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First strap on / submission

A girl I knew a few years ago was bi and she told me that one of her main fantasies was to try a strap on on a man. I wasn't into it, she eventually talked me into it. I said yes if it was her AND her on off girlfriend who is hot.. Ihad never even had a 3 some before or done anything remotely this dirty, I had had my ass fingered a few times and didn't mind it so hoped it would be worth the pain / humiliation. It was shocking and I was nervous as hell, but exciting. I was terrified that I would get so nervous in front of both of them that i couldn't get it up or would shoot instantly and be over.

We arranged it for the next weekend, it was the longest week of my life trying not to chop too much. When they turned up the girlfriend was average looking at best but when she took her coat off to reveal a skin-tight dress I could see what my friend saw in her, she had an amazing body!

I got to fulfil a fantasy which was to have my hands in 2 different girls at the same time. I directed them on each other for a while watching them rim and finger each other and fuck with the strap on in positions of my choice. I fucked both in each hole, but stopped before cuming each time.

then it was my turn.......

I am a big bloke, 6ft4, 15.5 stone and an ex rugby player, I had always been naturally dominant sexually. It was very weird and submissive bending over into doggy position, but I was obscenely horny and would have done anything at the time to keep watching them eat each other out. They both rimmed me and took turns sucking me before going into me gently. It took ages to get it in even with lots of lube having never had anything in there. It felt weird, but amazing with the other girl in 69 position under me . The girl under me would alternate between sucking me and putting both my balls in her mouth roughly. i had her pussy and ass to play with right in my face and i love licking.

They swapped and her girlfriend lay in front of me and i worked her with a dildo while she used a vibe on her own clit. After a very short time she had a massive orgasm, soaking wet inches from my face as i was slowly dominated from behind.

The girl with the strap on withdrew and went to lick the post orgasmic pussy. They kissed slowly tasting each others juices then got into 69 position, I went into my friends arse while the other girl licked her noisily. i was going hard, but stopping regularly to pull out and watch the gaping hole contract.

Her arse contracted massively when she orgasmed, i couldn't hold back any more and pulled out to finish over the girl at the bottoms face. Holding her hair down and dumping a big load across her forehead, the first jet splashed down her nose and into her eyes and the following squirts came out slowly pumping out over her forehead. My friend licked if from her face. I was literally in heaven, cumshaws and watching my cum get imbibed are 2 of my favourite things!

They took it in turns dominate me, going all the way in and i was quickly hard again.

It ended up with the girl who initiated the evening taking me from behind, I was on my knees but upright with the other girl in front of me with my erection in her arse. The girl with the strap on was fucking us BOTH. Each thrust pushed me forward into her girlfriends arse as i roughly groped her tits and pussy. Squeezing nipples hard and holding her extended fingers and pushing both of our fingers into her pussy. I couldn't quite fit a fist in, but we got 3 fingers each inside feeling my cock drilling her arse on the other side of the wall.

The girl behind me stopped, withdrew and put the dildo in her own arse then got back to work with the strap on. It became painful so we swapped places, I moved to the rear of the strap on sandwich and I fucked my friends arse with dildo now in her pussy, double stuffed. She in turn fucked her mate in the arse with the strap in front of her.

I roughly fucked them both in the arse - it was beyond belief. I stopped briefly to make them get next to each other in doggy position and went in then out again to watch both girls gape at the same time. I will think about that view on my deathbed.

I was almost over, I got my friend to resume our double anal position, hammering them both selfishly for all I was worth. Before i orgasmed the girl in front removed herself and held her friends arse cheeks apart so as i pulled out the hole was wide and gaping. I pushed the girls head down towards it and i watched as she put her tongue into the fucked arse hole then licked my cock clean. I entered again and went full power, hammering in. The other girl got behind me and licked my anus. I was over and as i started to orgasm the girl who i was anally fucking lent back and squeezed my balls really hard as the girl rimming me jammed a finger in my arse roughly it gave me a massive surprise and massively enhanced my orgasm which seemed to last for ages. It was an amazing orgasm balls deep in her arse, I emptied everything in my nuts, it was the most drained I had ever felt. i made her squat over her mates face and drip my cum from her arse into the other girls mouth.

I have never done anything like it since, but am now very interested. I keep running into the other girl randomly near where I work and find our epic secret a massive turn on regularly wanking in the bog at work afterwards!

It was an amazing experience, but never done anything like it since. That level of filth and sexual openness was intoxicating. I loved the concept of being submissive to 2 girls who I was physically stronger than and bigger than.

I have been pushing for a rerun but in a more bdsm style or maybe go to one of the killing kittens parties and have a 3 some with people watching.

I will let you know how it goes and if I am allowed to going them again.

I would love to hear your thoughts

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