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How I learned to eat pussy

I LOVE to eat pussy! I think I would rather eat pussy then fuck. My first orgasm with a girl was while I was eating HER! I was sucking on the swollen lips and using my tongue on her clit when she started to cum. She let go a load of her sweet juice into my mouth and right then I shot my wad all over the back seat of the car. I licked up every drop of her juice from her young pussy until she pulled my head up and started to kiss it off my mouth. She liked the taste of her pussy and I had watched her lick her fingers when she would masturbate. When she was still a virgin she wouldn't let me touch her pussy and she hardly ever touched my cock but she would play with herself till she came and let me jack off on her tits. Eventually when she got older she would let me finger her while she jacked me off. Once she let me eat her out she realized that it was so much better then her hand that almost every time we got together she could barely wait to get her pants off. She started wearing a skirt everywhere we went with no panties and if she even found a slightly private spot she would lift her skirt and I would lick her to a quick orgasm. She was usually so ready it only took a couple of minutes. Only problem was I would then walk around with a hard on. She would make fun of me and how I was so hard brushing her hand up on it as we walked till I was ready to shoot. Then she would find a spot, lift her skirt and have me lick her again. After a few times of teasing me like that she would drop to her knees and suck me dry. She told me once that she teased me like that because when she eventually sucked me off I would shoot a huge load. I know by the time I came my balls were so swollen my pre-cum was running down my leg.

The strange thing is how I came to enjoy eating pussy in the first place. When I was young my bedroom was at the other end of the hall from the bathroom. I would leave my bedroom door open just enough that I could see in when the bathroom door was open. My mother and my s****r would take their showers in the evening after we were all in bed and would open the door to let the steam out as they dried themselves off. My s****r had nice firm boobs and was just starting to grow hair on her pussy. My mother had big boobs for her small size and a snatch that was very hairy. This was back in the 1960's when shaved pussies were rare. it didn't matter which one I was watching I would stroke my cock and shoot a stream of cum that could only happen in a boy my age.

One of the nights my father joined my mother in the shower. She had already striped down and was in the shower when he walked in naked. He must of thought every one was asl**p as neither of my parents would walk around naked in the house if any of us k**s were home. When he turned to get into the shower I noticed he had a hard on. When I saw that I realized how I had ended up with my thick 8" cock.

I could barely see shadowy outlines through the curtain but I could tell dad had come up from behind and reached around to grab her tits. I had heard my parents making love before but had never gotten up the nerve to spy on them. Their room was next to mine and the bed shared a common wall. It was an old house with thin walls and I had heard my mothers cries of passion, the creaking bed, and the sound of my fathers dick slurping in and out of her cunt mixed with the slapping of his balls on her ass many nights. The first time I ever masturbated was to the sounds of my mother saying "Fuck me harder" to my dad as she came.

You have to remember this was back before the internet and easily available porn. National Geographic was the only way you could see boobs back then and they were always sagging with long hanging nipples from breast feeding. That's why when I realized I could watch my s****r and Mother after the shower it was such a big thing. Let alone get a far off view of a pussy.

When they came out of the shower my dad was hard as a rock and his dick stood out at a 45 degree angle straight up. They started kissing again and my moms hand was wrapped around his dick while his hand was rubbing between her legs. Dad picked mom up and set her on the sink. She leaned back against the mirror as he put his head between her legs. Mom put her legs over his shoulders and held his head in her hands. I had never seen this before and couldn't figure out why my dad would want to kiss her down there. But mom didn't seem to mind. She put her head back and started to let out soft little moans. My dick was already hard from watching this. Part of me thought it wasn't right that he would be licking where he stuck his dick but it sure looked as if mom was enjoying it!

The more dad licked the louder mom got and the more her hips started rubbing against dads face. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt. It had never gotten like this before. I knew I was ready to shoot and moved the covers off of me. I was laying on my back stroking my cock for all it was worth when my mother looked into my room. I don't know if she was finally checking to see if the door was closed or what but when she noticed I was watching she looked a little startled. She started to say something to dad but then stopped. Her eyes had moved down to my rock hard cock and lingered there. I quickly pulled the covers up but I was so close to shooting my load that when the covers rubbed my dick I shot my load. My moms eyes moved from my penis to my face. Her moans got louder as her hips moved faster. The whole time she was just looking me in the eyes. She started to shake and then just froze. Her gaze left mine as her head fell back on the mirror and a loud long moan left her lips. I saw dad continue to lick her pussy. Each lick sending a jolt through her body causing her to shake like an electric current was jolting her. She finally pulled his head up to her and started kissing him. She slid off the counter and leading dad by holding his dick walked out of the bathroom and down the hall towards their room. As she walked by my door she looked at me and gave a slight smile. Dad never looked at me he had reached around and grabbed one of her boobs his mind was only on sex. When I looked at my moms hand wrapped around my dads dick I noticed that there was a stream of his pre cum running over her hand. That night as they finished screwing in their bedroom my dick got hard again as I listened to my fathers grunts and my mothers moans and shouts of "FUCK. FUCK ME HARDER. O GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!" I shot my second load that night. But I wasn't thinking of my dads dick in my moms pussy. I was thinking of his tongue licking my moms pussy and her looking at me as she came.

