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A rainy night

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As the Title shows it happened with me on a rainy night, I was alone
in my flat in Baroda, so was my neighbor in her flat. She was a good-
looking girl married to my neighbor. Although Dr Avinash, her hubby
was two years older then me, she was a year younger then me, I
called her "Binita Bhabhi". We used to talk a lot, since we are of
the same age. Sometimes even Doctor sahab too joined our discussions
on various topics. She got both Mother and Father in law. Dr.
avinash is working at a dispensary of Narmada Project, so he has to
go out of Baroda, so often. I must confess here that I liked Binita
so much, but I was helpless. But my luck was not as helpless as me;
It did give me a chance on that, "Rainy Night".

Binita's "in-laws" both were out of station for their social visit
to their native, which is in Rajasthan. When I came back from my job
it was raining, I was wet all over, when I was opening the door of
my home, she suddenly appeared from her house, and said, it would be
better if I clean my self with the towel and during that time she
will make a "Masalawali Chai" for me. So without any argue I went
into my home and cleaned myself. I wore a "Kurta-Pajama" , which is
my daily casual dress and went to her house.

She was in her yellowish dress, and looking beautiful as usual. I
asked her what she intended to do that night, as she was alone.

"Main aap ke ghar aa jaoongi", she replied with a naughty smile. But
I felt as if I was in a wrong path. She f***ed me to have dinner
with her at her flat. As it was raining so heavily, I agreed to dine
with her. So we had a great dinner and I returned back to my flat.

It was mid night and I was watching a blue film which was shown by
my 'cable wallah', and off course I was feeling horny. But as usual
I was helpless. My wife had gone to her maika for fifteen days and I
was all alone. But as I told you earlier, my luck was not that
dumb.......there was a knock at my door. Well I thought there might
be some relative of mine who could have arrived by some late train
or bus. But I was pretty surprised to see Binita on the door step. I
opened the door and the safety grill and asked her what happened?

She replied, "Mujhe bijli se dar lagta hai.... aur aaj yeh naa jaane
kyon jor jorse kadakti hi jaa rahi hai... mujhe bahut darr lag raha
hai, aap ke yahan light jalti dekhi to socha aap jag rahe honge
isiliye main yahan aa gayi. Kya main yaha ruk sakti hoon?"

Well without thinking any thing I took her inside and give her an
armchair. She really felt secure in that. I was feeling sl**py and
she immediately recognized that, so she asked me, "Neend aa rahi hai

I nodded.

"theek hai mai wapas ghar jati hoon." Saying this she got up to go
home. Suddenly there was a great thunder and rushed to my arms.

"Somesh mujhe dar lag raha hai" she was shivering.

"theek hai theek hai yahin par ruk jao raat ko"

"lekin log kya kahenge? Doctor sahab ko pata chal gaya to?" she
looked at me.

"kaun jayega batane. Tum bataogi kya?"

she looked at my face and nodded saying no.

"to fir unhe pata kaise lagega. Tum bekar ki chinta mat karo."

So she said, "Ok. Aap apne room mein so jaiye, main doosre room mein
so jaati hoon.

So I said ok and wished her a "good night". Then I turned around and
asked her, "Baad mein darr laga to?"

She replied with a smile again, "To main aap ke paas aakar so

This time I also replied with a smile and went to my room.

As I told you I was already feeling horny watching that Blue film
and Binita acted as fuel to my excitement. I was not in my control,
so I started masturbating. I unbuttoned my 'Kurta' and when I was
about to take my Lund out I heard a sound nearby. I quickly put my
Lund back and turned my head to look at the door. I found Neela
standing near the door. I felt shivers running through my body, but
I controlled my emotions and asked her, "Kya hoova? Kuchh chahiye?"

She said, "Abhi abhi jo bijlee ki awaaz aayi aap ne sooni?"

I said, "Haa kyoon? Darr laga kya?"

She just nodded her head.

So I said, "Bahut jyaada darr lag raha hai?"

She said, "Kya main yahan par so sakti hoon?"

