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Set up

Erik and Beth sat together, watching the scene unfold on the TV in front of them. They’d been married for 2 years, and had started watching hardcore porn together about a month before to jazz up their sex lives a bit.

There were two men and a woman having sex, and Beth was mesmerized. They had seen this in several other movies, but in this one the men were bi-sexual. They alternated between fucking the woman, and sucking on each other’s cocks.

Beth asked, “What do you think of that honey? You don’t see that everyday.”

“And I don’t want to see that everyday, it didn’t say anything about this on the box when I rented it.”

Beth’s hand slid into her panties, she found she was getting very wet.

“It looks exciting, we should try it,” she teased. “I have a friend at work who everyone says is bi, I could ask him over.”

“Maybe you could call your girlfriend Joanne over instead,” replied Erik. “I think that you just want to try a three way, from what everyone says Joanne would be more than willing.”

Beth laughed as Erik inserted his own hand into her now damp panties and let his fingers explore. She looked at the bodies on the screen and tried to imagine Erik and herself with another man. Erik’s fingers found her clit, and she suddenly found herself shuddering to an orgasm.

“Uh, oh God, FUCK YES,” she cried as Erik rubbed her harder. She ground her pussy against his hand and rode out the sensations that ran through her body. She collapsed against him and sighed, a smile played on her face.

“Well that was a surprise!” said Erik. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’ve just been horny all day babe,” she lied. “Now I just want to suck on your dick,” she said as she quickly pulled his underwear off. Taking his cock into her mouth she found herself thinking about the scene in the movie, and vowed to make it happen in real life. As Erik started to cum, her plan started to take form.

Erik had always been devoted to her, and why not? She stood 5’ 11” tall, had a lean body that was sculpted by aerobics, and long flowing chestnut hair. She loved sex, and the two of them did it as often as possible. She knew that he wanted to have a three way with her and another woman, and she was open to that. The problem was to find a way to get him to have it with another man. “Enter, Joanne,” she thought.

Joanne was Beth’s best friend. They did a lot together; they shopped, went to the gym, and played tennis. Beth knew that Joanne was bi-sexual, but she had never tried anything with her, their relationship was platonic. She nervously dialed her number, knowing this was the biggest favor she would ever ask of anyone.

When Joanne heard the plan she quickly agreed. Erik had always interested her; he kept himself in great shape and had an easygoing personality that appealed to her. She could hardly believe that Beth had asked her to seduce him. They set it up for Friday of that week.

Beth hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Her pussy was tingling and she lay down on the bed and smiled as she touched herself. She found herself getting very wet at the thought of her plan, and the image of Erik and Joanne fucking bought her swiftly to orgasm.

That Friday night Beth called Erik and said she would be late getting home from work, but that Joanne would be stopping by. She asked him to entertain her until she got home. Erik agreed, telling her they would watch a movie or something until she got there.

Joanne arrived a few minutes later, lugging her gym bag. Erik let her in and asked how she was.

“I’m fine, but I really need a shower. I just had a great workout and I didn’t feel like showering at the gym. Is it ok if I do it here?”

“No problem,” replied Erik. You know where it is, holler if you need anything.”

Joanne smiled and headed up to the bathroom. She quickly stripped and started the hot water running. A couple minutes later she called down “Erik? Erik, are you there? Can you bring me a towel? I haven’t got mine with me.”

Erik went upstairs and grabbed a towel from the closet. He knocked on the bathroom door and said “I’ll just leave it here by the door.”

“Can you bring it in to me? I’ve got soap in my eye and I don’t want to trip.”

Erik opened the door and tried not to look, but couldn’t help it. Joanne was out of the shower and stood there completely nude, and dripping wet. The water glistened on her small but perfectly rounded breasts, her nipples were swollen and erect. He looked lower and could see that her pussy was completely shaved.

