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Experience of a boy at Indian Wedding




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It is SOFTCORE but develops into footworship , golden showers and some kinky fetish stuff with an aunt- i****t type

Meeting the Lady at the wedding Ceremony

It was a wedding ceremony …. All rituals and traditions being followed very religiously … a three day long festivity would follow where all friends and relatives would gather and have fun. I knew weddings to be a ceremony where two beautiful persons became husband and wife but never knew that it would change life of a 14 years old boy like me .

I was just a guest there…. Attending the marriage and was meeting most of the relatives for the first time…. A typical Indian marriage scene, where religious ceremonies, local musical instruments and reciting of the holy scriptures formed the most part of the day….. which bored me as hell, but saying anything against such rituals would be taken as a rebellion and so I had to sit in all sorts of boring prayers and religious activities.

But I was so wrong in my opinion, yeah… my opinion changed on the very first day, after two long hours of sitting on the floor in one of such prayers….. cross legged along with all the other relatives while a fire was ignited and the priest started saying his mantras…..

While sitting cross legged my knee touched the knee of a middle aged 30 – 35 year lf lady… I felt electrified…. She saw towards me and I bowed a “namaste” (Indian way of greeting elders with folded hands”).

She smiled.

Slowly I increased the touch as 2-3 other relatives came to sit near us…. so I had to sit a bit nearer to her. My hand made its was to her feet. She felt my hands on her feet but I pretended to be normal on face…. She changed the position and my hand pressed under her legs while she changed her legs in that cross legged position…… After a few minutes my arms started to ache and I tried to squeeze it out from under her legs but she increased her body pressure as soon as I tried to move my arm out….

The chanting of the mantras was at the highest and I knew soon it would end and this ceremony would end. So to make the best of the available opportunity, I kept my hands there….. towards the end she allowed me to squeeze out my arm from her feet so that no one else knows what had been going on there…..

In the lunch, I tried to get near to her and she obliged… after the formal chit-chat she asked me about my arrangement for the stay that evening. Since I was alone so was staying back at the house where the wedding was being solemnized.

Since no other ritual was due that day, most of the people went to their rooms for having some rest, while the younger men went out for a stroll…. I loitered in the house in search of the lady …..

“Hey you didn’t go out to see the country side.. all boys of your age have gone out…”

“Ah yes, but I was.. actually,…”

“Were you looking for someone….”

“Ah.. no… In fact yes… I mean.. I was looking for some room .. ah I mean, I was so tired so wished to rest in some guest room…”

“Come on, I have been allotted a room in the guest house, you may have the afternoon nap there…”

My heart jumped with excitement and she handed me the keys…. I went to the room and pretended to sl**p.

She followed me and thought I was in deep sl**p. She slept on the other side of the double bed….. Slowly I touched her feet again and since she snored I gathered courage to put my mouth in her blanket….. Inside air was filled with her aromatic feet and her feminine fragrance.. my lips kissed her lightly and very attentively so as not to disturb her… She changed position of her legs in her sl**p and so I crept back….

I saw her sandals besides the bed, on the floor and dived upon them to devour them.. licking each nook and corner of her sandals…. I was so hard that I feared I would cum in my pants…. So I went in the bathroom.

Since she was the only occupant of the room, she had lazily put her undergarments in the hangers hung at the back of the door…. As I closed the door, I saw her garments hanging… My heart thumped with excitement… her panties, socks, bra… and the pants she wore last night while traveling were hung there….. I licked the crotch of the panties first, inhaling the musk and savoring the taste of the dried juices on the crotch…. Slowly I went to the bra and almost chewed it….. last came the socks and I sucked the toes portion of her socks…

I was so lost that I came while these precious clothes were in my hands and the drops of my cum trickled on them….. If she gets up in a minute or two and finds my cum on her garments….??? I was dead white in fear…. Should I wash them !!!! What should I do ?

I decided to wash them along with some of my clothes.. later I would say I was washing my clothes and so I saw yours and washed them too…. So instead of washing just the undergarments, I washed all of her clothes so that she might not doubt me….

I came out and slept on my side again.

After and hour or so, all door received a knock for the evening tea being served…

Both of us woke up and I brought the tea from the common hall to the room. I made two cups of tea. She took some snacks out of her bag to be taken with tea. She went to the bathroom and immediately came out….

“Who washed my clothes…”

“I washed them.. actually I was washing mine, I saw your hanging there, so took your pant and shirt for washing…. Accidentally the undergarments were hidden in the pants and shirt, so I could not see them first….. later on when I found them ….. hope you won’t mind …”

She smiled … “I had traveled all through the day yesterday., so they must be smelling awful..”

“Nah, absolutely no… they were so clean and it was delicious… I mean it was fun.. I mean I didn’t find them bad….”

She gave me a surprised look. And thanked me for the trouble I had taken…

We got ready to leave for the common hall to attend the evening ceremonies….

“Now how would you explain that my sandals are so clean…..” she said with a devilish smile.

I was caught unprepared as I had never thought she would go to such length and was so particular about her things…..

“I don’t know…”

“But I know…. I know about all this , understood…. Bring my sandals and put them on me feet now….” She commanded.

I was overjoyed with gratitude and hurried ….. to serve her. She sat on the chair and I was on the floor, putting sandals on her feet.