Well I had no other way but to agree.

So here I was sl**ping with a young lady and not my wife, for the
first time in my life on the same bed. I was feeling horny and I
couldn't control myself. I thought of waiting for sometime so that
she gets sl**p then I would go to the other bed room and continue
the masturbation. So I waited for her to fall asl**p. My mindwas
swarming with the scenes from that blue film. My Lund was also
feeling the heat too. Suddenly I felt Binita's hand on my shoulder,
I was......; well I don't have a word to explain.

I turned my whole body towards her and looked, she was looking at me
too. Suddenly there was a sound of big thunder, she embarrassed me
suddenly by pressing her body to mine. I couldn't escape from her
hands. I wasn't giving her any response. I thought she might feel
embarrassed by my indifference to her advances, but she started to
kiss my neck. My lund started getting erect and started touching her
private parts. I asked her what happened.

She said, "Mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya hai. I love you Tarun."

"Lekin... tum to shaadi-shuda ho," I said.

"Yes," She replied, "Lekin Dr. Avinash kewal naam ka hi pati hai
mera. Shaayad namard. Maloom nahi usne kyon shaadi ki. Din bhar bus
clinic aur patients. Use khyal hi nahi rahta ki uski bhi koi f****y
hai. Koi ghar par uska bhi intezaar kar raha hai. Tumhe tajjub ho
sakta hai lekin Dr. Avinash ko shayad yeh bhi nahi maloom ki marad
apne aang se peshaab ke alawa aur bhi kuchh kaam karta hai."

"Achchha! To tum ek shaadi-shuda kunwari ho. Aur main bhi ek

So I took her lips in my mouth and started sucking them. Ooooh they
were so soft so tender and a sweet aura engulfed them. It was a nice
feeling for me, because it was my first 'Chumban'. My hands were
feeling her boobs and I was really getting hot. I was about to make
love to a woman with whom I used to have sex in my fantassies. She
was the girl of my dream. I used to watch her from behind the

Then she asked me to lie on my back so I did the same. She
unbuttoned my Kurta and she started to put her finger in my hairy
chest and said, "Mujhe yehi chaiye tha, Dr. Avinash ki chhaati pe
koyi baal hi nahin hai, aap jab bhi Kurta pahente ho mein aap ki
chhaati ke baal hi dekhti rehti hoon." She started kissing my chest
moving her lips softly over over the hairs. She started nibbling my
nipples. She darted her tongue and tweaked the nipples who were
already getting erect.

I let her do that because I was enjoying that too. Then I unbuttoned
her nighty, and here she was without bra or panties!! I think she
has decided what she is going to do if I permit her to enter my
house. So I gently started to suck her hard nipples. She got
gorgeous boobs, they were white and pink nipples were looking great
on their top.

I asked her to get rid of her nighty and I too got rid of my Kurta
and pajama and my underpants too. Let me tell you I haven't got a
great body and a big Lund but I am not ashamed of it. I do have
something which pleased my Binita, I have got hairs all over my body.

And when she saw that, she said with amusement, "Maine to sirf
chhati ke baal dekhe the lekin aapke to har jagah baal hai!! Oh
Tarun tum mujhe pehele kyoon nahi miley, main tumse hi shaadi kar
leti" and she started to kiss my whole body.

And then it was a turn of my Lund to get a kiss from her. She kissed
it passionately and I was on the seventh heaven. I started to
squeeze her boobs and she was moaning loudly. I had her one nipple
in my mouth and my other hand was busy squeezing her left boob, she
was saying, "Oh Tarun! Jor se dabao! Maslo inhe! Tumhare hotho ko
tarash rahe hai ye. Chooso inhe! Mujhe apni bahon mein lekar eke k
haddi tod kar rakh do. Mere sare angon ko nocho khasoto."

Then I started kissing her passionately. I put my tongue in her
mouth, later she told me that she had never been kissed that way.
Then she came on top of me I was laying on my stomach and she
started kissing my hairs on my back. She also put her teeth and I
got that enjoyable pain of love bites. Then I found her juices
coming out of her Choot so I just went down and started licking her
Choot, she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

Then it was time for the ultimate thing, "The Chudai".