“Oh,” said Joanne, “I guess you’ve seen me naked now. I’m sure Beth won’t mind, she’s seen me lots of times at the gym. Say, I’m a little sore from working out, would you mind drying my back for me?”

Erik couldn’t pull his eyes from that delectable looking twat. “Um, ok, I guess.”

He stepped behind her and started to gently pat the water from her with the towel. When her back was done she turned and said “You may as well dry my front too, after all, you’ve seen everything already.”

Erik took a deep breath and continued to dry Joanne. He ran the towel over her tits, feeling the hardness of her nipples. She sat back on the vanity and lifted her right leg, lewdly displaying herself.

“Can you just dry my pussy for me too? It seems to be extra wet, I can’t put my panties on like this.”

Erik stared at the hairless piece of heaven in front of him, his cock already at full hardness. He looked down and saw that his sweatpants were wet at the tip of his straining dick. Joanne looked and saw it too.

“Oh dear, are you ok Erik? I didn’t mean to excite you like this, I mean, your not going to get blue balls or anything, are you?”

“Um, I’ll be ok, I’m really sorry. Sometimes my cock has a mind of it’s own.”

“Well, Beth won’t be home for a while…do you want me to take care of that for you? I’m actually kind of horny myself; I haven’t been with anyone in a while. I’d really appreciate it if you would let me finish what I started.”

She gazed into Erik’s eyes with a look of open lust. She knew it was all over for him right there. Stepping forward she got on tiptoes to kiss him, one hand slipped behind his back to pull him closer, the other cupped this hard cock.

They quickly went into the bedroom; Joanne climbed onto the bed and got on all fours with her head down on a pillow.

“Fuck me from behind Erik, that’s how I like it. Just shove it in now, I’m so hot for you my cunt just has to have you now.”

Erik quickly obliged, he pulled off his sweatpants and mounted her from the rear. His need was urgent, he buried his cock as deeply as he could, Joanne so wet that he slid in easily. With one hand he reached under her and played with her nipples. Joanne cried out with pleasure, and reached her hand down to play with his balls as he fucked her.

“What the fuck is going on!?” Beth was standing in the doorway surveying the scene in front of her. “Erik, what are you doing!?!?!”

Erik pulled out of Joanne, his departure accompanied by a loud “Slurrrppp” from the wetness of their fucking.

“Beth, I thought you were going to be late. I, um, I was helping Joanne with a towel, and, well, fuck, I’m really sorry honey. I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Joanne rolled over and winked at Beth. “It was my fault Beth, please don’t blame Erik. He’s just a man, you know how they are.”

Beth looked at Erik, he winced from how mad she looked.

“Please don’t hate me honey, I’ll do anything you say. I’m really sorry.”

That’s what Beth was waiting to hear. “You’ll do anything!? What the fuck do you think can make up for you fucking my best friend?”

“I don’t know! Anything you want.”

“All right then Mr. Two-timer. I have an idea for how you can make this up to me. I want you to see how it feels for me to get fucked by another man. Not only that, your going to do whatever I tell you to do while I’m fucking him. Any questions?”

Erik looked stunned, but there was nothing he could do. He just said “Ok, whatever you want honey.”

Beth walked over to the phone and quickly dialed while Erik and Joanne watched. She covered the mouthpiece as she talked, Erik couldn’t hear what she said. She hung up and looked to Erik again.

That was my friend from work, Greg. He’ll be over in 10 minutes; he’s always wanted to fuck me so now he’s going to get his wish.

“Do you want me to stay? I feel bad, I kind of started this whole thing,” said Joanne.

“Sure,” replied Beth. “It’s not really your fault, I blame Erik and now he’s going to pay for it.”

Erik couldn’t say anything. Beth told him to sit on the bed and wait for his punishment.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Beth ran down to answer it. She came back into the bedroom, followed by Greg. He was about 6 foot tall, brown hair and looked lean and muscular.

