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Moms Night Out (Part 3)

Things were good at our home. Mom was a very happy satisfied woman and I was happy living out any teen boys' fantasy. In addition, the large commission checks from her deals with Eduardo were about to start rolling in. Mom was trying to put away as much money as she could for my college which is why she kept us in this modest apartment these last years. By this time next year she would have my college paid for as well as the down payment on her dream home. She house she was going to retire in. Like I said, we were very happy and settled quickly into our new arrangement and relationship. A few weeks went by with me busy with school finals and Mom doing better than ever at work.

With the first property closed on, Eduardo had business up north and would be gone for several months. He threw a big party to celebrate another successful business deal, and of course Mom was invited with many of the business people Eduardo dealt with. Along with colleagues, Mom recognized a few friendly faces in George and Mike. The party was tame and professional until 11:00 when the guests seem to leave one after another. While Eduardo said goodbyes, Mom looked around for Mike and George but didn't see them. She finally went down the hall into Eduardo's bedroom and found them doing lines of coke. "Hi Marci..join the party" Mike said. "I think I will" Mom happily accepted.

To give a little history on Mom and me, my folks divorced when I was 10, and I went to live with my Dad as Mom was returning to school for her real estate license. After two years Dad had met and planned to marry his girlfriend of over a year. She would be moving in with her 6 yr old daughter. Since Dad was starting a new f****y, and Mom was now finished with school and working steady, she suggested I come live with her to start and finish my high school years. I think she also wanted to reestablish our relationship which had diminished over the last couple years. I loved her just as much but not seeing her as often as we would like, she was unaware of just how much growing up I had done. I had started puberty about a year before and with both a height and hair growth was really coming into my own. I even noticed a significant increase in the size of my cock. I would look at it soft in the mirror noticing any new hairs and development and one day I noticed that instead of my soft cock seemingly resting on my balls it actually extended past them and the head hung softly just below my balls. Mom and I got along well, I was doing good in school and helped around the house, even cooked meals. I had heard my Mom had a boyfriend while she was in school but it had been a while. I was unaware of any boyfriends while I was living there. She never even spent the night out..until Eduardo.

Mom then heard Eduardo's voice behind her "I see the real party has look like you're in the mood for some fun tonight Marci". Mom answered by wrapping her arms around his neck and sticking her tongue down his throat with her lips pressed against his. She finally pulled away and joked "I don't think I'll need the hot tub tonight...I'm wet already". All three guys laughed at that and definitely got the hint by starting to undress. When Mom saw George and Mike down to their boxers she got to work getting Eduardo's clothes off. She was not gentle and nearly ripped buttons off in the process. When all three guys were naked Mom looked around admiring the large hardening cocks before her, then looked into Eduardo's eyes and said "I wish Tony were here" with a look of desire and longing in her eyes. Eduardo just smiled at her and said "Would you like that baby"? "Would you like your son to see you take on all these cocks"? "Oh yes..I want him to see me being a slut..his slut mother" my mother moaned. "GOOD"! "Because he'll be here any minute"!

Moms' eyes widened when she heard that and Eduardo let her hang for a few moments before offering an explanation. He told Mom that he had called Tony earlier in the week and arranged for him to come over after the party. After he had heard about she and Tony after the last gangbang, and also fucking her with her son, all Eduardo could think of was getting her son to witness his mom being a slut up close and in person. He told Tony that the guests would be shuffled out around 11 and he was to arrive at 11:30. He told him the plan and that Mike and George would be there to reenact the gangbang he got so hot hearing about. As trusted friends, Eduardo had shared the tale of Marci and her son, and the guys were very excited to be part of the plan. Neither had ever seen a son fuck his mother and were salivating at the chance. While Eduardo explained, Mike and George were slowly undressing Mom and taking time to linger on her breasts, ass, legs and finally her pussy. Their hands were all over her and she had just let out a soft moan when they all heard the doorbell ring.

