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Meeting the golden surfer

I had been chatting it up online with this really hot guy.He's a little older than me, but oh so sexy! Blonde hair and blue eyes, and all the bad boy tattoos!But, hes not a bad boy, he's from the island of Hawaii.Raised with manners and a calm nature.He ended up being my knight in shinging armour.

After chatting a few more days off and on, he wanted me to text him. So, we exchanged numbers and shortly thereafter, my phone was ringing. It was him. He was headed out to a local bar and wanted to know if I'd like to join him. I told him I'd have to wake up my husband and ask him to go out so late at night. The hubby said yes, so I got dressed up, did the hair and make up thing, and on my way to the bar I went.

I took me a wee bit of driving around to find him, but find him I did! Finally! I was meeting the sexy voice on the phone. He was taller than me, about six foot one. Shaved blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes and a smile to make your heart melt. Dressed in tight fitting jeans and an Abercrombie shirt, he led me to a table, pulled out the chair and asked me to sit with him. He then made his way to the bar and bought me my new favorite drink, Dragonberry Vodka with orange juice!

We talked about anything and everything. He was so easy to talk to. It must have been his smile and his gentle nature that had me so at ease. He wasn't a sleeze like some men, and although, he did have a one track mind, he was a complete gentleman about it. We had to lean in to hear each other over the off key karoke. He kept telling me how good I smelled. That's when he asked if he could kiss me.

Lordy, did that man take my breath away! His kisses were deep, passionate,wet and full of swirling tongue! He left me breathless and wanton, like a teenage girl with her first crush. I sat and wondered to myself, what is a hotie body like him doing kissing me?? But, I didn't wonder for very long. His soft hands traced the almost finished dragon tattoo on my right breast. He didn't ask to touch, it kind of just happened. But I didn't mind. I wanted him to touch me.

It was obvious he was wanting more too. He kissed me again, letting me rest my hand high up on his thigh. The bar lights came on and they announced closing time. We headed out and even though his car was parked in a different lot across the street, he walked me to my car. I was going to drive him to his car and then follow him home to continue our conversation. But it just wasn't meant to happen. My car wouldnt start. He ran to get his car and tried to give mine a jump. It just didn't want to turn over. So he called AAA. We waited for nearly two hours for them to show up, but it was a very hot and intense two hours.

He pinned me against the car, kissing me so deeply the Monroe piercing I had, came out of my lip. Now, I need to get it re-pierced. He ran his hands up and down my body, stopping at my halter top. Pulling both sides free and exposing my breasts. He dipped his head down to taste of my dark nipples. Sucking softly at first. Running his tongue in circles around my nipple. Then taking it in his mouth and biting the tip of it. He kissed me all over, I thought my legs wouldnt hold me up.

I lifted his shirt, revealing his tight,tanned tummy. Oh God, this man was my personal Adonis for the night. I licked every inch of his rock hard abs, swirling my tongue around the itty bitty nipple piercing he had. I cupped his package, but it was so cramped up in his jock strap it didn't have room to get hard. But my goodness it felt good in my hand! I know he wanted me, and I wanted him too. I was wet with excitement.

But,we were directly under a street light. And although I'm adventurous, there was still a small part of me that was afraid of getting caught. The tow truck finally showed up,got my car going and off they went.

Surfer boy and I kissed our good byes, but he insisted he follow me most the way home. Wanting to make sure that my car didn't die on me while I drove home. He was a gentleman in every respect and truly my knight in shining armour. Even though we said good bye that night,we met the next day and had our fun. Be sure to watch the video of me with the Golden Surfer.

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