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The Stag Party - Part 2

The Stag Party – Part 2
Fitz pulled me roughly across the lounge and into one of the bedrooms, the buckle on his belt digging into my neck. He pushed me up against a wall and ordered me to stay there, legs apart with my hands on my head. He removed the belt, doubled it up and slapped my bare arse three times with it then made his way over to a large wardrobe. I winced more in shock than pain which made him chuckle “I bought a nice new ball gag recently” he said “You’re going to be the first to wear it”. What was I doing I thought to myself, my head was telling me to leave, to run through the living room, grab my clothes and flee, but my cock was rock hard in anticipation so I remained rooted to the spot. I heard the wardrobe doors open and glanced over my shoulder as he looked up from where he was placing a box on the bed. “Did I tell you to look at me” he snapped. “No” I replied. “No what” he said moving across the room towards me. “No Sir” I quickly corrected. He grabbed me by the throat and I could feel his hardness pressing against my buttocks. “You do exactly as I tell you” he said “and I said face the wall, is that clear”? “Yes Sir” I said “I’m sorry Sir”. “You will be” he smiled.
He returned to the box on the bed and I heard the lid being removed. Then came the sound of something metallic being lifted out of the box. I knew what was coming and felt myself harden even more. Put your hands behind your back he ordered. I did as I was told and soon felt the coolness of the metal as he securely clamped my wrists into the cuffs. He clicked the cuffs as far as they would go so I could feel them biting into my skin. “Are they tight enough my little white slave boy” he chuckled? “Yes Sir, thank you Sir” I barked. I had passed the point of no return – I was well and truly bound, my heart was pounding feverishly at the thought of what he was going to do to me. Whatever it was I was powerless to stop him dominating and using me to his heart’s content. He returned from the box a second time with a thick leather collar which he fastened on what felt like the last notch. I could barely move my head but I could feel how hard his cock was as he leaned against me. The next item was a blindfold and he pressed himself against me yet again as he deliberately fiddled with it. “You can stroke my cock slave boy while I get this right, I don’t want you seeing anything” he ordered. I moved my hands down and felt again, more clearly this time through the thin fabric, the size of his cock and I worried how I would cope with the size of it. “Take it out and wank me” he said. The blindfold was in place but he stayed where he was while I struggled due to the tightness of the cuffs to move my hands into position. “Where do you want me to put my cock?” he breathed into my ear as I managed to get one of my hands into contact with his cock. It felt huge and rock hard. “In my mouth Sir” I replied. “ Then you better start begging” he said “beg me to let you suck my big black cock, tell me how much you want it, tell me to fill your little white mouth with my big black cock”.
“Please Sir” I begged “let me suck your beautiful big cock; I want to lick every inch of it, make me choke on it as it fills my throat. Make me gag like the white cock slut I am. Fill my mouth and make me swallow”. “A good start” he replied “that was actually very good but you’ll have to do better” he laughed. “I need convincing further so I’ve a couple more treats in store to satisfy myself that you really want this”. He returned to the box, this time taking longer to come back. The next sensation I felt was coldness between my arse cheeks as he slowly started to work something hard into my anus. I gasped out loud which only made him chuckle “Don’t worry” he said “it’s my smallest butt plug I need to slowly widen your cute little white virginal ass”. I’d always baulked, even in my fantasies, about something going in my arse, so tensed slightly waiting for the pain, but the pleasurable reality surprised me. However I swallowed hard at the thought of how his massive cock would feel if this was his smallest toy. “We’ve got all weekend Boy; you can perfect your cock sucking skills while I work you up to the real thing”.
“Thank you Sir” I muttered and my cock jerked again in anticipation of what was to come: I wasn’t going home in the morning, he was keeping me here all weekend, tied up and blindfolded getting throat fucked before finally hopefully getting his gorgeous black cock up my arse. My Master, because that was what he was now, had returned to the box on the bed again and my next sensation was that of a round object forcing its way into my mouth. “The ball gag” I realised and I tasted the newness of the hard rubber as it filled my mouth. “You’ll not whine with this baby in place” he said with a chilling hint of a sneer, “I only tapped you earlier and you squealed”. I tried to make a sound but he was right, the gag completely muffled any noise I made. “I want you to really savour my cock when I fuck your mouth so you’re going to wait a little longer, and endure a little more pain. That way you’ll appreciate your reward all the more. “Your ass will be as red as the ball gag” he laughed. With that he left the room and it seemed an eternity before I heard him return.
He returned noisily obviously carrying something. I could sense his movement to the side of me. “Turn round slave boy” he ordered “I want a few stills first”. I turned to the sound of his voice and heard the distinct click of a shutter. Oh my god I realised he’s taking pictures of me and what did he means by stills first? He circled me taking pictures and admiring his handiwork: tugging on the already painful cuffs, easing the butt plug out then back in a few times, fucking me with it. “Oh that’s getting loose Boy, you’ll be ready for the next size very soon” he laughed. He ran his finger round the gag and wiped the saliva on my chest then slapped my aching cock with the flat of his hand. I jumped and tried to groan out loud but again the gag muffled any sound. Twice more he slapped me then grabbed my balls twisting them down. “I’ll see to your balls properly later” he said. I could sense him move away and due to the discomfort of my wrists and the pain of being slapped I didn’t realise he was behind me.
I was therefore taken by surprise when the first strike of the riding crop or cane hit my buttocks. I tried to scream into the gag in an attempt to stifle the sudden pain. “Good job I bought that new gag” he said “You’re a proper screamer”. “I think I’ll need the gag again when I fuck your arse. Thwack another stroke hit me and I bit onto the gag. I took six strikes before he walked over to me and started soothingly rubbing the area. Nice and red he said. “Its time for reward now, although a couple of adjustments are needed”
He f***ed me to my knees and moved away. Yet again I heard the familiar metallic clinking sound: a new set of cuffs, this time for my ankles. Again he tightened them so they bit into the skin and bone of my ankle. A short chain then connected the two sets of cuffs, severely restricting my movement. “I’ll just check that your mouth is perfectly in frame” he chuckled, confirming my fears that he was also videoing everything. “Oh that’s perfect” he said “ I’m gonna capture every gag reflex and every plea then on Sunday you’re gonna watch the video back while I fuck your tight little white ass. You can watch my cock slide in and out of your mouth while you feel it slide in and out of you ass”.
I sensed him moving behind me again and wondered if the reward he’d mentioned was more of the cane. Suddenly his hands were undoing the clasp on the ball gag and I breathed heavily as it was removed. Saliva was dribbling down my chin and I waited......

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