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My first encounters with my friend'scwife

This story starts on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. A bunch of our friends had got together to hang out, drink etc. Sometime during the party someone initiated taking some clothes off. Surprisingly, 2 of girls there were fine with this (this isn’t something that had ever happened before in my group of friends). The 2 girls got topless for us, and one of them was one of our friend’s wife. He was d***k and openly encouraged her, so no one felt bad when she took off her top, even if the first moments were a little awkward for all of us seeing our friend’s wife like this. The girls were shameless though and soon the guys were just openly checking them out. So this was odd enough, but them it got more bizarre. In response to a question our friend ended up grabbing his wife’s tits and felt her up in front of us, which was pretty hot. Then he told us to go ahead if we wanted. It almost seemed like a joke, but a friend stepped up and grabbed her tits...then another friend took a turn, then another. I hadn’t gone up, it was just such an odd experience it didn’t feel right. At some point she ended up against me and asked me why I hadn’t touched her. I told her it was a little weird with her husband/my friend there and she told me it turned him on...then ASKED me to feel her tits. It was more than enough to get me to act. She lifted her arms up and I wrapped my hands around her and over her chest and had my turn.

At some point she did get her bra back on, and she and her husband left the room, so it seemed like most of the fun was over. The other girl was still topless telling a story, but (to be honest) I didn’t find her that attractive so I went to get another drink. As I was going by the bathroom I noticed she was in there adjusting her bra and I couldn’t help but take a look. My friend walked by, all smiles, and told me if I wanted more to go in and then gave me a little shove towards her. The possibility seeing her tits and maybe feeling her up some more seemed great, so I went in and let her close the door me. In a matter of seconds she looked at me and smiled, undid her bra…then knelt on the floor and starting unzipping my pants. Suddenly my cock was in her hand, then it was in her mouth. It was surreal and she must have sensed my shock, because she told me to not worry, and that my friend got turned on when she was with other men and would be fine with this.It was a great feeling…my friend’s wife, topless, looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. I’d had no idea they had this type of relationship. She continued on, my hands found her tits again and before long I was close to finishing and wondering how I'd ask her where I’d do it, but without missing a beat she tells me that she’ll have to swallow me tonight since she doesn’t want to have to shower here. And just that revelation…the matter of fact statement sent me over the edge and I came down her throat. I later found out that not long after me, she did the same to another of our friends that night.

Nothing happened for the next 4 or 5 months, but the memory of that night was etched into my mind. Then finally at a friend’s cottage one night a few of us went skinny dipping, my friend and his wife included. The three of us were down by the water waiting on a couple friends, but started undressing. There was enough light to see the figure of my friend’s wife naked and she knew I was looking. She took my hand and put it on her tit. I told her she was cold…her nipples were really hard…and then she slid my hand down her stomach between her legs and asked if that was better. My friend was there the whole time, could see (enough) and hear, but said nothing. I’d not had this opportunity before, so I went for it and told her to spread her legs a bit. I felt her stance widen and slid my finger strait over her pussy. She was warm, and a little wet and I decided to go for it, and pushed up with my index finger, and suddenly I was inside her. I rubbed a little and was thinking to myself that I might actually finger-bang her right here when our friends started coming to the water. She disengaged my hand and then dived in the water and that was the end of that. Very disappointed, we went for a nice swim and I thought that might be the end of it.

When we got back upstairs we all dried off and drank some more and then a bunch of people started getting ready for bed. Our friend's wife had gone to get ready a while back and it was just me, her husband and another friend up chatting when he told us to come with him. We followed him to the bedroom and he opened up on his wife changing (out of her clothes, in bra and undies). She didn’t seem fazed at all, and he closed the door behind us, and then asked us if we wanted to have her. We were both shocked and not quite certain what he meant, but he was straitforward. He wanted to see her fucked. By other men. And given that we were both on the receiving end of her blowjob at the party thought we might want to. The only condition was that he wanted to watch her getting fucked, but other than that we were free to do what we wanted with her. It was an absolutely shocking surprise, even with everything that had happened before. She was just standing there, waiting.

I walked over to her and told her to take off her bra. She unfastened it and let it drop. It was amazing to see her tits again, but I wanted to see more, almost believing that at any second our friend would just say stop. I put my hands at her waist and pulled her panties down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. She was trimmed in a nice racing stripe, and I could see her cleft, but it wasn’t enough. I quickly maneuvered her to the bed and told her to lie down.

