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Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW

It had been about fifteen minutes sitting in my car before she arrived. I was kinda nervous sitting in my vehicle in the parking lot of a shady motel .. mid day and all.

But I was desparate not to end up in jail for fraud and other charges including but not limited to Statutory **** (More on that later) .. Melody knew that and she was gonna exploit that fact to death.

I was her slave .. so to speak.

I was lost in thought when the sound of crunching gravel distracted me. I looked out of the passenger side window to see her Honda Civic pulling up two cars over.

I cringed as I saw the massive chesire cat type smile beaming at me through the window. The Large cartoony looking hazel eyes and tiny mousy nose with the Mrs. Claus type glasses resting on top of them... and finally, my skin crawled a bit at the shaggy mane of hair surrounding her face in a dark brunette corona.

The car actually tilted as she stepped out of it. There were some grungy emo type teens squatting in the parking lot as Melody stepped out of her car. Their snickering turned to audible laughter as the large woman defiantly stomped over to the clerk's window and paid for the room.

Her clothing ... a simple white ill-fitting long sleeved blouse and a dark navy blue skirt stretched to the max around her way too larger than her torso bottom. Her monstrous ass cheeks wobbled up and down as she stomped defiantly through the teen's laughter and open the motel door.

I considered putting the pedal to the metal and speeding off rather than step out of the car and identify myself as a "chubby chaser' by association.

Melody had stepped inside the motel room and was waving me over... a single chubby digit on her bloated hand signaling me "Come Hither" ... It was time for me to "pay the piper"

The laughter of the youthful squatters got even louder as it became apparent that "I" was Melody's paramour .. I did the "hands in the pocket, face cast downward" as I quickly entered the motel room.

Melody stood behind the door, slamming it as I entered ... She ignored me momentarilly as she peered out into the parking lot from behind the cheap grime covered curtains that were hung from the single small window in the room.

There was one bed covered with a cheap looking and filty orange frayed comforter. A rotary phone sat on the haphazard bedside looking table. The accompanying lamp was something I hadn't seen since 1978 in my grandma's house.

"What not good enough for ya ?" Melody's sacharine sweet voice had always annoyed me. She looked like a sherman tank, but sounded like a ten year old girl. I detected a twinge of angry sacasm in her voice. She was fully aware that I didn't wanna fuck her. She seemed to be seething.

"I'm cool."
"Whatever, that's as good a answer as I'm gonna get from you douche."

She was definately seething ... pissed off even though she had won. she was gonna get what she wanted today.

"Take you fucking clothes off, I aint got all day." She emphasized her point by snapping my belt buckle open with a aggresive flick of her wrist.

I slowly dropped my pants as she stood there watching, her arms folded across her chest. she was actually tapping her foot and staring a hole right through me.

I felt her chubby digits on my arms as she stepped up to me. i was afraid she was gonna kiss me and was instantly worried that I would upchuck in her mouth if she did. Melody pushed me towards the bathroom.

"Take a shower, you kinda stink."

I was kinda glad for the momentary reprive and quickly entered the small dingy bathroom.

" To make a long story short ... I worked as a teller at a local bank. Melody was my supervisor and she was more than a little infatuated with me. Unfortunately, I wasn't inot the "BIG GIRL" thing. There was no way in HELL she was ever getting a piece ... That is, until I completely fucked up. I had been trying to get into the pants of one of bank's customers for weeks ... I was successful to a certain degree .. but unfortunately for me, the girl was an u******e criminal. She hit me up at my teller window with quite a number of inked checks, I was busted by Melody ..and blackmailed into a sexual relationship"

I considered staying in the shower until Melody got discouraged and left, but that probaly would have ment eventual prison. so, I sucked it up and exited the bathroom in a towel.

Melody had removed the nasty comforter from the bed and was laying face down in the middle of the bed.

The only bit of clothing on her body was a black thong hidden in the massive cheeks that made up her huge ass.

I slowly walked around the bed starring at the collosal task before me. Melody was laying on the bed starring at the wall in front of her. She had a strange melancholy look on her face.