After peering through the peep hole, Eduardo opened the door wearing only a smile and a hard cock. Tony smiled and upon entering said "Looks like everything's working out like planned". "Even better my boy..even better". When they got to the bedroom they found Mom, Mike and George already on the bed. Mom had Mikes' cock in her mouth while George laid flat with his head between her legs and lapped at her hairy wet pussy. I watched Mom enjoy herself with the two guys while I undressed. Eduardo offered me an easy chair to sit in to watch but I wanted to stand on the side of the bed to get a better view. That way I could move all around too and get better angles. I stood there jerking my hard cock slowly and rubbing the leaking precum all over my cock to keep it slick. By now, Mom had turned on all fours and was still sucking Mike while George got under her on his back and continued to feast on her dripping pussy. Eduardo saw this scene and took his place behind Mom and stuffed his large cock inside her. He didn't mind that George was still under her or even that George started licking Moms pussy and his cock where they joined together. Mom was moaning loudly, or she would have been, if her mouth wasn't full of cock. We could still tell when she was cumming though. Her back arched and her ass and pussy spasmed as she came all over Eduardo's cock and Georges' face. George lapped up all her juices even licking it off Eduardo's balls. Neither man had ever played with another man before but neither were complaining. Least of all Mom who was now swallowing Mikes cum as he jerked and spurted first into her mouth and then lastly holding his cock just over her open mouth and chin. It was exciting to see the last drops of semen drip from his cock into her waiting mouth like a bird waiting to be fed. Eduardo got off on the view as well as he started to jam his cock deep inside Moms cunt and shouted "I'm cumming...take my cum in your cunt" He pumped his seed into her for what seemed like a full minute while Mom gasped "Yes...Yes...Yes". Eduardo slowed down his thrusts but kept his cock inside Moms pussy while his cum started to leak out around his cock. In his hyper sexual state, George just continued licking away, keeping up with the outflow of cum and pussy juice. George's face was wet and slimy from all the fluids when Eduardo finally pulled his cock from Moms pussy. When George felt it fall on his chin he opened his mouth and directed the wet cock inside. He cleaned all the remnants of cum and Moms cunt juice off Eduardo's cock before licking his lips and swallowing.

George was hard as steel now and his thick 9" cock was standing straight out ready to fuck. Mom saw this and got a renewed vigor and grabbed his cock and pulled him toward the bed. She laid him on his back and took his cock in her mouth to get it wet before swinging her leg over him and holding his cock at just the right angle to drop her wet pussy onto his engorged dick. She was wet and ready from the fucking Eduardo gave her and even with his large size, she slid slowly down his pole till she had him all the way inside her steaming snatch. I had been watching the whole time stroking at a slow pace to keep myself from cumming. I didn't want to be just a spectator in this gangbang, I wanted to fuck my mothers' well used pussy all I could. Mike, Eduardo and I watched as Mom pistoned slowly up and down on Georges huge cock. Her pussy stretched around it tightly and she let out a grunt every time he hit bottom. My eyes moved to her puckered asshole and I remembered how it felt to be inside her pussy while Eduardo fucked her ass. I wanted to know how it felt to be in her ass while her pussy was also stuffed with cock. Either Eduardo read my mind or wanted to see the same thing because he moved to the nightstand and removed a bottle of lube and proceeded to rub his lubed finger in Moms asshole. He had his entire finger going in and out quickly and knew she was ready. "You want to fuck your moms ass while George has his big cock stuffed in her"? All I did was nod and move behind Mom with my cock in my hand. Even though she was nicely lubed up, it was still a tight fit to get in her with Georges cock inside her cunt. Once I got all the way in I stayed there and let Mom and George do all the work with her bouncing up and down on his cock. I was just holding her hips and holding on keeping my cock pushed as far in her ass as I could. Mom started the orgasm train yelling "Oh Yeah..Oh Yeah..Fuck Me..I'm gonna CUM again...Cum with me...Fill my pussy and ass with your cum...Fill me up...I'm cumming..I'm cuuuuummmiiiinnnnnggg" Mom slammed her cunt down hard on George and just as her pussy started to spasm around his cock he could take no more and unloaded deep inside her womb. I could feel his cock expand inside her and the added tightness and the feel of his throbbing cock pumping her full set me off and my warm cum filled her ass. "YES..YES..Give it to me" was all Mom could mutter in her sexual haze. "Oh yes Mom, I'm cumming in your's so tight" I whispered in her ear as I leaned over her sweating shaking body.