She touched my Lund and it got erect straight away, and I buried it
gently into her Choot and started kissing her at the same time I was
squeezing her boobs too. I also started pushing my Lund harder in
her Choot she was moaning and I was fucking her with long strokes.
With every stroke I would pull my shaft all the way out of her
cranny and then bury it back into her hole. I wanted it to go down
as deep as possible and she was enjoying too. She was pressing
herself harder and harder to me. She was also pinching my hairs on
my back. Her hands were vigorously moving here and there on my back
some times it also did squeeze my ass. After say 20 minutes of
fucking I filled her Choot with my hot cum. it happened so sudden
that I haven't got time to go for a condom. But she did not object
getting my seed in her fertile womb. We got apart and it was a great
feeling for me, having sex for the first time. It was not the same
for her even then she felt as if she had just received her first

We again kissed each other passionately and we had sex thrice on
that night, next day was a Sunday so we had a whole day to enjoy.
And we did enjoy that Sunday too.

After, we had sex thrice that night obviously we got tired and had a
very good night's sl**p. We got up around 10 in the morning, well at
least Binita got up at 10, and she woke me up with a unique way. I
was sl**ping on my tummy and as I told you I'm full of hairs on my
body and Binita was crazy for that, so inorder to wake me up, she
started to kissing my hairy shoulders. She not only kissed them but
she played with her tongue too and due to this I suddenly got a huge
erection of my nice little Mr. Lund. I turned around and gave her a
big kiss pushing her tongue with my tongue. I coated every corner of
her mouth with my saliva.
after that short and staemy session of kissing, she said, "Chalo
brush karo, baas aa rahi hai mooh se..."

We both laugh and I went naked to the wash basin. When I was
brushing my teeth, Binita came behind me and started playing with my
ass. She extended her hands to move over my cum filled sacks and
after roaming there for some time her hands moved ahade and caught
my Lund. She was kissing and biting my back and my ass chicks. I
certainly enjoyed that. When her turn came I also played with her
ass chicks and her Choot from behind, not only that I also played
with her beautiful boobs too.

Then she made a wonderful masala-wali Chai. She sat on my Lund and
we both had our tea. Now it was time to take bath. we had a real
erotic bath. I asked her whether she would like having a shower with
me. You all can't imagine the answer, she told me that, she always
fantasied me whenever she used to have bath. she was dying for this
moment. She was really eager to make her fantassy come true. So I
took her in my arms and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and
lead her towards my bathroom.

I started the shower and she went below the shower side first. Her
body became wet. She started rubbing her boobs and the started
pinching her nipples. In no time they became erect like two darts.

She invited me, "Tarun, jaldi aajao, yeh paani to aur jalaa raha hai
mere badan me. jaldi kuchh karo nahi to ye aag mujhe jala kar rakh
dega. oooooohhhhh"

I was waiting for some invitation from her side. I jumped in to the
shower beside her. I put my hands around her and started kissing her
whole face. I was biting and chewing her lips.I collected some water
in my mouth and spilled it on her face. She started laughing. she
did the same to me. I kissed her and f***ed my tongue to enter her
mouth. my hands were gliding all over her wet body.

oh she started feeling my tongue with hers. I started rubbing and
pinching her her ass chicks. She pressed her vaginal mound to my
erect lund. I too started to pressing her ass to my body, with my
hands. It gave Binita all the excitement she needed. She put her one
hand on my Lund and started masturbating. I liked that but I did not
want to get discharged during the foreplay so I stopped her.

