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My Dad's Boss Part 2 -True Story-

(Note: I was reading over my dads boss part 1 and I realised theres a few spelling mistakes I'm sorry about that I have dyslexia and it took me a while to write this due to that so I'm sorry if there are spelling mistakes Thank You)

The little (big) voice inside my head must of grew stronger cause I realised I had just kissed my dads boss.
I pushed him away and head to the door trying to quickly unlock it but before I could he grabbed my arms and roughly pinned me to the wall, he smirked and whisperd in my ear "your not getting away from me that easy Joseph" he started placing gentle but very wet kisses down my neck.
He pulled me back over to the sofa and lay me down while he climbed on top of me he continued to kiss down my neck and at this point I actually started to enjoy it the gentle kisses felt nice and I suddenly found myself moaning softly and nick must have noticed this also as he started adding more pressure and roughness to the kisses he was placing on my neck.

He then started rubbing me through my Jeans I groaned in pleasure as my cock hardend and soon my jeans were getting very tight.
I notice that this must of turned nick on as much as it did me because I looked up to find he had grew as well.
I decided to give him pleasure in return and I started rubbing him he gasped a little I guess he wasn't expecting me to go along with it as I was only young and he was an older man.

He unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them continuing to rub me but now less material was in the way wich felt even more good.
I undone his trousers copying him and we were both in pure pleasure of the others touch we were both moaning and groaning loud and as I continued to rub him through his boxers he slowly pulled my pants down along with my underwear,
sneakers socks.

My cock stood straight up and he chuckled as I blushed with embarrassment.
He gripped my cock roughly and slowly started moving his hand up and down I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes tight it felt so good.
He went faster and faster until he was fully jacking me off and every secone he went faster the louder my moans got and I started breathing quicker but all of a suddent he stopped I looked at him pleadingily to carry on he just chuckled and stroked my cheek and whisperd "Soon my love let's get more comfortable".

He lifted my T-Shirt over my head and undid his tie and threw it some where.
He started to unbutton his shirt and took it off but leaving his open trousers on he leaned down and kissed my lips lightly and automatically my arms wrapped round his neck and then it dawned on me was I falling for him was I falling for my dads boss so many questions filled my mind and I was trying my hardest to answer them but there was one I knew I couldn't answer but I really had to know so I pulled away from the kiss and I just blurted it out "Nick do you love me?" He seemed shocked with the question I asked his eyes widend but then after a minute his face softend and he stroked my fairly long black hair and smiled "ye, I guess I do" for some reason this made me smile I liked the fact he loved me I felt loved for once and wanted.

He smiled back at me before gently kissing my lips he pulled back quick though and gave me a stern look and said "Joseph you have to promise me you won't tell your father about us about what we are going and what were about to do it has to be between us ok?" I nodded my head slowly and looked in his eyes he looked really worried it hurt a little that he didn't trust me but I understood and replyed properly "I promise nick I won't tell anyone you're a good familt friend I don't want to ruin that" He smiled at me looking releived and kissed me roughly this time fully climbing ontop of me and sliding his tounge inside my mouth and explored.

We were in a rough make out session when suddenly he pulled back and pulled his pants off fully and then took is boxers off along with his shoes and socks,
My eyes widend when I saw his huge throbbing erection to be honest it scared me was I going to have THAT inside me.
I admit it I had had gay sex before me and my life long best friend were very curious high school k**s but he was not as big as him.

He must of noticed my worried reaction and softly said "Don't worry baby I
promise I'll be gentle" I nodded looking up at him he leaned down and slowly kissed my lips and then down my neck.
He sat up and sat down at the end of the sofa and pulled me up,
He looked at me with pleading eyes and I knew he wanted some pleasure and I was more than happy to gove him it.
I leaned down and slowly started sucking on the head of his cock with was oozing with pre-cum so I knew he was ready for it.
He groaned as I slid my head down deeper and started moving quicker he held my head to keep me moving.