“Erik, this is Greg. He’s the one I mentioned before. You remember, the bi-sexual one. Here’s the deal – I’m too pissed off to get horny right now so I’m going to need something to put me in the mood. I think you giving Paul a blowjob will go a long way towards getting me ready. Paul, why don’t you strip so that we can get started?”

Paul quickly pulled off his clothes. He stood in front of the three of them, his cock hanging flaccid.

Beth sat on the bed with Joanne, and told Erik to kneel down in front of Paul. He slowly obeyed.

“Now, I want you to reach out with your tongue and lick the tip of his cock.”

Erik looked back at Beth, a pleading look in his eye. She responded with an arched eyebrow and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? It’s got to get hard before it can fuck me, make it hard.”

Erik looked back to the cock hanging in front of him. With a feeling of defeat, he extended his tongue out and gently licked the head of it. “Not to bad,” he thought. Hopefully this will go fast.” He licked again, and Greg’s cock began to respond, growing fatter and longer with each subsequent touch of Erik’s tongue.

“That’s it, your getting it hard now,” said Beth. “I’m going to make you my cocksucking bitch, that’s what you get for fucking Joanne.”

“Why don’t you make him suck the whole thing now,” asked Joanne. “It’s nice and hard, have him take it all in his mouth. He should know how to suck it, I’m sure he’s learned how to do it from all the times you’ve blown him.”

“Joanne’s right Erik, suck his cock now, just like I’ve always done for you.”

Greg’s cock was at full attention now, and pre-cum started to leak from the tip. Erik took a deep breath and parted his lips, just allowing the head to slip into his mouth. The pre-cum made it slide over his lips, and his tongue caressed the head as he started to suck. Greg carefully held Erik’s head, and with a groan he slid fully into Erik’s mouth and started to slowly fuck in and out.

After about a minute of this Greg was surprised to feel Erik’s hand come up between his legs and touch his balls. He moaned, and spread his legs a bit so that Erik would have easier access. Erik’s hand played with each ball, one at a time, feeling the weight of each and gently massaging them. Greg moaned louder, he was getting close.

“Look at that!” said Joanne. “Erik’s got his hard-on back! Looks like someone is enjoying his punishment.”

“Erik!” exclaimed Beth, “What’s going on? I’m going to have to come up with other ways to punish you if you enjoy this too much.”

Erik released Greg’s cock from his mouth, and sat back. He looked down at his cock, which was fully aroused and freely leaking pre-cum. He shyly said to Beth “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t realize I could get excited by sucking on a cock.”

“Well, lets see if you get excited watching your wife get fucked then. Get over here and undress me.”

Erik got up and walked to the bed, his cock waving in front of him. Beth stood and allowed him to remove her clothes. As he did, Joanne kept reaching out and touching his dick, spreading his wetness up and down the shaft, and onto his balls.

Once she was undressed, Beth asked, “Now, how were you fucking Joanne? Wasn’t she on all fours on the bed, with you behind her? I think that’s how you should watch Greg fucking me, but you should have a better view. Lay down on your back on the bed, with your head at the edge.”

Erik did as he was told, and Beth climbed over him so that her pussy hovered above his face, her legs on either side of him and her head over his cock. She looked over her shoulder at Greg and said, “Fuck me now.”

Greg stepped up behind her, that beautiful ass offered up for his glistening cock. He took hold of her hips, and wiped his wet dick up and down her labia lips. She was already quite wet, and Erik lying beneath them watched as his wife’s pussy spread and Greg’s freshly sucked cock slowly slid inside her.

Joanne came around the other side of the bed, and knelt down, legs on either side of Erik and looked into Beth’s eyes. She leaned forward and kissed her deeply, Beth responded by slipping her tongue into her mouth. Joanne reached down and found Erik’s soaking cock, guided it to her bare pussy, and sat down on it. It went in easily, she was very wet from viewing all the activity.

Erik moaned deeply as he felt Joanne settle down on top of him. He was carefully watching Greg’s cock slide in and out of Beth’s pussy, he could smell the aroma of their fucking.

