visit; Sara and Titania looked delighted at this and thanked the Master, they must have thought that I was the only one being taken, the Master told them that he and I would need their advice on female matters. He told Sara and Titania they were both to attend on his needs that night and dismissed us. I was disappointed at not being offered the opportunity to service the Master that night, but could not complain, I would go to bed and dream about the days new sexual and life experiences.

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