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Mother and daughter become my bitches part 2

Beck came back the next day but she didn’t know I had a surprise in store for my new fuck bitch. It was about 4 in the afternoon and Beck came pretty stoned and after a couple more she was open for any new experience I had planned for her. The doorbell rang and Beck answered it and with shock said Hi Mom. This was her surprise that Beck thought I was only joking about.

Judy came in and sat on the couch next to Beck and both were smiling. I asked Judy if she wanted some of the smoke, which she could tell, was part of the scene. To my surprise she said sure and we shared several drags together. I could tell the pot really got to Judy in a hurry and Beck was just quietly observing her Mom join her in being stoned. I asked Judy how she was and we chatted and in the middle of the conversation I added at the end of something I was saying fuck bitch. Beck sat up with a look of are you sure, which I ignored as Judy and I continued to talk. Judy also had a questioning look and I could tell was very confused, but feeling less and less pain was going with the flow. I said my command once more and Beck responded by kneeling before me and lifting her blouse over her head exposed her tits to her Mom and me. Judy surprised me and did not jump and run, but asked what was going on. I had Beck explain to Mom that she had become my submissive and wanted to know if she wants to join her.

Judy hesitated for several minutes and asked what that might entail so I explained Beck’s agreement with me and her limits. Judy thought for a few seconds and then clarified that there was no limit about her and Beck doing something together or with each other. I asked Beck to explain to Mom what she was willing to do. Beck told Judy that she had agreed to submit to my demands and wishes and that did not exclude her playing with her. Judy was stunned, but a smile said not shocked to the point of saying no.

I looked at Judy and said Beck had told me that she was also submissive and did she want to join her daughter kneeling before me. She asked did that include being with Beck. I smiled and said what do you think. Judy asked for a few minutes to think which I said I would grant and she could watch her daughter suck my cock. Judy nodded as Beck knelt closer to me and as I pulled her head back with a full hand of hair opened her mouth and smiled. I pushed her head forward and she gagged just like the first time as my cock went deep in her throat. She tried again to move away but I held my fuck bitch in place as she gasped for air and kept her mouth open wide. I looked at her Mom and saw not the hesitation but a smile coming to her face as I think she was getting turned on. Beck was allowed up and I asked her if my fuck bitch enjoyed performing in front of Mom. Beck nodded and turned to her mother and asked did she want to join her. Judy gulped and smiled at Beck and asked was it ok and would she be ok if her Mom joined in the fun. Beck looked back at me asking for permission to move toward her Mom. I smiled and Beck moved from in front of me to in between Moms legs. Beck lifted her Mom’s dress above Moms waist and exposed wet panties. Beck wasted no time pulling them off and exposing her Mom’s pussy to her Master.

I stopped Beck from moving forward to lick Mom’s wet lips and instead told Beck to stand and strip. She did what she was told and stood before Judy in all her wetness as my fuck bitch was more than turned on. I next told Beck to come and sit on my cock facing her Mom and when in position I motioned for Judy to move in front of her daughter lifting her dress. Judy did as told and I leaned back on the couch as Beck my fuck bitch leaned forward and preceded to eat her Moms wet pussy. Judy looked at me as her daughter continued tongue fucking her as Beck moved on my cock with a slow motion back and forth.

I smiled and told Judy I guess we have the answer that she was willing to become my sub just like her daughter was. Judy could only nod as she enjoyed the tongue and fingers of her sweet daughter, my fuck bitch. This continued until Judy said she was about to cum, at which Beck stopped and said to her Mom she needed permission from me for that to happen. Judy smiled and looked at me and for the first time said yes Master tell me when I can cum. Judy had much better control of her orgasms than her daughter but it was still fun to watch as she held back and her eyes rolled back in total fucking pleasure.

I reached around Beck and pinched her right nip and told her to stop eating Moms pussy. Beck did as told and sat straight up and I told Judy to bend over and kiss her daughter’s wet face. They kissed and kept kissing until I told them to stop. The Judy was told to kneel and I asked did she enjoy tasting her own pussy juices from the face of her daughter. She smiled and said very much so.

Since she was in position I took my cock out of her daughters pussy and moved her into position to suck on my cock. I have to say she was hotter right now than any time we had been together as a couple. Judy sucked and her face was right by her daughter’s wet pussy. So I pulled out of her mouth and told to go for the cunt in front of her. Mom did as told and went all the way with her tongue inside Beck’s wetness. I held her as she was still sitting on me as her Mom moved into her deeper and with a passion I had never seen in Judy. Beck started to cum and I told her there was no permission and if she did she knew the flogger awaited and it would be used on her Mom twice as hard as her, so it was her choice and fuck she came and squirted on Moms waiting face. Fucking hot but true to my word I flogged both Mom and daughter to make sure they both knew they were my fuck bitches. I gave Judy the sub name of whore to keep away from confusion with fuck bitch for her daughter. And Judy became more than just a name only whore for me over the next few weeks and months.

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