“Erik, I want you to lick Greg’s balls when his cock is fully in me, and as he pulls out I want you to lick his shaft. Do it good, remember, you’re my little cocksucking bitch.”

Joanne giggled at this, and bounced up and down on his cock a bit. “You tell him, Beth. He’s lucky you let him suck cocks anyway, especially ones that have been in your cunt.”

Erik started earnestly licking Greg’s cock as he fucked Beth. As Greg plunged in fully, Erik sucked on his balls, taking them fully in his mouth. When he pulled out, he released his balls and fervently licked his shaft. He could taste both Beth’s pussy juices, and Greg’s cock juices with each stroke. He licked Beth’s clit, and she squealed and kissed Joanne urgently.

Beth started rocking back and forth, meeting Greg’s thrusts. “I’m getting close, but I don’t want you to cum Erik. I just want you to watch. Uhhh, God that’s good.” Greg ground deeply into her and Beth groaned louder, “UHHHH, fuck, it’s so fucking good! Can you see my cunt getting fucked Erik? OHHHH, fuck, God it’s so good, fuck, FUCK FUCK FUCK, I’m CUMMING NOW!” she screamed as Greg roughly grabbed her hips and buried his cock as deeply as he could. Her body shook violently, and she sobbed as Joanne grabbed a nipple with each hand and gently squeezed.

Greg exploded deep in her pussy, announcing it with a cry of release. He bucked against her, his balls clenching as his cum filled her. Greg lay beneath them, gazing at the spectacle of their amazing orgasms.

“Don’t pull out Greg, keep fucking me until your cock is soft,” said Beth. Greg obliged, and continued to slowly fuck in and out, as his cock slowly lost its hardness. Erik, lay there watching the deflating cock make a gooey mess of his wife’s cunt, and wondered what she had in mind.

Finally, he could enter her no more, and he slid free of her pussy. Greg stepped back, and Beth rolled off of Erik. Joanne had been slowly fucking him, careful not to let him cum, and she too dismounted.

Beth looked at Greg’s cock and said, “Look at that. It’s all covered with cum, and it’s not hard at all anymore. I think we need to do something about it, don’t you Joanne?”

“Yes, I definitely agree. I’d like to have that fucking me, but it definitely needs to be cleaned and re-excited. But, what can we do? I’m certainly not going to put that nasty cock in my mouth.”

“Well, how about we have my little cocksucking bitch do it for us? That way we can just relax and watch. Greg, I have another job for you,” Beth said with a sadistic smile. “I want you to clean up the nasty mess we made of poor Greg’s cock, and I want you to get it hard again so that Joanne can fuck it. Greg, why don’t you lay down on the bed?”

Greg lay back on the bed, his knees bent and spread, his dripping cock exposed. Erik got on the bed too, his own cock dripping from fucking Joanne, and aching for release.

“If you clean that up well enough, I might let you cum later,” said Beth. “Now, I want you to kiss that dick, make out with it and lick off all that cum. Make sure you get the balls nice and clean too.”

Erik made himself comfortable between Greg’s legs, and started to kiss and lick the cum from his cock. He took the limp shaft in his mouth and strongly sucked, tasting the after effects of their fucking. He licked his balls, and as the whole cock became clean, it also started to respond and grow hard again.

Beth and Joanne stood watching, almost hypnotized with lust at the sight of Erik so willingly performing and enjoying such lewdness. Joanne reached between Beth’s thighs and felt wetness running down them.

“You’ve got cum running out of your pussy Beth, do you want me to get that for you?” she asked. “Erik seems to be enjoying clean up duty so much, maybe I should try.”

Beth quickly lay down beside Greg and said, “So you want to clean up cum too? Well, that makes you my nasty little cunt eating bitch, now get to work.” She lay the same way as Greg, her knees bent and her pussy displayed, cum was plastered in and out of her, and now that she was on her back it started to run down the crack of her ass.

