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Bbw - coffee n cream

BBW Curious II -Coffee with Leah

It’s been a little over three weeks since my steamy encounter with Leah. In that time, I just seem to keep playing the mind fuck tapes of that night in my head. I realize I certainly surprised myself in many ways that night. One, I never thought I would be so turned on by what one would consider a plump/full figured woman- Two, I never had an experience that brought out such raw uncontrollable passion, and three, I cant believe I don’t even feel guilty about cheating on Sarah with her roommate. The last few times I picked Sarah up at her dorm, conveniently, Leah has been either, not home, or consumed with her studies and requested not to be disturbed. I started to feel like she was just going to avoid facing me all together.
One night Sarah and I were heading out for a nightcap, and in conversation I asked how Leah was doing. “Well” Sarah states, “How’s she doing?” she doing FAT she says” that’s how, just Fat!” I mention that she really shouldn’t pick on her weight, that some people are challenged in that area. “Challenged” she quips, yeah maybe by Ben and Jerry!” I drop the subject quick, and can’t believe how heartless Sarah is toward Leah. Later that week, I dropped Sarah off at her cocktail waitress Job in town, and stopped for a Beer at my usual sports bar. After a few beers, I figure I better head home early, as tomorrow I have a work presentation in the morning. On arriving at my truck, I notice a note folded up under my driver side windshield wiper. It reads- “We need to talk, I’ll be at “The Cup” at 8:00pm if your available- Leah. I must say I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the note. It sounded rigid, like I was in trouble, and I’m sure I was, in one-way, or another.
As I walked in to The Cup, I see the back of Leah’s shiny hair. She is sitting all the way in the last booth. She was facing the wall. I found this a little strange, but maybe she didn’t want me to see her face until I was right in front of her. I tap her on the shoulder and she greets me with her beautiful smile. This time though, her smile seems to have a touch of concern to it. I ask her, “How are you?” and she returns “OK”. Her tone is flat and lacks feeling. I ask her “how is school?” she says “ Schools, School, and then mentions she likes my shirt. I say “thanks”, and an empty silence takes over the table. She is looking down fumbling with a sugar packet. I ask her if she would like a coffee? She says, “to late for Java, maybe just a hot chocolate”. I grab some coco for her with cream on top and a decaf for myself. I put the tasty treat in front of her. She says, ‘Yummy, cream-nice touch”. She takes a spoon and pushes the cream out of the way and takes a sip. Leah has little cream on her upper lip and all I can think of is how much I want to kiss it off. She is wearing a black V-neck blouse with a purple lace bra that is coddling her cleavage perfectly. She looks up, and with those big brown eyes says, “OK, I’ll start”. “I can’t stand being around Sarah ever since that night, I feel terrible”. She says, quite frankly Sarah’s a bitch, and I never felt she deserved you, but honestly no one deserves being cheated on. I agree, on all counts, I say. Leah now confused says, “even about the bitch part?” Yes, Leah listen to me, women like Sarah are all bitches. They get their way because they are beautiful, strong and self consumed. Some men like that. Unfortunately, women like Sarah eat most men alive. My relationship with her will certainly have a shelf life. As soon as she has her degree, she will be moving on to find her place in the big city. She will then proceed to slowly distance herself from me as she looks for her marrying man. He will be a Schlep that makes more money than he has mind, and he will fall prey to Sarah’s good looks, eye for style, and phony personality. On their third date she will surprise him in the front seat of his car by sucking his cock as deep down her hungry throat as humanly possible, and she will seal the deal by swallowing every drop of his unsuspecting hot cum. He will have his looker and his hooker all in one neat package, and she will have a Diamond on her hand not soon after. “If you know this, why do you stay with her”? Leah says. Leah, I know this is hard for most women to understand, but Men love competition, as in trophies, Sarah is the typical trophy girlfriend. Honestly Leah, lets not talk about my situation with Sarah, I’m more interested in how you have been feeling about that night. Leah goes silent. She looks past me at the wall, and says, “ It was amazing, but we can’t ever let that happen again.” “Yes, it was amazing Leah, I couldn’t believe how powerful the passion was. I guess lets just blame it on the moon and move on.” I reached out my hand and took hers. Looking right in her bedroom eyes, I said those always-condescending words, “Lets just be friends”. She smiled a half smile, and slide down in her in her booth. Her foot bumped my leg and I looked down to see her pretty toes all painted red and perfect. Just then my spoon fell, and as I bent down to pick it up I peaked at those wonderfully thick and silky