Mom seemed to be locked between George and me, there was no where for her to go. Not that she wanted to move. We were all happy to lie there in that bliss as long as we could. I was the first to notice the movement on my right side and slowly recognized that Mike and Eduardo were preparing more coke. I was happy because I figured it meant there was more fun to come. I pulled up off Moms back and slowly pulled my cock from her ass. The head popped out quickly at the end along with a good portion of the load of cum I deposited into her. There was no way I was going to let that go to waste so I put my head between her butt cheeks and cleaned all my cum from around her asshole. I started to go lower and lick her cum covered pussy lips and Georges cock. With a lift of Moms leg, George's cock disengaged from Moms pussy and he was able to slide out from under her. I barely waited for him to be out of the way when I was under her and between her legs. She knew exactly what I wanted and clamped her hairy used pussy over my mouth while she said "clean Mommy's pussy my son..clean me good..lick all that cum out of Mommy's pussy..OH GOD YES..I"M CUUUMMMIINNG!!!" My gnawing on her engorged clit and the feeling of Georges cum dripping straight from her pussy into my mouth had driven her over the edge again. This just caused her to grind harder on my face. I wasn't able to keep tonguing her, it was all I could do to keep drinking. Her orgasm and juices had loosened the rest of Georges' cum and it slid out of her mixed with her sticky wetness. Even the rest of my cum was being pushed out of her ass and running down her crack till it mixed with the rest before coming to rest in my stomach. Mom collapsed on the bed and was wiped out. My face was a mess of cum and pussy juice and I cleaned my face as I watched Mom catch her breath. I went to the kitchen to get her some water and when she finished that we decided on something a little stronger. When I returned with a couple rum and cokes, Mom and the guys were doing a few lines of coke and feeling good. I was 17 and had done it a few tmes and took a line when they offered even though there was no way I could feel any more euphoric than I did already.

I drank my drink and watched all three guys kissing, mauling and fondling Mom everywhere they could. Her lips were passed around from guy to guy making out for a less than a minute before being moved on to the next guys lips. Her two hands were on two cocks making them hard again. It was hard to tell whos cocks were in her hands from all the movement and I think she started to alternate between all three. My cock was also starting to rise from witnessing my mom be such a slut. So many times I fantasized about it and now it was right here before my eyes. Mom had two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and was rubbing the head of Mikes cock on her clit. He was the one who spoke up first "Man..I have to get inside this hot pussy..I"m ready to blow my wad deep inside you". Mom looked over at me and my hard cock and spoke in her motherly tone "Awwww...I haven't had my sons cock in my pussy yet tonight..he really should be first". "No Mom! , It's OK, let Mike fuck you first...I want to fuck you last, with your pussy full of cum just like I found you that first morning". Mom squealed "Oh Tony, I love you...that sounds wonderful" "I want a train..and I want all your cum in my cunt"! "Mike..You're first"! I loved Mom being so f***eful and in charge and so slutty. As Mike climbed on top of Mom, she looked at Eduardo and told him he was next, that she wanted to save George for after the other two stretched her out good.

Mike wasted no time getting his hard cock inside Moms' still wet pussy. He started slamming into her hairy hole like a man possessed. Mom just wrapped her hands around his ass and hung on for the ride while he pounded her pussy for all it was worth. Mike shifted so he was rubbing her clit on every stroke and soon Mom was panting getting ready to come again. He was also able to get very deep inside her and started to swell as he neared his orgasm. He waited all night and now he was going to shoot his cum deep inside this hot cunt. We hardly heard Mike say he was cumming because of Moms squeals and panting. He held his cock deep inside as it deposited it's load. They were wrapped in each other and kissing one anothers necks and faces. Mike was sweating and pulled out of her warm sticky pussy and dropped on the easy chair. Mom took a sip of water and was ready for round two. She was insatiable! I guess the coke makes her super horny.

Eduardo was more than ready to give her more cock and Mom asked him to lie on his back. Mom kind of surprised us when she mounted him facing us so we could see his cock slip from between her fingers and straight into her messy hairy cunt. She leaned back and spread her legs so we had a clear shot of his cock fucking her frothy pussy. Eduardo reached around and started to rub her tits and tweek her nipples. Both George and I were mesmerized at the sight and were both stroking our cocks. It hadn't been more than two minutes since she took his cock inside her but when we saw Eduardo grab Mom by the hips and start to buck his hips off the bed we knew he was ready to fire his semen inside her. Mom felt it too cause she started yelling "Yes..Yes..I can feel it..Give it to me....Give me that cum". "AAAAAAHHHHHHH" was all George could say when he pulled her down on him and shoved his hips up as hard as he could. His cock was buried to the hilt in Moms pussy but we could still see his balls draw up and his asshole clench every time he gave her another squirt of cum. As Mom fell back on Eduardo his cock slipped out of her along with a steady stream of warm white cum. Mom had that glazed look in her eyes again and was breathing hard when George stood up and said "My turn again". He took her by the hand and helped pull her off Eduardo's spent body.

