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I did a gang bang for my daughter's friends..

Yes, my did a strip and gang bang for my daughters college freinds after she set it in motion, unknowingly. This will need some backstory, so forgive me.
I was married to Steve at 19 and began swinging with my husband at 20. He loved to see me sahred with others and video taped a lot of what I did when we played. For years there was a box of video tapes in the back of my closet after we divorced with 10-12 years worth of my sexual exploits on them. Then I went back to college in my 30's and met Mike. We hit it off and had fun and great sex and I eventually told him about my swinging past and showed him the video tapes and he was impressed and said he wanted to see me do a group and film it. I was willing, as I missed ther group sex aspect of swinging. Well, he set up a strip tease, bachelor party with a group of 5 guys from the local airf***e base and had them agree to let him film it. He used a camera on a tripod and a hand held with the instructions to them to not block the camara. It went off great and he filmed the whole thing and the tapes ended up in the box. Mike also wanted to film me do a stip on a stage as a real stripper. I told him not in public, so he worked a deal with the owner or Peaches, a local strip club and one sunday afternoon, we met the own and the DJ and Mike filmed me dance a six song set to the DJ's regular music, with the last number being a simulated sex on the floor as they all three watched . He shot it with the two came set up also. When Mike and I parted ways. I met and married a guy named Russ who was into electronics and videography. Well, Russ discovered the video tape and as a surprise he cut and edited all the tapes Steve had shot and the ones Mike had filmed. He made to DVD's that looked like professionlly manufactured porn DVDs. One was "The Besty of Blinky" andopened with credits, was all the good sex scenes I had done as a swinger with all the right porno music and ended with the entire party I did for the Airmen and closed with Credits and copyright and all. The other DVD was an Audition DVD with all the graphics and such. It showed the whole thing from Peaches, cut and edited and closed with a scroller that I was available for private parties, corporate events, Clubs engagements and videos. It listed his name and cell as his contact as my agent and then my email address Blinky36c@gmail as an alternate contact for bookings. Then it had a 2 minute "ad" for the other DVD "The Best of Blinky" with a montage of scenes and a message saying it was $19.95 from C-Cup productions. I loved them and thought the world of Russ for mixing and editing them. Well, Russ passed away from Cancer and I was left a widow with two daughters, one married and the other off in college.

I use that email stil and was surprised to get an email out of the blue asking me if I was available for a bachelor party in Statesboro, where my 19 year old is in college. Ricky, the guy who emailed me, said he had seen an adution DVD of me stripping and and a highlights of my DVD and said a freind was getting married and they wanted to hire me as the stripper and to fuck them at the bachelor party. I was stunned and then excited. I had not done any swinging or group sex since before I married Russ and no sex since he died 2 yeas ago. I emailed back and told him I was interested and asked where he got the DVD. He emailed back that his freind Savannah had given it to him along with somme other porn, most on VHS which he had not watched, but that he and his frat b*****rs loved the best of DVD and wanted hire me for the party. I quoted him a very high price to which he agreed.
We agreed on a date and a location. It would be a saturday night in the basement of the Frat house. The party size was limited to ten guys.

I was so nervous. her I was 40years old and about to sterip and fuck as a pro at a bachelor party. I got a new outfit, hit the tanning beds and two weeks later I was in a motel room in Statesboro getting ready to go to the Frat house.
I had on a matching lace bra and panty set, a lace thong, thigh hihgs and a tight black dress. I had piled my hair on my head and gone heavy on the nake up. I was greeted at the door by Ricky who offered me a drink and led me downstairs. I asked him what he thought of the DVD's he had and he said he loved trhem, that he had watched them over and over. I aksed where he bought the DVD and he said he got them from Savannah, a frat little s****r who had been asked to do the bachelor party first, but had chickened out and had given him some of her Dad;s porn for the party. Well that explained how he got them, m daughter had given him the DVD's not knowing they were of me.

WE walked into the basement, which was set up as a bar and actually had a small stage set up on the far wall. There were more than 10 guys sitting around drinking and watching "The Best of Blinky" DVD on a 40 in TV. I got a round of applause as I was introduced. I told Ricky we had contracted for a max of Ten and if there were going to be 15, then the rate was 50% more. They passed a hat and took up the extra money. I handed Ricky a CD and told him to put it in the CD player and turn off the lights. I got up on the stage and waited for the music to come on. I danced and undressed to the songs over 5 numbers untill all I had on were the stocking and was down on the floor and sat on a coffee table and spread my egs and played with my pussy in front of the groom. There were all standing around me or sitting around me with their cocks out when the song ended. I sat up and leaned forward and stood up, bent over the groom and took his cock in my mouth and began to give him head as I felt a cock press my lips, I looked over and say it was Rickey sliding his cock into me......I pushed back on him and went down on the groom.... Ricky came quickly and was replaced by another young cock.....I sucked the grooms cock until he filled my mouth with cum. I laid back on the coffee table and spread my legs as another cock got between my legs and another cock was in my face.... I was loving it and was on my 11th cock in my cunt when he asked if I would ride him coygirl and when I was on top I felt someone behind me and pushing me down to the guy I was riding and I felt a cok at my ass....I opened my mouth to say no, and a cock was placed in my mouth as I felt a well lubricated cock slide up my ass....I was being totally used by 15 boys half my age, thanks to my daughterr Savannah. I went back the the motel about 4 am and fell asl**p and slept until noon when my phone rang and it was Savannah telling me she was on her way home because she and her boyfreind had a fight because he fucked a whore at a bachelor party the night before with his frat b*****rs and had been bragging about the hot milf he had nailed!

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