I now started kissing her gori-gori neck and I also explored it with
my tongue. water droplets were moving over her fair skin like dew
over marble. I collected some of these water droplets which were
falling from her face and moving down towards the lower parts of her
body in my palms and poured them again over her face. I placed my
lips just below her one of her nipples and drank the water rolling
down after kissing her milk buds. I then started to sucking her left
boob with my hand on her right one, which was pressing it very

I sucked her nipples very smoothly and she was moaning, "Oh Tarun,
chooso aur jor se chooso, kha jaao, mein uff tak nahi
karoongi.aaaaaaaaaa ahhhhh Taruuuuuuun nahhhhiiiiiiiii inhe dant se
mat kuredo. mere jism me bijli si daud rahi hai."

I did not listen her pleas and bit oneof her boob hard with my
teeth. This time shedid not ask to stop biting, rather she
moaned, "aiigghhh, Tarun aur jor se....mmmmmm. ....mmmmm"

I continued my journey downwards, I stopped at her belly button and
my tongue explored that too. She got more excited, she pressed my
head with all the f***e she had so that I don't pull out my tongue
out of her belly button, but who wanted to, I was enjoying that!!

Then I went down towards her Choot, her neatly trimmed black pubic
hairs were wet and looking more sexier. I kissed them vigorously.
She again caught my head with her hands and pushed it hard towards
her vaginal mound. I found m head squeezed between her thighs. I
took out my dripping tongue and pushed it inside he choot. it was
already leaking precum. It smelled sweet. Water droplets were
getting broken on her pubic hairs and a misty atmosphere engulfed
het love hole. I started drawing out her precum from her pitcher and
started slurping it down to my stomach. she was jerking her head
with excitement.

She whispered to me, "Tarun, Ab nahi raha jaa raha hai. Apna Lund
daal do meri Choot mein aur kas-kas kar chodo mujhe."

i did not obey her cpommand. she was trying to push my head from her
cunt. But then suddenly she changed her mind. She asked me to stand
straight in to the shower. She dropped to her knees. My cock was
just a few inches from her mouth. She looked in my eyes as if asking
my permission to take my lund in her mouth. I placed my hand over
her head and pushed towards my lund. She opened her mouth took my
Lund in her mouth. She kissed it like hell and some time she also
put her tongue on top of my Lund.

Oh my god what an heavenly experience I was enjoying!!

We stopped bathing and then she put a towel around her boobs. I too
put a towel on my waist. We both wiped our bodies and then again
started kissing each other. I went down to kiss her thighs, her
beautiful slim legs, which were without any hairs. They were looking
milkier then before. She asked me to fuck her hard, so I took her in
my arms and went to the bed I placed her naked body on the bed. She
pulled me towards her and then spread her legs. There was again that
Choot with only few pubic hairs, inviting me. My Lund was already
erect and it was begging me to enter her Choot. After that erotic
shower, precum was just oozing out of her love pitcher. She was so
hot she could not hide her feelings from me. My lund was also
erupting some precum from the hole at the top. Binita took few drops
of my precum in her fingers and took them to her mouth. She licked
her fingers smeared with my cum with her tongue. Seenig this I
burried my whole Lund at one stroke. (I told you before I don't have
that big Lund, which every body seems to take prouder of, but who
cares, right?)

She said, "Oh Taruuuun�..mmmmmm My love, fuck meeeeeee hard, andar
tak ghusa kar jorke dhakke lagaooooo... han han han�. aur tez aur
jor se... ummm ..haan aise ooooooohhhh kiss meeeeeee jaaaaaaan, mere
boobs dabao jaaaaaaaaaaan ... bahut pareshan kar rahe hain mujhe ...
haan bas aise hi ... I like that Tarun... Bada maza aa raha hai."

She was also pinching my hairs on my back and shoulders. She started
to kiss my chest hairs because now she was on top of me and I was
pressing her boobs she was pinching my chest hairs so hard that I
was getting pain from hell, but at the same time I was too pressing
her boobs harder. After few minutes we both cum and with all smiles
we kissed each other and continued to press and feel each others
body parts for at least half en hour or so.

It was time to say good bye to her. Eventhough she lived next door
in the flat, it was time for her hubby Dr. Avinash to return home
from the project site. We promised to meet again and again to
satisfy each other. We passionately kissed each other again before
she left my flat.

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