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The Club part 3 - the dark room

Back to the club again, hope you are enjoying. This part will be about the time we spent in the dark room. because we did start to spend more and more time there... :-)

the room, as i explained already, is pitch dark, no light whatsoever. There are a couple of sofas, a large bed that can hold up to 6 couples (that's my guess :-) ) and some seats here and there. The central part is empty.

Now, I cannot tell all that has happened there, because my wife had to explain me after the fact what she did enjoy, I can only believe what she told me because after about 10 minutes in the room.... I lost her.... But I was "lost" as well :-)

So we entered the room, and start enjoying the smell and the noise. There were about 20-30 couples in the room. We could hear them clearly. A lot of people were in the centre of the room where seating was not to be found. So we sat on one of the sofa and i quickly got down on my knees to lick my wifes' pussy. She was already wet from the smell. But it was not what she was in need for. So she quickly got up, turned, and i started to take her doggy style. There was a couple next to us and the wife was doing a blow job to her partner. I ventured a hand on her pussy, she did react positively, so I got a finger in it and start playing with her. During that time, and thou i could not see it, my wife was getting her tits caressed by someone else. At one point, i felt my wife pushing me away. I got her message directly and moved to the lady i had been fingering. I quickly "got dressed" (condom) and start to fuck her. As i was at the edge of the open space, i felt hands on my back. Another lady was using my back to hold on while being fucked doggy style. I kept fucking the same lady and realized that the one that had been holding my back was not between my legs, licking the clit of the lady i was fucking. She was also playing with my balls at the same time. It did not take me too much time to cum. It was really hot. I tried to find my wife but could not find her. So i sat and a couple of minutes after, someone started to give me a blowjob. I did restart to get hard, she climbed on on the seat i was seating in and pressed her pussy on my mouth, i licked her in and out, my tongue flickering her clit. She moved on to someone else and another lady climbed on me. She was only interested in one thing, fuck herself bad. Every time i would try to touch her, she would remove my hands and just fuck herself on my dick. I was aroused badly. She came quickly and again moved on somewhere else. By that time, i was frustrated and someone again started to give me a blow job. It felt so good, but also kind of familiar. She climbed on me, took my hands, placed them on her tits and I recognized my wife directly. She kissed me deeply and I taste some cum, she had been busy herself, enjoying the room. we fucked each other badly for a while and got out of the room.

She told me later that she had been fucked by multiple guys, and multiple women had touched her, licked her and played with her. She told me it was one of the most amazing sex night of her life, i reassured her it had been the same with me. We went back home and made love to each other, we fell asl**p quickly after and woke up the next day with a big smile.

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