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First encounter with L L

Big bold gal seeks big black man - 40 (Milwaukee)

For some reason that ad caught my eye on Craig's List four years ago. Mind you, it was in the Women seeking Men section and not the casual encounters section, but the title alone had enough implications that led me to believe that it'd be a wise choice for me to respond.

I hope a younger big black man is ok, if not, I understand. 23 years old, 6ft, 245lbs. Black and Native American, short black hair, brown eyes, golden brown skin. I enjoy a cold Corona or some decent vodka from time to time. I'm an ok cook, a decent pool player, and a great cuddler(if that's even a word). Not sure exactly to what extent you want to hang out, but I'm pretty open-minded. If you have yahoo, send me an instant message

About 3 hours later she replied with:

You sound like a sweet guy, I'm not sure if age is a problem I never really thought about it. I guess I didn't suspect any young guys to even respond. Initially, I'd like someone to do things with, if there's a connection it will lead to other things as well.

From there we exchanged numbers over instant messenger and stayed in constant contact. The end of the month being Memorial Day meant I'd be on a road trip with f****y heading south. Upon returning, I let L L know I had made it back. She must've been in some kind of mood because she invited me over, even though it was sex hours and her k**s were home. Me being a man, I said I'd be right over (she was a 7 minute drive from me). She let me know that she didn't lock her door and I should head straight upstairs once I got inside.

When I made it up the stairs, she was sitting on the couch watching something on cable. I sat right next to her and we started talking a bit (luckily we had already talked about sex during our IM chats). Next thing you know, we're talking about it in person and I'm unzipping my pants and whipping my dick out. She went right to town - perfect form, sloppy but not "leave a puddle under my ass" sloppy, great suction, and she either has the slickest spit or softest hands or both because even when she jacked my dick it felt like heaven. About 20 minutes in, and she was swallowing a nice, thick load.

I didn't even put my dick away when she finished, just let it hang in the "V" my opened jeans created. Within five minutes, I was rock hard again - she noticed but before she could her head fully in my lap I stopped her. "What's wrong?" she pondered out loud. "Nothing's wrong but I want some pussy," I replied while not even taking my eyes off her tits. She seemed to be surprised and for some reason thought it was me wanting to do it out of pity or a feeling of reciprocation. I assured her that wasn't the case and next thing you know she was on the floor on all fours, pants pulled around her ankles and her shirt on but bra off and her tits were flopping. If her pussy isn't the picture you see when you look up the term, I don't know why not. I slid fully into her with tiniest bit of resistance. If I didn't know her so well now or was just an idiot, I wouldn't believe what she told me after I painted her insides with another huge load of cum and then made her clean my dick off. "Wow! Just WOW!!!" she said amazed. "What is it?" I asked. "I think I just had my first orgasm!" she replied a bit perplexed. "Really? But you're 40 and have x k**s," I stated figuring she wasn't going back to have them if the sex wasn't good. She swore up and down it was her first - at the tender age of 40!

So that was my first encounter with L L and as you may have guessed, we still see each other. After our first encounter however, I found out L L was going through a bit of a slut phase while that was happening and she also shed some light on the reason she might not have had an orgasm. Apparently that wasn't her first CL ad and most of her meetings with the guys happened like ours'. With the exception of the guys wanting to fuck her. Now our hypothesis was that guys love head and also most guys don't like fucking SSBBW - their lost. But seriously you would figure I wouldn't have been her first CL guy to fuck her, especially since she told me she was sucking off 3 - 5 guys every weekend until I started fucking her (sorry guys).

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