"Look in my purse ... there's some baby oil in there."

I retrieved the oil from her bag ( I couldn't help noticing more than a few candy bars & snack cakes in there.) and climbed in bed (what was left of it) with Melody.

At her insistence I straddled her and began rubbing the oil into her back. Her huge shock of black hair had to be moved ( it hung almost to her waist.).

"Rub that oil on my ass moron." She hissed with a half sigh.

Melody had a big meaty all encompasing ass. I poured some oil on her buttocks and began seriously kneeding her cheeks. I was amazed at how solid and muscular her ass was. I took my time rubbing each cheek, running my fingers over the smooth flesh. Melody continued to sigh as I worked her pliant skin over. She began to shift from side to side.

It was like riding a massive wave as I continued my work, not completely retched out as I thought I would be. Rubbing more oil into those massive cheeks definately caused the heat in the room to rise.

"Oooh, that feels good. Careful I think you're starting to like it."

I hated that voice, not just the c***d like quality of it ... but the truth that poured from her thin lips. Melody suddenly shifted her weight half tossing me off her back as she rose on all fours. Suddenly I found myself starring at the Melody's gigantic ass ...spread out in front of me. I found myself looking directly at her vagina.

It was like a swollen peach half ... that the only way I can describe it .."seriously"

The back of her meaty thighs and just under her juicy butt were darkened like some tanning session gone wrong. I remembered a thousand bad jokes about fat chicks being unable to wipe their butts ... "that wasn't helping" .. I was puzzled momentarilly.

I reached out with one finger and touched the small inflated lips of her pussy.
A sudder ran through her body. I knew this because the bed suddenly rocked like an aftershock hit it. Melody sucked her lips and let out a low moan.

I felt motivated ... I wanted to make her react like that some more ... I don't know why, but I wanted to dominate her. Own her the way she had owned me because I'd fucked up.

I began lightly running my single finger up and down the slight slit in the center of her vagina. She moaned loudly and rocked back and forth taking the whole bed with her at times. After about five minutes of this, her fustration became apparent.

"What are you waiting for ? ... LICK IT !!"

SHIT !! ... I hadn't even considered giving her oral. I kinda figured that I would just take my pants off and poke her for about five minutes, fake cum into a condom and presto ... Dirty Deed Done !! ... Melody wasn't having it.. NO WAY !! NO HOW !!

I reached out with both of my hands, parting the giant butt cheeks in front of me, and this took some doing. The pillowy, yet sturdy flesh of those cheeks sunk in at the points were I grabbed it. I used a little f***e to part this huge bubble shaped butt... her vagina perfectly centered in the middle was almost a mirror image in it's beautiful peach like state.

The smell emanating from the secret place between her thighs was pungent in a half sweet sickenly sweet way. (Huh,huh maybe it smells like that because of all the twinkies this bitch eats ... huh,huh) ... I stuck my fingertip in her small puss and marvel at how tight it was ... her inner walls immediately trapping my finger snug in it's viselike grip.

I finger banged her ... to say the least, for a few seconds at least. Then i did something that shocked even Melody.

I sucked on my finger !!

That's right .. I sucked her juices right off my finger.

It tasted like ... I don't know honey. With some red wine mixed in .. yeah, thats about right... Once I realized what I was doing I stopped. Melody noticed.

"What's your problem ?... you're starting to like it !! I knew it !! Don't stop now baby .. Have some more.

But I sat there starring at my finger. Shocked at my own behavior. Unable to understand these contrary urges.

"Fuck it !! .. Let me help you out with that problem !!"

Melody suddenly rose up in the bed on her knees and faced me. There was a weird, angry half smile on her face. I couldn't meet her piercing eyes for long. I stared down at her breasts.

Funny, Melody had to weigh at least two hundred and eighty pounds ... but she had small boobs. they were barely a C-cup. Perhaps, a large B cup. I thought it strange. Melody drapped one of her arms over her boobs. I was tripping off of her love slime ... I must have been .. I noticed the small hairs on her arm, the perfectly manicured and painted nails. Even her hands were c***d like.

