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My cruel dad

My dad was always abusive to mom. He would beat her and use her sexually any way just to hurt her and show who was boss. she would not leave as she had no money and we lived way out in the country. He would pinch and pull her nipples and shove fingers up her pussy just to hurt her. If dinner was not perfect he would pull up her dress and pull her panties down and spank her ass till it was black and blue. Many nights he slapped her tits and pussy till she would cry from the pain.

When i was twelve, he began to have sex with me. He came to my room and told me to get naked. As i stood naked in front of him, he felt my little titties just staring to grow. He sucked the nipples till they were raw. Then he laid me on the bed and spread my legs and began to play with my pussy. He took his time feeling it and pinching it. Then he pushed a finger in my hole. The pain was bad with the finger up my tight hole and then he began to finger fuck my hole hard. He wanted to stretch me so he could get his cock in me soon. Every night he came to me and made me get naked then he finger fucked me hard adding more fingers till he got all four in me. My cunt would ache when he would leave, then I would hear him go to mom and fuck her for hours.

It was not long before he decided he could push his cock in me. One night after he got me naked, he told me to bend over and he proceeded to fuck me by pushing his huge cock in my cunt. I thought he was going to split me in two the first time. Then he fucked me hard till he filled me with his cum. Every night he then fucked me.

One night as I got naked in front of him he had me bend over and rubbed a gel on my ass. His finger then pushed the gel inside my hole. I moved not wanting his finger up my ass and he then took off his belt and beat my ass till it was raw. Then he bent me over and finger fucked my ass with two fingers. Now at night he would fuck my cunt then finger my ass. It was not long before he wanted his cock in my ass. The night he fucked my ass with his cock I almost passed out. But still he pushed the hard member deep into me and fucked me hard for over forty minutes. He loved to fuck my ass and finger fuck my cunt using all four fingers in me.

It was about nine one night when he told my mom and me both to get naked right there in the living room. My tits were growing and he loved to suck them as he fucked me each night. When we both were naked, he had mom watch while he fucked my ass and finger fucked my pussy. When he pulled his cock out he had mom lick it clean and as she sucked him, he crammed it deep down her throat and held it there as she gagged. He would pull it out then push it down again making her gag more. As she sucked him he pulled on her nipples and twisted them just to cause her pain.

Every night he had us strip and would take turns fucking us either in the cunt or ass. Sometimes we had to lay and let him finger fuck us first one then the other. He loved to spank us and use his belt to make welts on our ass. Sometimes he would hit our back and legs but when he decided to use the belt on our tits, it hurt so bad and the welts and bruises lasted for days.

Dad liked to fuck my tight cunt a lot. He began to fuck me as soon as dinner was over and then during the day. He did not work so he was always home with his cock sticking out of his pants looking for a hole to fuck. One Friday he fucked me all day long. My ass and cunt were so raw as he must of pounded me at least twelve times. If he wasnt fucking me, he was fingering me. He made mom stay naked that day and watch him fuck me.

Next time he had an all day fuck with me, first he brought out a carved piece of wood shaped like a large cock and gave it to naked mom. She was to fuck her ass or cunt with it every time he fucked my ass or cunt. He wanted to see her fuck herself. The big wood cock was huge and rough. The first time she could not get it inside her cunt so he pushed it in her and I heard her scream in pain. He then fucked her with it fast and hard and told her to keep that up till he said she could stop. Then he came over and fucked my cunt for close to an hour.

Dads abuse lasted till I was twenty and then I was able to get away. I then went to the police and asked them for help to get my mom out of the house. The night they raided the house to get my mom, they found dad fucking her ass with his cock and using the big wood cock to fuck her pussy. She was weak with pain. Dad was arrested and I took mom and moved her far away. She divorced him and is now happy and content trying to heal the wounds and marks dad put on her body. Because of the sexual abuse I received for so many years, I turned into a stripper and I let men use me for money. But I am able to support mom and I very well.

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