“May I kiss them please…..”

“Sure.. go ahead….”

I kissed her feet and licked the upper part of her feet, when the door was knocked again…. We were again called to the common hall to attend the rituals….

We went to the hall again. All of us were asked to get seated in the vehicles waiting out side and follow the marriage procession which was to reach the girl’s house….(In India boy goes to the girl’s house for marrying her and brings her back to his home the next day….)

We boarded the bus and took the last seat….. since many people preferred their own cars so we got the choicest seats easily. The wind was cold and the blanket proved cozier and more comfy too.

My right hand made its way to her breasts under the blanket and my left hand was on her crotch area….. Unbuttoning her shirt and unzipping her pants my fingers explored the heights and depths of her silky soft body…. Charging my whole being with erotic ecstasy … and she had half closed her eyes and her sighs indicated the pleasure she was deriving from the journey we were passing through…… My fingers were quite wet and I had to take them out for sucking them in my mouth, drying them and inserting them in again….

The massage and fingering under the blanket with the limitation of traveling in the seat of the bus, having a constant fear of getting caught by the few other relatives sitting on other seats… all mixed up to provide the best and most exciting situation for us…. Now she had had her orgasm and wished to sl**p and so she attached the back of her head to the window of the seat and put her feet in my lap, lying horizontally on the seat….

My hands were again busy with her feet in my lap… massaging hem, feeling their warmth and I ducked into the blanket, while saving my self from eyes of the other passengers….. giving quick kisses on her feet or where ever my mouth landed…. Touching her with my lips was what excited me most, irrespective of the fact where and how long I kissed….

She too remained excited as it was enough for her to feel the contentment that she had aroused a teen age boy who was less than the half of her age… Her eyes , her smile, her lips, revealed her feelings…..

Soon the three hours of the journey elapsed and we reached the girl’s house…. All alighted from the bus. The bus was parked in the lawn of the girl’s house. Drinks were being served and everyone enjoyed amid loud music and dance.

“I feel so wet and dirty down there… all messed up” she smiled as if she was happy being dirty down there…

I licked my lips and winked….. before I could understand what my gesture could mean, she said “Okay, lets go to the bus again and you may lick me clean there….”

We left the on going party and came to the parking area… we sat at the last seat in the bus… she slid her pants down and sat on the seat with her knees on the breasts. My tongue made its way up her honey hole and I sipped her juices to my fill and sucked the pink petals hard to draw out any moisture left in them….. she trickled a few drops of her golden wine in my mouth which I greedily gulped….

“You liked that…” she asked

“I loved it”

“Oppss… but it was my piss…”

“No problems .. I am ready for drinking your golden wine too..”

“Say it fully , I wish to listen your words…”

“I beg you to piss in my mouth, I’ll love to drink your piss”

Hearing my words, she let her golden nectar flow in a regular but slow flow into my mouth.. having the orgasmic juices mixed in it I drank it to my fill. When she stopped I licked her sides to clean any droplets of her piss….. The warmth of her piss enthralled my mind with affectionate love she had showered upon me.. what else could I expect from the God now…..

She settled her dress and was about to leave…..

“Mam, may I lick you feet again, I am dying to lick them….”

“What you are still after my feet even after drinking my piss..”

“your feet are so attractive that I still…..”

“hmm.. let me check your level of craziness for my feet …. Okay, I’ll allow you to lick them.. ………… only after you tongue my ass hole….”

Without saying a word I was on my knees and she stood there, a little bowed with her elbows on the upper ridge of the adjacent seat….. I lowered her pants and parts the two cheeks and slid my tongue right in… making little but quick circles on the pink puckered hole…. She wiggled a bit and bent down a little… allowing access to my tongue to explore a little inner parts of her ass hole… of her hand pressed the back of my head to have better contact with her back area… my face almost submerged in those heavenly cheeks….

“Hey you are licking the hole from where I shit… you are smooching the point from where I pass my turds… you like that…”

I could not reply as was too struck in there….

She was wet in the front again and made me suck her pink petals again…..

Then she lay exhausted on the bus seat and I lowered my lips to her feet, licking them, smooching them and sucking her toes….. she lifted her other foot and massaged my head, her toes running through my hair and touching the scalp….

Suddenly the loud music stopped and we too came to our senses…. The wedding ceremonies had started and so we too went to the girl’s house again from the parking place…. Joined in the ceremonies after adjusting our dresses.

By 2 am the wedding mantras concluded and the marriage ceremonies came to an end. I had to reach my office next afternoon and so had planned my train from that place only and so I could not accompany the lady on the return journey….

She gave me her card….. she ran a ladies boutique ….

I whispered , “ Don’t you need a boy to work for you in the boutique ….. I wish to have a job in my school vacations this year after my exams are over… “

She smiled, “Sure.. I’ll be waiting”

Both of us parted….

She gave me a small packet and said “for you journey back home….. hope you’ll not feel alone… open it in private”

I boarded the train at 4 am.. it was almost empty and I opened the packet….. yes you guessed it right….. it had the panty, bra and socks she wore all thru the day…..

Later in vacations I again joined her boutique… but that’s a different story where I went to deliver the garments and “my services” side by side to different ladies who were her clients…â€

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