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Repost Nasty Old Man Stole My Virginity!

Sarah always wondered about the old man down the dead end street. He never came out much to talk or communicate with the neighbors. Sara,being the nosey teen was always looking for some to get into.
Today was like any other day........ so she thought. She would get on her bike and cruise the neighborhood to get some fresh air and exercise. She wanted to tryout for cheerleader this year and she needed to get into shape. Sara was a petite 5'4 and only 110lbs soaking wet. Her long coal black hair tossled around her waist and her olive skin showed traces of her American Indian heritage. She was a beauty and she knew it. Sarah quickly got dressed into her hotpants and half shirt and glided down the street on her bike.Her now budding breast and ass would bounce with each tap of the brakes as she hit the bumps on the street. She finally came upon the dead end road,the road with the mysterious old man in the big yellow house. She rested her bike on the kickstand and preceeded to walk toward the yard. She could tell it hadn't been kept up and it needed a womans touch. There were no flowers and the grass was high. It looked like noone was home so she walked to the side of the house and began to investigate. She peeped inside the windows and her eyes darted from wall to ceiling. It looked dull and dirty inside. She started to feel sorry for the old man in the house. There was a tug on her arm. She almost pissed her pants to see the old gentleman standing beside her. His eyebrows touched and he was in a foul mood.He grabbed her tiny arm and pulled her inside the house and let the door slam behind them.
"Just what the fuck do you think your doing!" he scolded. Her eyes wide open in fright and her body quivering. She was frozen in her tracks. The old man was not a run of the mill old man. He was at least six ft tall and about 200 lbs. He towered over her tiny body and he began to over power her. She struggled and couldn't release her arm from his tight grip. He looked her up and down as he scoped out her lucious little body."Mmmmm my dear,You look good enough to eat." she began to sniffle as he licked his lips in desire." You know what happens to little nosey girls like you?" She was puzzled by that question. The situation was overwhelming her and she was about to lose her mind. "They get fucked in my house,honey." Fucked,what the hell does he mean by that! Sarah had never had sex before. She was just studying about that shit in her health class. She had seen pictures before of a penis but that was it. She barely had enough fuzz to cover her own little cunt. Sarah did the only thing she knew how to do in this type of situation .................... she began to cry. "Hold the fucking tears cunt!" I don't have time for that shit! I gotta get the pussy however I can!"
He pulled Sarah down a long dusty hallway and into a dim lit room. It had a huge bed in it and spiderwebs covered the corners of the walls. There was a old dresser and a mirror that was cracked."Mr.Why are you doing this to me?" she cried. "I'm gonna teach you and every other little fast ass whore not to be nosey over here anymore!" He threw Sarah down on the bed and glared down at her. He looked past her tears and focused on her sexy petite body. His hunger grew inside as he tried to figure out his next move. "Sit up you lil bitch,I wanna see your tits." She sat up in the bed and removed her top. She wore no bra so they were free for his eyes to see. His lustful old eyes began to twinkle at the sight.He took his hand and rubbed his cock as he stared. Sara sat there feeling dirty inside but she did as she was told. Then he pushed her back on the bed and shimmied off her shorts.There it was:Her pussy:Covered by a small red thong. He could see the whisper of black hair sticking out the side. His cock grew painfully erect from the sight."Spread your legs!Spread them now you little cunt!"he orders. Her legs are shaking but she does as she is told. She spreads her legs and he crawls between them. The old man kisses the inside of her thighs and makes his way to her black curly muff. He buries his nose deep with in and inhales.He then exhales and licks his lips."I know you are going to taste as good as your pussy smells." With that he starts to gently lick her tiny bud of a clit.Sarah's mind begins to race,her eyes wonder around the room. She is trying her best not to notice the sensation she is feeling from the old mans rough tongue."Why does it feel like this?" she wonders.She grabs the sheets and gribs them tightly. The old man begins to notice........"I think you like what i'm doing to this little pussy of yours.Have you ever had your pussy eaten before?" Sarah shakes her head no.He smirks and continues to make her little cunt sing from pleasure.It was all to much for her to take. Here is this nasty old hermit of a man eating her pussy and it feels like pure heaven to her. She tries to hold back but her body is getting the best of her."Ooooooooooooooh What the fuck! What is happening to me!" she screams out."Your cunt is getting a beating from my damn tongue!That's what the fuck is happening!" says the old man. She yells out again and cums directly into his old teethmissing mouth. He laps it up like an old hound dog. Sarah is on the bed feeling disgusted. She can't help thinking about the wonderful feeling she just experienced and how she wanted more. She looks down and notices the old man removing his pants. She covers her eyes like a c***d and whimpers. "What the fuck are you doing bitch!" I just made you cum like crazy,it's my turn now." What the fuck was he talking about,his turn to cum? The old man's pants underwear hit the floor and out springs his rock hard 9inch cock."Oh shit!Sarah yells,as he comes toward her.What are you doing with that thing." I'm gonna fuck you cunt!" Sarah tried to get up but he smacked her and she fell to the bed. He pulled her legs apart and spit on her pussy. She turned her head to the side,pretending that she wasn't even there.
The old hermit rubs his cock up and down the tiny slit between her thighs. He moans as it lubes up to his liking.He takes his time and enters her pussy slowly."I'm a virgin!" escapes Sarah's mouth. He stops only for a second and pushes his way deep inside her tiny twat."Mooooooooooommmmmmmmy!" she cries out in pain. "What the fuck you calling her for!I will fuck her too!" he yells.He ignored her pleas and began to fuck her. Slow at first to get her use to his large cock.He started moving in a rotating motion and taking in all the sensation of her young pussy. It had been a while since he fucked like this."Sweet lawd!You feel like a little slice of heaven baby!" She still had her eyes shut and tried to ignore him. Soon she knew she couldn't hold back much longer. The rotating of his cock in her young cunt was heating her up inside. She couldn't believe that something she thought was so nasty could be so fucking good. Her hips slowly began to meet his. Taking her time but finally getting the pace. He was pleased and began fucking her harder. She began moving faster and her breathing excellerated."OMG!FUCK MY TINY TEEN CUNT OLD MAN!YOU DIRTY OLE PERV! FUCK GOOD!" she couldn't believe this was her. Her hair sweaty and matted to her face. The stench of sex echoed throughout the room and she was loving every minute of it. Sarah didn't want this to end, she loved how the old man was fucking her hot young pussy." FUCK ME YOU SEXY LIL CUNT!I'LL TEACH YOU NOT TO BE SO NOSEY!" he plunged into her deeper. bl**d and cum covered his old dick and it flung everywhere with each thrust. The old man was about to climax and he began to buck hard as she threw her teenage cunt on his cock."FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" he wailed. He lay there collapsed on top of his young victim. He was breathing hard and spurting spunk all over her thighs."Suck me clean baby!" he commanded. She looked at his now shriveled up wrinkled cock and began to lap. She sucked and licked every inch of his genitalia. It was over and she sat on the edge of the bed thinking.
"Get dressed and get the fuck out!You better not breathe a word of this bitch!" "I won't Mr...........uh whatever your name is." She threw on her clothes and headed out the door. She hopped on her bike and sped down the road. She walks inside her house to see her mom getting dinner ready."Where the hell have you been?" she asks. "Riding my bike.............Oh mom,can I take that nice old man some cookies tomorrow.You know the one at the end of the road.He did me a big favor today. I want to repay him and visit for a little while."

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