I sucked as hard and as fast as I could and I started rubbing the part I couldnt reach he really was big and I was allready chocking on him and I was hardly half way not to mention how thick he was.
He was moaning so loud by this time practically sreaming and after a few minutes he released in my mouth and swallowed every last drop he tasted good.
I pulled up and he smiled at me and thanked me for giving him a blow job I chuckled and he bit his lip I then realised it was time I suddenly got nervous and again he noticed.

"Joe you don't have to do this if you don't want to I mean I could help you release and we could stop there I don't want t push you in to something you do not want to do" he stroked my back and I looked up at him and in his eyes and I realised I do want this I do want him inside me I do want to make love to my fathers boss so I smiled "Take me Nicholas I want to be yours" He smiled and then told me to get in to doggy position over the sofa so I done what I was told and got in position he got up and walked to his desk and pulled something from his draw as he got close I noticed what it was lube.

He put the bottle to the side and leaned down to me and kissed my ass gently he opend my cheeks wide and slowly started licking my hole I closed my eyes tight and didn't hold back the moans cause this felt good.
He started sticking his tounge deep in my hole and then taking it out and putting it back in and continuing the routine.

He pulled out after a while and grabbed the bottle and pourd some on my open ass and hole.
He rubbed it in gently masaging my tight entrance lightly I smiled at his touch I was really enjoying this and I could tell he was to.
He slipped a finger inside me and I bit my lip hard I was really tight and it made me worry a little that if it was tight just with his finger what would it be like with that monster cock of his.
He finished lubricating me and stood up behind me he then pourd soe lubbe on his cock making sure evrything was nice and wet.

He put the bottle down and then it was time and I wasn't to sure if I was ready or not but then I felt him hold my ass in place and you know he stuck with his promise cause he enterd me so gently but my ass was even to toght for gentle and it hurt like hell I cried out a little and he was about to pull out but I stopped him "No Nick don't pull out let me just adjust to you" He sighed "Joseph I'm not to sure if you will you're tighter than I expected and it seems you won't loosen up" I wasn't listening I just wanted him "I don't care Nick I'm having you no matter what" He lisyend to me cause I felt his cock slide a tiny bit deeper in me and then slowly he slipped out then back in.

I was starting to feel pleasure instead of pain and soon I wanted more I moaned and whisperd "Faster" He did as I asked and went a bit faster and then a little bit more and then soon it was hard and fast thrust he was giving me I mouned loudly as it felt amazing he started moving as fast as he could and I was litterally screaming him for more he leaned down and kissed the back of my neck still continuing the thrusts.
I groaned moaned and screamed as he deeply put his cic in my tight wet entrance.
I bit my lip loving this feeling he was giving me "OH FUCK NICKY" I screamed "YESS UHHH FUCK ME YES NICKY FUCK MY TIGHT HOLE!!" He started going faster moaning as loud as me "uhhhhhh oh GOD Joe you feel sooo good!!" I started breathing quickly and I started jacking myself off as he pushed deeper inside me.

After about half an hour I was still jacking off and I felt close to releasing and so did he "JOE I'M CLOSE!" I started jacking off faster "ME TO!" he went faster and faster until "JOEYYYYY" He came inside me and then a like a second after I came to we both collapsed on the sofa breathing heavy.
I was full of cum mine and nicks his was pouring out of my ass while mine was all over my stomach and hand.
Nick looked at the mess all over me and laughed lightly as I smiled "I'm sorry if I went to hard Joseph" he said breathlessly "You just drive me wild I couldn't control myself" I chuckled "It's ok you didn't hurt me infact I enjoed it as much as you" he pulled me close to him and kissed me tighly and pationatly.

I lay my head on is chest as he stroked my hair hair gently I fel asl**p but the last thing he said to me before I drifted to a peacfull sl**p was "I love you Joseph...Nothing will change that"

And even today two years later them eight words stand by me and I still even see him he's allways at our house as the f****y friend but we know our secret and I'm pretty sure soon it may happen again if I'm lucky enough ;P

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