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On a moon lit night...

The Night Wind Dost Bring

Tis night as she sits before the screen
Flowing hair so silky and dark,
Falling across smooth skin white a cream
Like fine silk the contrast stark.

Lips sensuous and warm
Eyes so clear and bright,
Round hips fine form
Beckon through the night.

A cool breeze like a caress
Coming like a shadow,
He glides behind her with finesse
For him she’s all aglow.

His lips move to her neck
His warm breathe setting her afire,
It is but the lightest peck
But it lights her desire.

Inhaling her sweet scent
His arms envelope her,
All the tension unpent
Making her begin to purr.

Her head thrown back
Exposing her pale throat,
His teeth found her neck
Creating moans of passionate note.

His hands hers did grasp
Guiding them about her body,
Bringing to her lips a gasp
To his ears a sweet melody.

Through the depths of the night
They remained in this cuddle,
He’s locked on her eyes so bright
And she cherished their huddle.

But as the horizon lightens
He realizes they must part,
His embrace of her tightens
As he whispers to her take heart.

While our empires are at war
I must come to you only by night,
He sighs as he heads for the door
It is for you my jewel that I fight.

Look for me on the nights wind
I will be back for you my fair jewel,
For my soul to you is pinned
And together we shall rule.

With that he was gone
He vanished before the coming light,
She prayed him safe into the dawn
Be wary my errant knight.

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