tan legs. She was slumped down in her seat and those healthy gams were very much on display as her skirt awkwardly was riding up her ass from the edge of the bench. I felt my cock start to fill my shorts and wiggled a bit so it wouldn’t pinch. There was that silence again, but this time it was almost sensuous, and we both felt it. We felt that sneaky little bell ringing in our bellies……that delicious desire that steals all reason away. I break the silence by asking her if she is going to lick the cream off that coco before it disappears. She says, “Of course that’s the best part, want some. I take my finger and dip some cream off the cup. Just as I lift my hand up, she takes and sucks my finger in her sweet mouth, cream and all. She slowly licks the cream off and then sucks my finger deep within her warm mouth. I feel her full wonderful wet lips sucking me in. Her eyes change, and I can see a spark of dangerous raw emotion has paid us another visit. As I pull my hand away she giggles in delight. Leah kicks her heels off under the table, and then slides down placing her sexy feet right between my legs. I feel my cock start to harden under the pressure of her wiggling toes. She says, “I really think I’m going to enjoy this being friends thing Serg”. Walking her fingers across the table she takes my hands and just starts caressing them. She says to me, “don’t you think that hands are the most amazing things”. My palms are very sensitive”, she says. Oh really, and I flip her left hand over and start to work small circles in the tender part of her palm. Leah slips her other hand under the table between her legs. Now I’m very grateful at this point that she is facing the wall, and I can see all the customers at the tables before me. I wouldn’t want anyone to get any idea on where our little coffee shop visit was taking us. She licks her lips to clean coco off the edges and says, “Wow Serg the way your touching my hand is amazing”. I keep running little circles in her palm with my index finger. She pushes her feet harder into my crotch and I can tell now that her other hand is between her chubby little thighs. She keeps wiggling her fingers and her toes as I continue working those naughty little palm circles. My cock is in full bulge and I’m afraid the head is finding its way up and behind my belt. I can feel the slippery precum dripping down between my ass. I look her in the eye saying “ Leah you’re being a naughty girl again”. She say’s, “ Yes I am, I am a very naughty Girl”. Just then she takes a quick breath and her legs push hard, she goes rigid…….mmmmm she says. Keep doing that baby; I think I could cum this way. I stay busy working those little magic circles in her palm. Her toes are now curling and wiggling, her eyes close and her mouth is half open. We continue with a little more fervor. All of a sudden She whispers, ah huh, yes, ah huh, yes, oh yes, yes, yes mmmmm she bites her lips and goes rigid again. This time she is no doubt Cumming. It feels like time stands still as she looks me in the eyes with her mouth open now gasping back a sensuous breath of relief. We both sit very still for a moment and take in what just happened. Her hand moves up on the table. She smiles at first, eyes half rolled back, and then produces a very naughty grin. I move her feet and adjust my now twitching member. We are sitting hand and hand facing each other. She is wiggling slightly and a little shudder is evident in her body, as the after waves still move through her. Slowly she looks up at me and says “ Kiss me, please just kiss me”. I oblige her and kiss her firmly on the lips. My cock is now raging in my pants. My mind is spinning trying to digest what just transpired. Leah starts to laugh and I laugh with her as if to sharing a joke. Oh my god I’m thinking, this is the hottest girl I’ve ever met. She has me much more turned on than anything I ever could have imagined. We talk for a little while longer and try to compose ourselves to walk out. I look at the clock and see that I have only a few more hours before Sarah’s shift is over and I have to pick her up from work. I ask Leah if she drove our walked. She mentions she walked, as “The Cup” is only just down the hill from her dorm. I give her a ride home and there is just silence in the truck. She asked me if I would like to come in for a few, and I say sure. This all seems so strange considering the hot and crazy moment we just shared. It was like we were just returning from a quick coffee, that’s all. We walk in and she goes straight for the ladies room. When she’s out of the room, I adjust myself, grab a beer, and take a seat on the couch. Yes, the couch, right were this whole thing started last time. Leah comes out of the ladies room, and to my surprise walks right by me and sits at her desk. Her back is facing me. I sit there for a minute as she fumbles through some papers on her desk. I ask her if she’s ok. “Yes I’m fine Serg, why?” just curious I say. She is still facing away from me. I now stand behind her and touch her shoulders and run my fingers down through her silky hair. She arches back and I grab her shirt and slip it off over her shoulders. Slowly I unhook her bra and release her beautiful full