Melody suddenly swiped her other chubby arm at me. I was caught unawares and thrown into the flawed mattress with sufficient f***e. Before I could I react, both of her chubby hands were pinning my shoulders to the bed.

I looked directly up at her and waves of fear ran though my body as I realized what she was about to do. Melody emitted a soft girlish giggle as she pinned me down even further ... her boulder sized ass coming to a rest directly on top of my chest.

I was imobilized.

DARKNESS decended on me as she lightly shifted her weight on my chest, pushing her "cradle of life" towards my face.

"Go ahead baby ... have as much as you want."

I wanted to scream ... seriously ... but I didn't.

Instead, I was soon lapping away at her pussy like a frenzied little puppy dog. Licking the swollen lips of her vagina with abandon until they became so slick that my tongue finally slipped inside.

I began to run my tongue up & down the walls of her pussy like a man possesed. Melody ground her pelvis inot my face as I increasedthe intensity of my tongue's undulations.

"Fuuuuuck !!" .. was about all that came out of her mouth. Probaly the only thing that could come out of her pie hole considering the massive tremors running through her body. My face was drenched with her juices. I was worried for a moment that she would shift her weight unexpectantly and break my neck.

Suddenly, air suddenly rushed into my relieved lungs through my wide open mouth. Melody had lifted one of her oaktree like legs off of me and was kneeling at my side. The bed tilted in her direction. she gently touched my face, looking deeply into my eyes with what appeared to be some concern.

I was going to ask her what was wrong, but she placed her fingers across my lips effectly silencing me.

Melody lightly touched my chest, running her hands down my body.

"Quid Pro Quo ?"

She olled over to her side and got off the bed (The bed actually bounced a bit when she stood up... She had a massive stomach that jiggled quite like ..."a bowl of jelly" ..I felt a slight twinge of repulsion .. "I definately wasn't into the santa belly thing." .. Melody never seemed to take her eyes off of me as she strolled to the end of the bed and knelt.

She poured what was left of the baby oil in the palms of both of her hands and grabbed my average sized cock with both of her hungry little hands. Melody began to knead my balls and cockwith an ever increasing intensity. she took her time with my package ... stroking my penis slightly and kneading my balls in her chubby hands with abandon.

"How do you like that ?" She cooed.
"Uh, it's uh..great." Her voice didn't seem that annoying any more. It was actually kind of pleasant.

"Tell me you love this ... You love the feel of my hands all over your body." She half demanded.

I knodded ... it wasn't out of arrogance or manly pride. It was just that I was gonna explode a geyser of cum everywhere in moments.

Melody let out a sigh and gave my cock a angry, spiteful tug.

She was shocked when a small jet of precum suddenly spurted from my cock. She smiled and continued her massage mercilessly.

"The body doesn't lie"

Melody plunged her small mouth with it's thin lips down on my cock and began sucking all of the precum out of my torutred unit. god, it felt good ... Kinda like a mini-vacuum. My dick was already wrecked from her generous hands, but Melody would not be denied ... She greedily sucked and sucked on cock, all the while massaging my balls with loving attention to detail.

I ended up shooting another load into her hungry mouth ... at least I think I did. I never saw a drop dribble from her lips, and she kept working me over like a woman possesed.

"Stop ... please." I had to beg off. she was killing me.

"WHAT ?!! .. Can't handle it huh?" Melody seemed proud of herself.

She stood up and pointed across the room at the only chair in the room. She apparently wanted me to grab the chair, impatiently snapping her fingers at me. I slowly got up and complied. Melody snatched the face from me and slammed it down facing the bed.

She gave me another one of her strong armed shoves which sent reeling to the sweaty matted sheets of the bed. I struggled to sit up on the end of the bed. Melody had taken a lot out of me ... and she definately wasn't finished with me. On a increasingly less subconscious level .. I wasn't finished with her either.

Melody straddled the chair facing away from me.

I instictively knew what she wanted me to do next. I just, didn't know if it was her instincts or mine. All I knew was that there was a HUMONGOUS ASS on the chair in front of me. A glorious site ... The two distinct globes of her butt spilling over both sides of the chair.