The amazing thing about this was the shift of power from the previous event. Before I was timid, she was calling the shots and I didn’t know what the boundaries were. This time it was completely different and I could take what I want.

Once on the bed I pushed her legs apart. I’d been thinking of her pussy ever since I’d briefly touched it, and finally there it was, perfect. A second later I had a hand on either side and spread her open. She didn’t object, just smiled as I looked. I was hard and took my pants off and honestly just intended to fool around a bit. But as I leaned over her and felt her tits up my cock pressed up against the lips of her pussy and I couldn’t help myself. I looked down and watched myself thrust in. The first one was deep and took her a bit by surprise, I don’t think she’d expected me in her so quick. And for a second we both kind of stared at each other, with me deep inside her, then she tells me to go as hard as I want and say whatever I want. The dirtier the better. So I pull out, then slam it back in her, and she smiles and closes her eyes and I do it again and then just start drilling her. It was a primal thing, just missionary position, but I fucked her as hard. At some point my friend came over and sat on the bed to watch his wife. Another funny moment in this weird experience - she started rubbed his back lovingly as he got a close up view between his wife’s legs as she took in my dick. And as he’s watching, he tells me to talk down to her, call her names etc. So this is just surreal, but they were seemingly into it thing, and just looking at her there, eyes screwed shut as she took me in, it just seemed right. And before I knew it the words were out of my mouth. “You’re such a slut”. She opened her eyes then, stared at me. I continued (a little worried now). “whore”. She smiled and in that moment, I truly realized I could do and say what I wanted to her. So, while fucking her I leaned in, looked her straight in the eyes and told her she was a fucking whore. I grabbed her arms and held them down above her head with one hand and brought my other hand to her tit, then pinched her nipple hard and called her a fucking whore again. She gasped, and I lay on top of her and got my other hand to her other breast and pinched on both nipples and called her a slut. Both of my friends were up and watching by this point. Her husband had a huge smile…he liked this. I kept pounding away and with each thrust called her a fucking whore in her ear. Just a nice repetitive rhythm. You’re a fucking whore, a fucking whore…and so on. I was getting close, I’d been doing her for a while but wanted to see if I could pull off one last thing. I leaned in and told her I wanted her to tell me what she was and she did it. Looked me in the eyes and told me she was a whore. I told her husband to come in and listen and told her to say it again. For the first time, she seemed slightly apprehensive. I grabbed her by her nipples and pinched and she blurted it out to him. “I’m a whore”. Again! “I’m a fucking whore”. It was aweome to hear her say it with such conviction. Then her husband had his pants of and pulled her face onto his dick and she started to suck him off. The view was enough to finish me so I pulled out and finished on her tits…she didn’t even look…just let it happen. I grabbed her hand and put in on her chest and she instinctively knew what I wanted. So as she sucked off her husband she rubbed her tits, spreading my load all over them. I’d been straddling her and got off and watched her working on her husband, then caught my other friend positioning himself. A couple of seconds later he was inside her having his turn.

I was done, but she had a man on either end and looked great doing it. Our other friend was giving her the same hard treatment I had so her tits, shiny with cum, were swaying about, while she gave her husband all her attention. Just a beautiful sight. I went back to her head and started talking into her ear. I called her a fucking whore again, making sure I was loud enough for all of us to hear. Her husband then told her to “keep sucking you whore”. Then our other friend chimed in and called her a fucking slut as he had his way with her.

I don’t know how long the next part lasted. She sucked, my friend fucked and all 3 of us just kept up a steady stream of comments aimed at her. I'd never called a girl a whore before in my life, but that night I lost track of how many times I told her. Finally her husband was done. Our friend pulled from her mouth and we watched him shoot his load her face. She lay back, exhausted…done…my other friend then pulled out asked her husband to spread his wife open. And I couldn’t help but look. With her husband spreading her wide, and the fucking she’d took, her cunt was open. A nice gape. My friend asked if she was on birth control (yes) then pulled off his condom and put his dick right close to her hole and came, shooting it up in her. Finally our friend let go and her pussy closed and it was done. We’d all had our fun.

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