Joanne smiled and dove in, her face coming down onto her friend’s well-fucked twat. Her tongue darted in and out of her, tasting and cleaning up the cum. Beth grabbed her head with both hands and pushed Joanne’s face into her pussy even harder. She involuntarily ground her hips around as Joanne sucked, she groaned with pleasure as her friend grabbed her ass to help her grind.

Erik looked up from Greg to see his wife being eaten out by Joanne. The sight of it made his cock grow even harder, although he would have thought that impossible. His cock was completely coated in pre-cum, and it dripped off of him onto the bed. He licked his lips, savoring the last of Greg’s cum.

“Greg’s cock is all clean and hard again,” he said to his writhing wife.

“Greg,” Beth said between gasps, “Why don’t you fuck my cunt eating bitch from behind while she eats me. Erik, you can play with yourself while you watch.”

Greg quickly got behind Joanne and entered her. Joanne let out a muffled moan as she felt her pussy filled, and sucked even harder on Beth’s delicious cunt. Erik ran his fingers from the tip of his cock down to the base of his balls as he viewed the debauchery. He was extremely excited, and he was finding it hard not to cum.

After a few minutes of fucking, Joanne started to quiver and make sounds like she was going to cum. Beth was pushing her face hard into her pussy, and when Joanne started to shake, she released her head and grabbed her nipples, the same way Joanne had teased hers. Joanne raised her head and shouted “Oh fucking GOD, I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!”

Greg had hold of her by the hips, and plunged in and out for all he was worth. He felt his balls rise up, and he let go another load in Joanne’s cunt. He cried out and collapsed, exhausted from his second orgasm.

Joanne rolled off of Beth, and Beth looked over at Erik, who was still playing with his extremely wet cock.

“Lay down Erik,” she said, “It’s your turn to be the cunt eating bitch.”

Erik lay back on the bed, and Beth helped Joanne position herself over his face. Erik looked up to see Joanne’s bald pussy covered with cum lowering itself onto his face. It looked like Greg had exploded both inside and outside of her. “How could one guy have that much cum?” he thought. Joanne sighed as she felt his tongue reach up to lick her smooth pussy. She reached down and pulled her lips apart, letting a big drop of cum fall from her into Erik’s mouth.
“Oh, that was nasty,” said Beth. “That makes me want to fuck his cock while he sucks on you.”

Beth straddled Erik and took hold of his cock. She guided it to her pussy lips, and as she impaled herself on it, Joanne lowered herself and sat on his face. Erik let out a stifled cry of pleasure.

Beth rocked back and forth, her eyes closed as she toyed with her nipples. Joanne rode Erik’s face, wiping her wet slit all over him. Soon, Erik started to groan and Beth felt his cock jerking inside her cunt.

“He’s cumming Joanne, grind your pussy into his face harder!” Joanne did and Erik’s whole body started to involuntarily jerk as he released his load into Beth. He felt someone start licking his balls, and knew that Greg was returning the favor he had given him.

Erik, sated at last, went limp and lay under Joanne. Both Joanne and Beth rolled off, and Greg ran his tongue up his cock, savoring the juices. Erik quivered and smiled.

Beth looked down at her pussy and said, “Uh oh, I’m all messy again. Looks like I have one more job for you Erik, and then I think I’ll forgive you for fucking Joanne.”

Joanne and Greg helped Beth into position over Erik, who was exhausted but still more than willing to eat his wife out. As she lowered her sloppy cunt down and felt his tongue enter her, she sighed thinking things had worked out even better than she planned them.

Joanne said, “Hey, you’ve forgiven him for fucking me, but what if he does it again? You never know, he might try the same thing again.”

Beth swiveled her hips in a circular motion on Erik’s face and said “Well, if that were to happen then I think I’d make him into my little cocksucking cunt-eating bitch again. How does next Friday sound to you guys?” she said with a laugh.

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