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My Cute Curvy Neighbor (True story) [Part 1]

My Cute Curvy Neighbor (True story)[Part 1]

This is my True story, it is also my 1st story so please bear with me and if you have any suggestions or criticism to make my story telling better feel free, i am happy to listen.

This happened about 2 years ago, I rented this new place because it was a really good area close to my UNI and workplace. I really liked it but it was a little quite for my taste. At that time i used to work for about 3 days and do some freelancing job from home so i was pretty much inside my house for about 2-3 days during the week days. There is 1 flat opposite to mine and we share the same entrance and mini-stairs but one thing i noticed was i never seen my neighbor, I was not expecting any welcoming gift or housewarming wine but simple hi would have been nice i thought.....
One of the days, i run out of drinks and decided to go to the local shop to grab few drinks to last me for few days till' i do my proper shopping. So i did, on the way back i spotted a lot people coming out of the train station and few of them were very good looking females walking quickly to get home for lunch... and me holding my drinks and key on my right hand and my iphone on the other, walk very gently towards my house. My house is about 200 meters from the shops and is very close to the main road.
Some of the people who came out of the train station turned to the corner which takes towards my house and of course some of them a very nice looking females and one of them in particular was a really nice built female holding a brown bag and wearing a white top and tight deniem jeans. She was walking faster and as she does her ass was bouncing from side to side. I have not seen a girl with small waist and that big of a butt in a very while. Since she was walking my way i thought ''i might as well make the best of the view'' and started to walk in an even pace as her but slower so i can enjoy the view of her nice Bootylicious rear. Then she turned to the very corner that takes to my flat and i thought, she might be visiting someone in the neighborhood as i never seen her around the area. Then what do i know i thought.. i am only new. As i crossed the road she started preparing her keys and started walking to the flat door and i thought... WHAT THE FUCK! she is my neighbor?? woow! this is a bl**dy nice day to be alive! I followed her and started slowing down so i do not freak her, she opened the door and i gently said Hey, she was a little puzled and responded, hi i threw my hand for a shake and said I m the new guy from the opposite flat, while pointing up she replied How nice,hope you are linking it? i said thanks and we talked about the weather and similar stuff while she and i collect our letters and i noticed then that she have exceptionally huge breasts and nice blue eyes. then she said enjoy the rest of your day,and got into her flat.
I did not see her for quite a while from that time and it really did not bother me because i was very busy with work and i heard a voice of a man coming out so i thought she might be married, and i was not looking to fuck someone's life. I went for a short holiday for a while and came back, then suddenly i looked for a reason to knock at her door and say hi. since i could not come up with one i dropped it and forgot about it. But a week later i was expecting my Gym package and did not arrive and i called the company and they said the person from flat-01 collected it and i can collect it from there. GENIUS...i thought. I out on a fresh clothes on and knocked at her door, then i heard ''Who is that? i said its sam, next door, she said please give me a second... i waited for almost a minute and half when she opened the door wearing a short bath rope and one towel on her long brown hair, concentration not to get distracted by her look, i said hey Ruth... i just called parcel-f***e and they said you signed for my package, i came to collect it, hope that is ok, or i can come later....

To be continued....

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