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F****y SLUT.PT 2

So i'm laying around the Trailer.just relaxing and playing with my always horny pussy.When the phone rings.I say Hello,He say Hi's my cousin from up the road.he say i wanted to come by and visit the f****y, I look down at my pussy which was twitchin,and said my pussy says come on over,he made a big YE-HI,i will be right over. we used to fuck all the time,he was the one who took my Anal Cherry.He didn't want to get pregnant.(as you know from Pt 1 my dad or b*****r gave a c***d).He opened the screen door and step inside,I jumped up ran to him and hugged him,and kissed him like i was wife.then I unzipped his pants and pull out his big dick.hell I had to kiss it and show it how much i miss him.I stood up and lead him to my room.I took off my T-shirt(no panties) and laid across the bed.he took off his clothes.Ilayed back and open my legs so he can see my wett pussy.he started to kiss my pussy,but I stopped him.I said my son will be home soon.lets not waste much time with oral i reach down between us and gilded the head inside me.***he is my cousin on my dads side of the f****y,and his wife is my cousin on my mom side of the f****y.So I asked hows my cousin ( his wife)he pushed all the way inside me with great f***e.I said ouch big boy,give my pussy time to adjust to you.I are you and her fighting again.he yea it's over the same thing.he was fucking me a little slower now,which felt much better.i sad tell me whats member how i used fuck your ass,i said yes.just thank thought made cum.he said i fucked her ass i time,and she promised when we marry i could fuck her ass anytime i wanted,now she wont let ready to divorce that BITCH.I was thinking while he fucking me and talking.The nerve of her I dont how many times I sucked her pussy.Hell she was a bigger slut than me.I had tuned him out by now and was working on my 3rd nut.I heard him say my wife say assfucking is for THEM DAMM QUEERS.I said some women like assfucking,including me.I said so what you like BOYPUSSY (Bernie Mac & Samuel Jackson in Soulman movie)I said stop for aa minute.I reached over and grabbed the baby oil and rubbed his dick with it.I turned over and greased my crack.i got on my knees and now fuck my Ass,You can pretend its BOYPUSSY OR YOUR WIFES ASS i dont care just fuck it hard and deep so i can cummm.after we finished my ass was sore,but he thats the price you pay to cum enough that wett my sheets it was worth it.i walk to his car.i kiss him. and told him to bring his son over later to play with me and my son.Can you imagine 2- 15 year old horny boys fucking me OH THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.Look for Pt.3

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