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The Traffic Stop

I was taking my GF home one night when the red light came on behind me. I pulled over. This beautiful female cop came to the window and I gave her my license and registration when she told me to get out of the car. I got out and she searched me, cuffed me and put me in the back of her car. I was in a panic, I had never been in trouble before. She had my GF standing at the front of the car and opened the back door and asked if I had anything that she should know about. I told her no and asked what this was all about. She ignored my question and asked what I was hiding in my pants. I wasn't hiding anything and was starting to freak out a little. She told me to get out. When I was standing she undid my pants and let them drop. I was standing there in my shorts, handcuffed. She started patting my crotch saying Well Well What is this here. My cock started to fill with bl**d as she stroked my cock thru my shorts. Next thing I know this cop is on her knees sucking on my cock. I look over and my GF is standing at the front of the car watching. I can't control it and shoot a load down her throat. She gagged a little but swallowed most of it. Leaving me there with my pants at my anklea she went over to my GF and start talking to her. My GF is handcuffed also and the cop pushes her pants down. And starts rubbing her pussy. As I watch this my cock starts rising again. The cop bends my GF over the hood of the car and is fucking my GF with her baton. Being handcuffed and unable to walk all I can do is stand there and watch. My cock is raging hard by now. The cop comes over and pulls me over and tells me to fuck my GF. I step behind her and the cop positions my cock at my GFs pussy. It slips in easily. I move in and out. It is hard being handcuffed. But I am sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. She cums I feel her pussy quivering all over my cock. I look over and realize the cop is rubbing her pussy. My head is spinning. I am handcuffed fucking my GF while this beautiful cop watches and masturbates. I shoot a load deep in my GF. When I step back the cop licks our juices off my cock and proceeds to bury her face in my GFs pussy licking her and tongue fucking her. After she gets alot of cum out of her she pulls her up and kisses her on the lips letting our mixed juices enter my GFs mouth. What a sight that was. When they are done kissing the cop unhandcuffed both of us and tells us that we better not tell anyone about this traffic stop. We agree. I knew I was set up when my GF walked over and kissed the cop again, and Said Thanks Aunt Stef. You just fulfilled my fantasy. We try to reenact the fantasy when we can.

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