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Innocent trip To the Mall

Baby.......I finally found the silk pantie hose I have been looking for. I had to stop by the mall this afternoon to pick up a few things....I suddenly found myself among the sexy lingerie on the third floor...without even thinking i picked up several items and hauled them into the dressing room...the room was large in size and had three mirrors...i quickly undressed and put on a red and white satin felt so good against my skin...the fabric was thin yet to the rising temperature of my body..i admired myself from all angles and imagined you were on the other side of the mirror watching me...i posed and ran my fingers along my body waiting impatiently for my nipples to harden...true to form...they did...i traced the outline of my pussy with the tips of my fingers slightly...but then baby....i felt myself applying more pressure....i lay back on the cushioned couch facing the largest mirror..parted my legs and admired how beautiful my pussy looked in this red and white nightie...i watched thru the mirror and my fingers began to rub and tease my feel so naughty being in there, knowing that i could get caught...but it excited me more....I played for a long time before i realized i needed to want to go back there....and get a nightie for u and I....i want u to have it....and play for i watch......then i want u to send it to me....with the sweet smell of ur hot cum all over it.........

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