George helped her stand on unsteady legs for a second while he grabbed a couple pillows. He placed them near the edge of the bed and simply folded Mom over them with her ass at the highest point. All George had to do was spread her legs a bit and slide his cock inside her. That's exactly what he did. Moms pussy was so wet and ready that after two strokes George had all 9" buried inside her again. She was becoming quite fond of the feeling of his cock banging the entrance to her womb. Mom did nothing but lie over the pillows in a dream like state while George fucked her slow and deep. He had all the lube he needed with Eduardo's and Mikes cum still running out of her. I was still slowly stroking my cock waiting for my turn. George didn't last much longer than Eduardo and also grabbed Mom by the hips and after a couple hard strokes he slammed all the way home and let his huge cock send his seed deep into her cervix. Mom was almost purring as she felt George fill her yet again. He took two steps away from the bed and I could see Moms pussy still wide open and with cum running out all over. I couldn't stand anymore and knew that I had to start fucking now if I wanted to add my cum to Moms collection.

"Oh Mom...Your hairy pussy is such a slutty mess"..."I wanna cum in you too...I want to add my cum to your pussy Mom"

Mom was still slumped over the pillows on the bed looking back at me and I just stepped up to where George had just been and aimed my cock for her sloppy cunt. It slid in with a squelch and a burp of cum bubbles around my cock and Mom moaned as she felt more warm liquid being pumped into her. I was still hard and sex crazed and I flipped Mom over like a rag doll and shoved my cock back in her red raw hole. "I love your slutty pussy Mom..I can't stop fucking you". Mom was rocking back and forth with me until I was winded again and fell over on the bed. Mom just laid there almost u*********s with her legs spread and her pussy gushing fresh cum.

George was loving watching this stud son fuck his mother and he knew he had to have more of her sweet snatch. He dropped to his knees and drove his face between her legs and started to devour all that cum Mom had inside her. When she felt him sucking the cum out of her hole and flicking her clit with his tongue she awoke from her stupor and grabbed Georges head and held it against her steaming gash. George drank from her well as she shook to another orgasm. She was sweating and flopped flat on the bed when George finished licking the last of the cum from her asshole and pussy hair. For a guy who never ate cum before, he couldn't get enough. Or maybe it was Moms pussy he couldn't get enough of. After George was full he pulled away from her body and we just admired her worn out slut of a form.

Mom caught her breath after a few minutes and said she needed to get cleaned up. She disappeared into the bathroom and moments later we heard the shower running. The guys were still enjoying more drinks and d**gs and after a minute Eduardo said he had to pee. He opened the bathroom door and we could all see Mom in the steamy shower stall. Eduardo walked over to the toilet and Mom called from behind the glass partition and asked what he was doing. "Just taking a piss love" was all he said. Instantly, we heard the water shut off and the glass door opened with Mom looking at Eduardo and asked him "Can I help with that"? He knew Moms kinky mind by now and moved in front of the stall as Mom squatted just inside. We watched as he started to piss, at first a small stream, then a full rush all over Moms chest and tits. She rubbed the almost clear liquid all over her. Eduardo aimed down directly at her pussy and Mom spread her lips with her fingers so he could get a straight shot inside. He felt the flow waning and aimed the last couple seconds right at her mouth and she cooed as he filled her mouth with the last of his piss. "Mmmmmm..That was WONDERFUL"! "Does anyone else have to pee"? The three of us raced to the bathroom squeezing through the door together. That brought a giggle out of Mom whos eyes widened as the three of us crowded the shower doorway to douse her with our piss. Mike and I started almost immediately and drenched her from the hair on her head to the hair on her cunt. It looked like she was peeing the way it ran off her pussy. George finally let loose like a firehose and pee was spraying everywhere. Mike and I, like Eduardo before us, focused the last of our flow on Moms mouth and filled her to overflowing. She swallowed a couple mouthfuls but the rest ran down her neck and body. George was blasting her clit with his hard flow of piss while Mom used her hand to spread herself open and raise her clit directly into the flow. We all watched as the last of Georges piss dripped off her. "Ooooohhhhhh..that was so good". I don't know if Mom had ever enjoyed watersports before, but if not, she sure took to it well. I was already looking forward to adding this to our playtime at home. "Thanks guys" was all she said as she once again closed the shower door, started the water and finished showering.

The guys were all sitting around relaxing when Mom came out of the shower looking refreshed. "I hope you won't forgot me while you're gone Eduardo" she asked while she slid her blouse over her and started buttoning. He walked over to her and kissed her and told her "I will never forget you my doll". He kissed her again and Mom finished dressing. "I think we better be getting home Tony"..again in that motherly voice as if we were leaving a birthday party. She wanted me to follow her home for safety and I quickly dressed and said goodbyes to the guys. I waited for Mom outside to give her a chance to properly thank the guys which she did with a final suck on all their cocks. George was hard again and wanted her tight pussy again but she told him to be patient and he would have some soon. I followed Mom home thanking my lucky stars that I have such a wonderful loving slutty mother. I wanted to fulfill all our fantasies. There was nothing I didn't want to do. Except stop fucking her!

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