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How my wife went from anal hater,to but fucking

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I've been married fot almost 16 years to really great woman. When we were first married we tried anal sex twice, the first time I had to stop because she said it hurt, the second time she started crying, so I stopped. Just kinda figured that wouldn't happen again. But then about a year ago, one of her friends said how she liked it when her boyfriend stuck his finger in her ass when he fucked her. She said she wanted to try it, so that night she rode my cock reverse cowgirl and I stuck my finger in her ass. She later said that she really enjoyed that. So every once in while we would do this. Then about 6 months ago we were at my Christmas party and she got pretty loaded. We had already reserved a room so about 12:00 we go to our room. She said she wants to ride my cock back wards, I know that means she wants me to stick my finger in her ass. So after a few minutes, she says" I want you to put your cock in my ass". I'm thinking, holly shit!. But we have no lube, so just like the porn movies I spit on her asshole. Between the spit and her pussy juice that's still on my cock, it went in. After getting it in there, I didn't move so she could get used to it. Then she started moving on my cock. So I start fucking her butt, I hear people outside the room, so I start talking dirty real loud. Stuff like "You like getting fucked in your ass?", "what's in your ass?", " I love fucking your ass". By this time I'm going at her pretty good and the bed is banging off the wall. After a couple minutes, I couldn't hold back anymore I blew my load in her ass. The next day we talked about it and she said how much she enjoyed it. We have sex 3 to 4 times a week and at at least one of those times it's anal. It was funny, last week we were having regular sex after we finished , she started giggling. I'm like "what are you laughing at?" she said "sometimes if I have a hard time getting off, all I have to do is think about getting up my butt, and that usually gets me to orgasm. I love my wife!

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