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Fisting my husband for the first time

The other night my husband and I got together and we were exploring with new things. Lately my husband has been trying to get me used to idea of fisting him. we started out with our rather large dildo to prep him and open him up. This dildo is a bit large, so it takes a while for me to work this into his ass I usually take it slow to work it into his ass. once i can slide this big dildo in and out of my man's ass with ease i put it aside and began entering him with my fingers.. At first,starting with 3 fingers and sliding my hand to the side and slowly working his ass till I can get in another finger, and yet another. While my husband is reeling begging for more and for me to dig deeper and deeper. Seeing my husband so turned on excites me and drives me to want to get all five fingers inside him. We have done this a few times now where i have had my whole hand up inside my husbands ass turned to the side and i have gotten very deep into my mans ass this way. My husband was loving it so much he was taking his hands and driving my hand and wrist deep into his ass. When my husband let go of my arm and gave me back control I finally had the nerve to turn my hand and ball it into a fist. At first my husband made such an outcry of utter pleasure I thought it was pain so I pulled out right away. But he told me it wasn't pain it was pleasure so I entered him again and once again made a fist. My husband tells me he has Anal orgasms, and when I started to fist him he began writhing under my fist in orgasm after orgasm. This was the most sexy thing I think I have ever seen, it turned me on so much to see my fist inside him and have him cum so hard. My Pussy was so wet and it really turned me on a lot. I find so much pleasure in pleasing the person i am with that it was an awesome moment for me to see him go off time after time as I pumped his ass with my fist. Until he begged me to stop because he just couldn't handle me making him cum any longer. We stopped and started this several times. We caught some of our moments on videotape, and I hope some of you will enjoy watching this video. This experience has left me walking in a haze, off a sexual high for days I can't wait to do it again!!!!

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