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The Best Blow Job In My Life

-“Raw Sex, For The First Time” (Part 1) chapter one: The Best Blow Job In My Life-

Mary smiled as she slowly sucked my cock while her friend watched. I grabbed Mary's head and started pumping my hard cock into the back of her throat. Lauren began to lick my balls, paying attention to both of them and pulling each nut away from my body slowly sucking hard. I was so surprised but happy that I was having the luckiest night ever. Mary swallowed roughly and smiled as I started to cum in her mouth.

"I need this" I said as the girls slowly sucked my cock, both taking turns tasting my cum.

I sat back as Lauren started stroking my shaft and sucking on the head of my dick. Lauren licked the tip of my cock and I swear I almost shot a load all over her face. I started to sweat hard as she sped up shoving my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Mary giggled as she watched Lauren bob her head up and down in my lap pressing the head of my cock to the back of her mouth. I could feel Lauren gagging but I was so close and I wasn't going to let her go.

"Uh, fuck" I moaned as I blew my hot load into Lauren's mouth.

Lauren gagged and tried to push away but I grabbed her head, forcing her down as my cock trembled. Mary covered her mouth and laughed seeing how much of a heavy load I had.

"Dam girl swallow that nut!" Mary said when I let Lauren go.

Lauren coughed roughly and spat some of the cum down but she fanned her watering eyes as she swallowed the rest with a smile.

"Damn Chris! You didn't tell me you were going to do that!" Lauren said coughing.

Mary grabbed my cock roughly and plunged it into her mouth, happily licking it with her tongue. My dick was already throbbing, but Mary was making it explode as she bit on the head and poked my dick into the side of her cheek, all while moving her tongue around vigorously.

"Fuck!" was all I could say as she quickly made me come with her sloppy mouth.

Mary felt the cum shoot in her mouth and started to jack my dick off onto her face, it was pretty sexy. She smiled as my cum splashed over her facing and shooting over into her hair. I felt my dick grow harder and harder as it throbbed in her tight grip, I didn't think i'd stop cumming as wave and wave of my hot jizz splashed across her lips and to her forehead. Mary smacked her lips hungrily and looked over to Lauren.

"Now that's how you suck a dick!" Mary said as she pushed Lauren and started to stand up.

"Hey ladies are we done already?" I begged as Mary started to wipe her face off.

"Chris you have to call me to have some more fun" Mary giggled as she took a marker from her pocket and wrote her number on my quivering cock.

"Better not jack off anytime soon" Lauren said as she left the bathroom stall we were all cramped into.

The girls left the bathroom and left my sitting, with my dick hanging out. I couldn't believe they had got me off so quickly, but I was still horny, I still wanted more...

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