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F****y SLUT PT 3

My cousin from Pt 2 came back by and dropped off his 15 year old son.he jump out of the car came around and gave a hug and ran in the house.I told his father that my dad and b*****r was at the local Wateringhole (bar) in town.he said great I will go join them.(I was hoping he would join me and the 2-15 year olds)so i lifted my tank top up and put a tittie in his sure are going to miss some fun.Then turned around and lifted my short skirt to show him i was not wearing any panties. he laughed and said YOU ARE ALWAYS HORNY.i winked at him and said true.he drove off.when i went to my son's room the boys was wrestling.I watched them for a while,then i said i wanna play 2.They both looked at me.then both jumped up and grab me and wrestle me to the son was on top of me holding my hands,while my little cousin was holding my legs.mean while my skirt had risen up so my cousin was looking at my pussy.ok you got me now what? my son said dont you move.I said ok what ever you want.he took of his shorts and started waving his dick in my face.I tried to lickit,but he said no.(the little cock tease)he had other plans.he grab his dick and was jerking it in front of me.then he put BALLS in my mouth and said here Suck on pussy was stirring with juices as i tasted his sweaty/salty balls.mean while my cousin was playing inside my pussy with his fingers.first 1 then 2 and 3.with the 3rd finger i had cumm.I stopped sucking my son long enough to tell my cousin to put his whole hand inside me.when he did that i had to cum son pushed his dick deep down my throat.and shot a load down my throat.I tried to swallow as much as I can.cousin pulled his hand out of pussy which made a popping sound.i pushed my son away and grab that hand that was just in my pussy and began licking it clean.he giggle and said it son got up and got beween my legs and put his dick in me and started fucking me.i told my cousin to take off your shorts.I open my mouth and pointed put your dick HERE.i was sucking his dick and my son was fucking me (WHAT A HEAVENLY FEELING)we did this for a few moments.then i stopped sucking to say come on and fuck my mouthlike its pussy.I guess my dirty talking must have triggered something,because with warning my mouth was full of cum and my pussy was being flooded.with more cumm.the boys gave each other hi-5's.we got up off the floor and got on the bed.rested for a i had to go pee and gargle with mouth wash.the both went to bathroom to pee.when they came out i said lets try something son what mom.I siad i you both to fuck me at the same time.he said how mom we both cant fit in your pussy at the sametime can we.(I WAS THINKING MAYBE LATER)i said i do have 2 holes down cousin said i got dibs on the bootyhole,my son said good i like pussy anyway.So i layed my son down and began sucking him long enough to get him hard and i straddle him and started fucking him.i told my cousin cum so i can suck you.I told him reach and grab that oil my son uses it to jerk off,he said MOM what i always rub some on your dick and some on my ASSHOLE.I said but he cut me off and said i know what 2 do.he put head in and grab my hips and with one thrust was all the way in my ass.(IT DIDNOT HURT,BUT IT DID TAKE MY BREATHAWAY)I was in my heaven,it was like the guys was fight 4 position inside my this point i had lost count on how many times i came.I was getting a little tired so i said guys lets cum together.their pace picked up and they both shot their loads in son said he was i got off of him and he turned his back 2 me and went to sl**p.I was laying flat on my back legs open pussy and ass dripping cousin got in my arms.and started sucking on my tit.I said you not tired,he said pussy was a little sore,but i will never turned down any dick.So i open my legs and pulled him on top of me and said go ahead and cum for me.he humped me for about a minute I can hear and feel him cum inside of me.he lifted up off of me and said PLEASE one more time cousin.i said ok put back in.he said i want you in the other hole.he said turn over on your stomach.I did,i reached back and pulled my cheeks apart.he slid in very easy.he pressed al the way inside my ass.I told him this is the last time im tired.he started to fuck my ass so hard that i came again.the i felt the jet streems in my bowels.we turned on our sides we fell a sl**p with now softing dick in my ass.PLEASE LOOK FOR PT 4.

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