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Mom like daughter

Mother and daughter become my bitches

This took place about 5 years ago now and started when Judy and I broke off a relationship of 2 years. The reason for the ending was Judy really didn’t like sex. We started hot fucking the first Friday night after we met on Tuesday, within a couple of months this passion was ending. We parted friends and in fact we were planning on having dinner within the next two weeks. Well I mentioned J6udy’s daughter Beck, short for Rebecca and this is where the story gets interesting.

I had always had and eye for Beck, cute 17 year old with a mischief about her that made her always have fun. I knew that she was holding green and was also in need of some cash so about a week after Mom and I end I called Beck and invited her over to my apartment. She arrived about 5:30 and with her usual smile greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. We sat and talked for a little while and then I asked if she had any green with her to which she said, you know I always have my stash’. We laughed and I went and got the lighter from the kitchen so we could smoke a little and relax. We talked about her Mom and why we had broken off, which to my surprise Beck told me her Mom had said I wanted way to much sex for her liking. It was at this point it became clear that Beck didn’t understand that as she said she could fuck every day. We laughed and let go of that for a few minutes until I asked if she had fucked today. Beck looked at me and with the dark brown hair framing her face, she asked was I offering. I took a drag and smiled and said sure why not. Beck laid down the smoke and reached up and opened her blouse and smiled.

Beck was 5’5” about 130 lbs dark brown hair to her shoulders with 36c tits and as I was soon to see shaved. Beck asked what was I into and I reached over and told her fucking a hot young pussy. She thought that was possible to which I said more than possible seeing that there is a hot young pussy sitting in front of me with her tits ready for my touch.

We moved quickly into the bedroom stripping Beck as we went. I laid her back on the bed and lay next to her. We kissed and I fondled her nice firm perky tits with nips that were already responding to my touch. As I was about to feel her pussy I asked Beck if she was into being submissive, to which she smiled and said yes take me.

I stopped back off a little and explained to this 17 year old that I was serious and besides her Mom had not been with any woman for the past ten years that did not become my submissive bitch. Beck smile again and said lets not break your record. We both laughed and I reached over and pinched her right tit hard, hard enough to make Beck whimper as I said good and you will do what ever I want. She nodded as the sensation in her tit made it hard to talk.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and told my newbie sub to get on the floor and kneel before her Master. Beck did as she was told resting her tits on my knees. I looked down at this young willing bitch and explained what she was in for. Boundaries will not be violated, she will suck and fuck any cock or pussy I tell her to and that my favorite toy, the flogger would become a friend of hers. Beck nodded and said yes sir.

As I pulled her head back with a hand full of hair, I looked into her eyes and saw total agreement and anticipation of the unknown. I pulled her hair a little rougher and Beck smiled with pleasure so I went for her mouth with my cock and just pushed her head down on gagging her but not letting her up. She squirmed trying to back up but wasn’t able to as my hand was firm. After about 15 seconds I pulled her off and pulling her head back looked into the eyes that just a few seconds ago were expressing agreement and anticipation. The eyes now showed some hesitation and wonderment about what had she gotten into. I wiped the wetness from her face and under eyes the eyeliner that was now spreading down her cheeks.

I held Beck in that position for a few minutes and then reached down and kissed her willing young lips. So feeling the need to have clarification of what she was agreeing to do I had my newbie climb back on the bed lying on her back. We then started talking about what this was to be about and expressed the limitations of her submission. We agreed no s**t, bl**d, piss in her mouth, no one younger than her and to go slow with the pain including ass fucking my new found submissive. We agree that her special submissive name was fuck bitch and that when ever I said that she was to immediately turn to me and respond with yes Sir or yes Master depending on the situation. Beck would for the next week come over to my apartment at least once a day depending on her work schedule to server her new Master. We agreed that anything out side the stated limits were mine to play with when and how ever I wanted. This included her ass once we have taken her cherry that she would fuck anyone I said to, man or woman and that there could be other situations not yet on the horizon that she would say yes to as long as I was present or had arranged for the scene. Beck asked a good question had I ever Dommed her Mom? I laughed and said no for some reason I hadn’t and I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t even tried. Beck surprised me telling me that her Mom shared that she too had a very submissive side and was open to many kinky scenes. We laughed as I suggested like eating out the pussy of a submissive daughter? Beck said she doubted it but was willing to try if that is what I wanted. We will see is all I said.

The whole time we had been talking I was finger fucking Beck’s tight pussy and she was more than turned on by all the penetration and rubbing. I looked down at her and saw that she was getting close to an orgasm, which I told her was not hers to have unless I gave her permission. She looked confused and so I said she had to hear the words’ cum fuck bitch’ before she was allow to get the big O. She wasn’t sure if she could do that never having been controlled that way. I said well that is where the flogger comes into play; you cum without permission and you will turn over and be prepared to meet my favorite toy. Beck smiled with hesitation and as we found out soon that she was too far-gone to stop her pussy convulsing.

I flipped my fuck bitch over as soon as she slowed down and reached in the drawer and pulled out my deer skinned flogger to use on this disobedient slut. I got between her legs that I had spread wide and took one short swing with the flogger just barely striking her ass checks. Beck flinched but stayed in place as I told her to close her eyes and be ready for more. I love surprising a sub with some thuds on the bed next to her as she anticipates what is next. I moved the flogger from her left side to her right each time striking not her but the bed. I could tell Beck thought that was the limit of her punishment until the next swing struck her buttocks directly and she came off the bed with a yelp. I move to the next strike quickly not giving her time to do anything except take it. After five or so sharp blows to her buttocks the cheeks were getting red. I stopped and leaned over whispering in her ear, now does my fuck bitch know her place in the scheme of things. Beck whimpered yes sir. I sat up and gave her one last firm strong swing to which she responded with a loud, oh fuck.

I turned my fuck bitch over and spread her legs telling her to finger her pussy now, and without hesitation Beck followed her directions to the ‘t’. I watched as she was getting close again to an orgasm but this time she was doing everything to not let it come. I removed her hand and told my fuck bitch time to take Masters cock in her wet pussy, to which Beck smiled and nodded.

As I entered her wetness I leaned over and sucked on her perky tits biting just a little bit making sure she knew this was my pleasure that counted and hers was in pleasing me. I was turned on more than I expected and fucked Beck with deep long strokes before pulling out and shooting my load all over my new sub from her chin to her pussy. Damn nice fuck bitch to have.

The next time I write will share how we moved forward and yes include Mom in our play.

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