Weeks went by and now my mom realized that I would watch her and beat off when she dried off after her shower. I decided I was doing something wrong and began to shut my door all the way when I went to bed. I still jacked off almost nightly listening to my parents fuck in the next room. Now that I had seen my dad licking mom I noticed the difference in the noises they made. I now knew when mom was moaning and cumming without the creaking bed that dad was licking her till she came. Some nights I would hear my mom sort of moaning with her mouth full and my dad saying "God that feels good I'm gonna cum baby!" and realizing that she was sucking his dick. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before but again I was just going through puberty and it was a different time. They always ended with a good fuck. My mom with her "Fuck me harder!" and dads dick slapping away at her wet pussy.

A few months later my dad had to go out of town on a trip. The night before he left they went at it all night. Dad must have set some kind of record. They would fuck, then dad would eat her pussy till she came then mom would suck him hard again and the bed would start creaking and mom would cum.

A couple of days after he left I was laying in bed beating off thinking again of mom looking at me when dad was eating moms pussy when mom knocked at my door. I pulled the covers up and told her to come in. She stuck her head in the door and when she saw I was covered up came into the room. She said she was just checking to see if everything was alright. I told her I was fine and thanks for checking. As she was getting ready to walk out of the room she looked down at the bulge my cock was making under the sheets and got that smile on her face again. When she left she turned around and said "Good night sweetie." When she the door it didn't latch all the way and she headed to the shower. My hard on was leaving so I just let it get soft. When mom got to the bathroom and started to undress she left the door open. My s****r was gone to a slumber party for the night so there was no one else in the house. I thought mom figured I couldn't see her so didn't bother to close the door. I heard the shower start running and then mom taking her shower. The door to my room slowly swung open. It would do that if you didn't close it tight. It opened enough that if I leaned out of bed a little I could see into the bathroom. I didn't bother looking as I still Thought I had done something wrong watching mom and dad have sex. I heard the water shut off and the shower curtain open. I was thinking dads not here I can spy on my mom just like before. Why not? I leaned over the side of my bed and looked in. Moms back was to me and she was drying off her boobs. Her ass still had water dripping from it. She dried her belly then began to dry her legs. As she bent over I saw her pussy for the first time. Every other time she had dried off she was facing me and I would she her tits sway as she would dry her legs. I noticed a pink gash between her legs surrounded with wet hair. I would find out later I was really only seeing her pink pussy lips hanging out of her pussy. I watched as she dried both her legs my cock getting hard again almost as if it knew what it saw even though I didn't.

I watched mom do her after bath routine. Standing naked as she wrapped a towel around her hair. Plucking her eyebrows with tweezers. Brushing her teeth. She then stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her hands down her body cupped her breasts for a moment then turned around and checked out her ass. She grabbed each cheek then turned to face the mirror again. She started to massage her breasts then took one hand and slid it between her legs. She played with her pussy as she looked in the mirror watching her hand move from tit to tit. She moved in closer and looked down so she could see her hand between her legs. She slouched over and brought her other hand between her legs. She spread her lips and tried to see her pussy. She used her hand to pull her lips out and rubbed them between her fingers. Standing back up with her one hand she started to masturbate. I was rubbing my now hard cock and could feel the pre cum on my hand as I was almost ready. At that moment mom turned and started for her bedroom. I rolled back quickly onto the bed so she wouldn't see me. I wrapped my hand around my cock squeezing it tightly so the cum would flow out of my dick over my hand and onto my balls like a volcano instead of squirting all over the sheets. The cum on my hands and dick would be like a lube and I would keep stroking until every last bit of pleasure was done.

Mom was in her room so I just got up and headed to the bathroom to wash the cum off my cock and hand. When I walked out my door I thought I heard my mom let out a soft moan. Dad was gone so I figured mom was just relaxing before sl**p. I washed myself off in the sink took a piss and started back to bed. I noticed my parents bedroom door was open a crack but didn't think anything of it at the time. I lay in bed replaying the sight of my moms pussy peeking out as she dried off when I heard another moan from my mom. This time there was no mistake. I had heard that moan enough at the start of every sex event with my parents that I knew what is was. This was a little different. A little softer. I lay there and listened as moan after moan came out of my mother. My dick had started to get hard again as only the cock of a young boy soon to be a man could do.