"Fuck me... now." She cooed resting her small breasts against the back of the chair.

I was worried that the chair would give way under her weight.

I rubbed the swollen lips again with more vigor this time. They were dripping (litteraly) as my greedy fingers pried them apart.

I slowly and carefully worked my cock into her chubby box, first placing the head of my penis inside. Her juicy walls immediately converged on my cock trpping it snuggly. Once I had worked all of myself into her ... I realized my dilema.

There was no way I could fuck the shit out of her in this position. I was wedged inbetween the bed and my balls were touching the bottom of the chair. I didn't want to ask Melody to move .. but it was almost an impossible mission. I rubbed to perfect semi-circles that made up thesides of her thighs.

She seemed to instinctivly know what was going on and shifted her weight on the chair until she was resting on her hands. Bless her chunky heart ... =)

I began to fuck Melody.

"My supervisor at work .... who had busted me for cashing inked checks ..who had blackmailed me into a sexual tryst .. and made me the laughing stock of squatting teen emo's."

I began to seriously fuck the shit out of Melody.

"Not because I had to ... because I wanted to."

She had an extremely tight pussy .. to say the least. The friction of the frenzied love making I was commiting on her tiny puss ... was tearing at the foreskin onmy penis ... I didn't care.

No. I didn't give a fuck ! ... I just wanted to fuck this woman ..forever.
The sight of ripples running across her monster sized butt, my handiwork .. was making me fuck her even harder. I hadn't even noticed that Melody was screaming her head off as her reproductive system was rearranged by my rabid dick. I grabbed one of her arms and pulled it behind her towards me, my other hand pulled at the mane of hair on her head violently.

The motel room began to echo the sounds of her sweet cries and the THX style sounds of my pelvis slap against her waterbed like ass. Melody began to sound like she was fucking choking on the dick ... This just further fueled my lust.

" Cum ... cum, please." She uttered between thrusts. I didn't want to cum right away, this fat ass being just too good to let go to waste.

Melody pulled her arm free from me and grasped the end of the chair rising slightly to accomodate me as I beat her pussy to death. Now, it was a straight shot to her loins and I made the most of it. She buried her head in the seat of the chair moaning loudly, my thrusts making her sound like she was hick cupping.

I could feel the cum burning in the shaft of my cock and I let go of her hair to spread those prodigenous cheeks apart to plunge her even deeper. I could feel the cum traveling along the length of my cock ... building, building .. until ...


I pulled my engorged cock out of Melody and showed her incredible backside with what at least was two liters of cum. I actually glazed most of her massive cheeks with my undeveloped k**s.

I fell back on the bed ... spent.

Melody ? ... She crashed to the floor on all fours.

..and that's how we remained .. I don't know how long we were like that, but eventually Melody struggled to her feet and staggered into the shower. I remained on the bed, in my birthday suit no less.

I was hoping we would go again.

Melody eventually emerged from the bathroom, the towel barely covering her rubenesque body. I got excited the moment I saw her. I was immediately disappointed when she reached in her purse and pulled her large panties from it's interior (She had removed her underwear prior to arriving at the motel.).

I watched silently as she struggled to pull her used stockings over her plump,chubby legs. Silently despaired as she put on her cute little underwire bra and ilfitting blouse.

... for some reason, I wanted Melody to know how I felt about what we had done. I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. She turned and gave me a deep soulful kiss.

"That was fantastic."

"You know what the guy who took my cherry told me after we did it ?" She replied.

"What ?"
"He said ... I lost the bet."

She pushed me away and half ran out of the door.

Moments later... I heard her car pull out of the parking lot.

I silently dressed and exited the room as well. I actually looked back as I closed the door.

I was greeted with a small round of applause by the squatters. I sneered in their direction and this caused more laughter... Until I reached into my open window and pulled the trunk release.

My trunk suddenly popped open ...

The squatters ran out of the parking lot like s**ttered chickens.

mondotoken 06/06/10

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