breasts. Standing behind her, letting her feel my warm breath on her neck, I take my strong hands and I softly cup her big matinee melons, just slowly touching, lifting, and feeling the very weight of them. She coos in pleasure arching even further back turns her head to suck my mouth into a wild lip lock. I kiss her neck and sit her back down in the swivel chair. Spinning her around I now start kissing her now naked big horny wanting tits all over starting at her underarms and moving across to her cleavage, taking time to suck, pinch, and entice her nipples along the way. Her breath is now quick and I can smell her sweet honey juices boiling in her panties below her skirt. My head slowly works down to her belly kissing her chubby rolls, tops of her thighs, and I snack my way down to her pretty little toes. “Oh yes” she moans, oh my yes, yes”. Leah always took very good care of her fingers and toes. They were always painted and pretty. I find that very sexy in a woman. I softly kissed the top of her feet as her toes wiggled with pleasure. With my sure hands, I grabbed both ankles holding her legs up and spread. Leah's candy apple panties were well soaked through by now, and She had that please fuck me look on her face. This evening will be different than our first time, as I will take my sweet naughty time with her. By the time my ripe cock finds a home in that sex starved pussy, her pleasure will be pure anticipated relief that finally her aching pink vagina has a big throbbing muscle filling it and pushing the creamy juice right out of her. I want to feel every orgasmic blissful contraction when she finally erupts. Slowly I kiss and lick a tasty road down her beach tan legs to her simmering sweet middle. I can see the little bump her aroused clitoris is making under her wet panties. I bring my mouth as close to her panty-hidden pussy that I can without touching, and I just let her feel my warm sweet breath through the thin silk. She is rotating her hips now uncontrollably as to make contact. I wrap my arms around her and carry her soft curvy body to the couch. I spread her legs and rest her feet on the coffee table so she can relax. Now between her legs, I kiss and tongue Leah's sweet puckering flower through her panties. I have always been turned on by seeing bigger women with her legs spread. Their thighs are always thick and full and their calves are typically nice and round below the knees. But the best part is how that nice thick thigh slowly tappers past the calves and forms a sexy slim ankle. Oh yes, so very fuckable indeed. Her swelling flower looks like it just wants to kiss back. I do this for sometime and Leah is moaning, twisting and whispering ... Oh please fuck me, pretty please, please Serg fuck me, fuck me. I notice a pair of scissors on the coffee table and carefully pulling her stuck panties off her juice covered pussy, I cut straight through the middle, exposing her very ripe and wet delicious pedals and pink candy clit. Her breathing is fast and I lick once right between her lips , up with my tongue and circle a bit around her clit and then start to suck on it nice and hard. Oh, oh, oh she gasps and Leah erupts in an another uncontrollable series of orgasmic contractions.... Her clit dances and pussy seems to applaud in a pulsing and quivering dance. From the deep of her belly she moans, sounding almost primal. She slumps back in the couch. I give her time to regroup, as I pull my pants off and let my erect cock spring free for the first time. She reaches out and wraps both of her smooth hands around it and runs the whole length of my cock and back. She leans forward and circles the head with her tongue. She nibbles and licks the tip and f***es as much of it in her mouth as she can. Oh her mouth is so warm, wet, and wild. She lays back again with her knees up and says, " I want that wonderful cock in me, please, let me feel it deep inside me. With her ankles in my hands I just sneak the full head in and just rock back and forth a bit. Oh her heat is fantastic, it just draws me in. I'm helpless now; her hot hole is so amazing. It is slick with passion. I slowly slip it all the way in, making it last until I feel the head bump the very back of her wet puckering pocket. I try not to move, but my hips won't have it. I have to fuck her. I just can't help but fuck, and fuck. In and out, in and out, hard and fast. She chirps and cums again moaning and cooing in such primal pleasure.” Oh yes, mmmmm Oh yes again she says”. I'm just dancing inside her, getting so built up and so extremely hard. She feels so tight around me. I'm on the edge. I look up into her eyes.... Oh shit ...oh. oh… I'm Cumming! I pull out and shoot long hot wads of cum all over her tan cleavage. The bl**d rushes to my head and an evening worth of built up sexual tension just splatters all over her sweet chubby body. We embrace. I start to laugh and she joins, "Oh my, you fuck me so silly Serg” she says. “It’s like I’m in a trance”. We lay quiet. I look up at the clock. Oh crap! I was supposed to pick Sarah up 10 minutes ago. I gotta go! We stare at each other for a moment, and then I reach for my pants. To be continued…….


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