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Sexy wife and I continued

Hello My suzie and I have been together going on thirty years it has been a great ride . I have written about our adventures in the laundry and in the yard on the deck our dining room of our new house and our date to the erotic drive in on our third date,
She was a hottie then and still my hottie we love it when we do have time and the wanting to have sex some awesome hot wet sex!
We use to have swimming pools some only a foot and half deep a k**dy pool we use to lie in it on a warm summer evening after the k**s got out it was funny we were out in the wood we did not have any one close enough to be concerned about them seeing us we told the k**s we would be in soon I walked out and my honey`s beautiful tits were showing threw her wet t I was instantly hard and she saw it we were playing in the water and as the darkness fell upon the the candles were out and we were now still in the pool in candle light the k**s were now asl**p and we were back in the water . Now honey had her shorts on and they were wet so she took them off leaving her bottomless ! Her pussy was so hot from playing around as we did it was not a long time to make her cum I stuck my hard cock in and worked it around and it was no time as we were both worked up and excited from the pool that we did need to change the water for the k**s to be able to get inside tomorrow !
Over the years the pools ot bigger now it is in the back yard and we would go in and play in the darkness and swim around barely clothed but now we had to be more careful cause we were not alone in fact every time my wife was outside with what looked like no bra on he would deside to come over and say hi so we were very careful to wait til after the lights went out next door and not put the deck lights on at our place to make it look like we were not out there ! We aould be out there for what seemed like hours playing touching feeling and sucking and of course fucking in the water it was awesome .
I wish I had some sexy pictures but she would not allow me to snap any .

Have a wonderful time reading the many stories here as I do.

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