Mom was letting out small moans almost every time she took a breath and my cock seemed to throb in time with her sounds. I knew it was wrong but I had to see what she was doing. Dad wasn't with her why was she moaning like that? What was she doing? I got out of bed trying not to make any noise and headed for her door. The hallway light was out so I knew she wouldn't be able to see me as I looked through the crack of her door. Mom had lit a candle and had it burning on her night stand she also had one on the dresser across from the bed. It only took a short time for my eyes to adjust to the rooms lighting. There was my mom on her back legs spread wide knees in the air. One hand was on her tits and the other was between her legs. She was rubbing her pussy. First fast and then when she would start to moan loader she would slow it down or stop altogether. There was a a****l smell that mixed with the perfume of the candles that I would learn later to be the smell of her pussy when she was aroused. The smell made my cock start to twitch and jump on it's own as if it were trying to jump off my body and bury itself deep inside her wet hole. Mom would bury her fingers inside her and move them in and out fucking herself. Then she would move her fingers back up to her pussy and rub. Her pussy juice glistened in the candle light small drops clinging to her lips and hair. Her pussy lips seemed bigger now and redder then when I had seen them after her shower but they had been further away. Those lips were closer now only 6 feet away.

She thrust her fingers back into her pussy. I could hear the wetness as she moved. After five or six strokes she took her hand to her mouth. She started to suck the juice off her fingers moaning as she did. I looked at my mothers pussy spread wide. I saw her hole for the fist time. It had a small stream of clear liquid running from it down into her ass hole and onto the bed. Her ass hole slowly winked as her body made tiny contractions getting ready for her orgasm.

I realized I had been stroking my cock and it was rock hard again. I knew it was wrong to be jacking off as I watched my mother play with herself but I had cum so many times listening to her and dad fuck it seemed like this was the next logical step. I looked down at my hand wrapped around my dick. The head almost purple it was so hard the cum hole dripping enough cum to lubricate my hand as I stroked. I heard a gasp from my mother and when I looked up I saw she had frozen in place. Left hand on her breast right hand buried deep in her cunt. Then I realized she was looking at me! O FUCK! She had caught me!.

"Johnnie!!! What are you doing?!"

I turned and started for my room when she called out.
"Johnnie! Stop! don't go come here."

I stopped and stood outside the door.

"Come in here Johnnie."

I opened the door to walk in.
"I'm sorry mom. I'm so sorry. I was just.."

"Johnnie stop. Don't worry about it you haven't done anything wrong."

My mother had stopped masturbating and had moved her legs closer together but I could still see her swollen wet pussy. She didn't cover herself and I tried not to look but I couldn't help myself.

"I know you have been watching me for awhile after I get out of the shower. And I caught you watching your father make me cum eating my pussy. I clean up your cum stained sheets. You think I don't know what you do in there when your father fucks my brains out?' I've seen you pulling on that lovely cock of yours and seen the cum shoot out of your dick more times then you think. Right now it's so hard your dripping pre cum on my floor.'

I looked down and saw a fine steam of cum running from my cock to the floor. The line broke leaving two inches dangling from my cock.

When I looked back up mothers legs had fallen apart again and I could see her cunt juice in the candle light.

"Want you to see why your father enjoys licking my pussy so much. Come here and taste my fingers."

I couldn't move. this wasn't happening

"It's alright sweetie. It's not nasty. Your father tells me it's the best pussy he has ever tasted and he has sampled many in his life."

I walked over to the hand my mother held out to me. The one that had been pleasuring her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I slowly opened my mouth and sucked her fingers. The taste was unbelievable!

"Now why don't you try it right from the source?"

I looked at her and she gave me a little nod.

"It's alright go ahead. Pretend your eating an ice cream cone. Just lick it and suck on it. You can't hurt me unless you bite."

I walked to the end of the bed and knelt down. Mom moved to the edge of the bed lifting her knees and spreading her pussy open. The smell of her pussy on her fingers was good. The smell coming from her pussy drove me into a frenzy. I took a deep breath and reached out with my tongue. It was like honey but better then honey. It was all my favorite flavors rolled into one. I started to lick up the juice from her cunt but it seemed only to make more. I licked and sucked. Sometimes mom would tell me to stick it in her pussy as far as I could. Others to suck her lips and she taught me how to suck, lick and flick her clit.

But the best part was when she started to cum. The moaning got louder and her breathing faster. Her pussy started to grind into my mouth. I licked her hole and she would moan louder. Finally as I was sucking and flicking my tongue over her clit she grabbed my head and came in my mouth, I flicked and licked while she bucked and screamed. Her juice ran from her pussy into my mouth and onto the bed. I kept licking until she relaxed and fell back onto the bed.

I stayed with my head between her legs just enjoying the smell of her pussy. After awhile I started to run my fingers down those moist spent lips and up and down her opening. I licked her cunt juice off my fingers. Soon I began to kiss those lips and put my tongue in her hole. When she started to breath heavy again i rolled over and started again. Over the next few years whenever my father was out of town my mother and I would have oral sex. We never fucked it just didn't seem right. Between my mothers cries of passion and orgasms she taught me how to eat a pussy. I am grateful that she did

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