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Poke-Her Night

I was so excited to finally be moving in with you, in a new house...a place where we could start our life together fresh. We’ve had fun setting up house and picking out furniture, especially the bed….a king size, tall, cherry wood four-poster deal. It’s gorgeous, and we have a mountain of pillows to go with the soft cotton sheets. It was barely in the house and set up before we had stripped each other’s clothes off and spent an afternoon making love all over it….

We decide to throw an informal housewarming barbeque, and you invite only your closest friends, most of whom I haven't met yet. Some are single, some are married, and I enjoy meeting and chatting with them all, men and women both. I start noticing that your guy friends are all great guys, good looking and charming each in their own way, and a fairly close-knit group. I’m learning so much about you by listening to their stories, their jokes, their teasing back and forth, and I’m falling in love with you on a whole new level. Throughout the night, I notice one after the other of your guy friends pulling you aside, or slapping you on the back, and nodding in my direction, sometimes giving me a wink. I’m obviously meeting their approval, with some even flirting a bit with me. So I start to discreetly scribble names of my favorites on a wish-list I’m keeping in my pocket. One especially catches my eye..a quiet, giant black man, with skin so dark that it reminds me of midnight. He comes across very polite, but I caught him giving me that lean and hungry look more than once. The night ends well…with warm hugs and friendly kisses all around…and maybe just a spark or two to boot. There’s mention of “just the guys” getting together again in a week or so, watch the game, maybe play some poker….the other ladies dismiss it, but my heart skips a few beats in lustful anticipation.

After everyone is gone and we’re tidying up, I present you with my wish-list. Knowing me like you do, you know exactly what it is I’m after. You scan the list, and cross a couple off, raise an eyebrow at some, smirk at others. Together we narrow it down to about six guys…knowing some won’t be able to play along. You take me in your arms; kissing me…telling me how turned on you are by the idea of me wanting to fuck your friends. The next day, you start making phone calls to set up our guys’ poker night, making sure that our gorgeous black friend, David, can attend.

The week flies by, but I take the time to prepare myself…pedicure, manicure, shaving, trimming, moisturizing…you helping at times, all of it meeting with your approval. The afternoon of our exciting night I wear my make up a little heavier than normal, accentuating my eyes, my lips, and I wear my perfume a little stronger. It’s a hot summer day so I slip on a light, somewhat loose fitting dress; it’s short, only mid-thigh or so, and thin strapped…I’m braless, only wearing a thong underneath and the material is so thin it’s nearly sheer, but d****s becomingly over my breasts and hips…my perky nipples clearly visible. You pour me a glass of wine, while you watch me get ready…touching yourself, touching me, stopping me at times to kiss my neck, nibble my shoulder, suck on my pink nipples, breath in all my mingled smells, press your hard cock against my ass as I lean in to the mirror now and again. I especially love it when you reach under my short dress and roughly pull my thong aside to tease my moist pussy lips, tweak my clit, slide a finger or two inside me.

The guys start to arrive, not knowing what is in store for them this evening. You are noticeably absent, so that I’m greeting each of the four that could attend at the door. I’ve got a whole different vibe going tonight, the wine having a warm, relaxing effect, and each and every one of them instinctually picks up on it. I greet each one with a long, open, lingering embrace, a little sigh or quiet moan in their ear, maybe a sweet peck on the cheek. I deliberately press my body into theirs so they all know that I’m braless..some running their hands up my back to be sure. Each one reacts almost involuntarily to me, a tightened grip, a low growl, an inhaling of my hair or neck, a wandering hand….the chemistry definitely starts to simmer. David especially, seems more in tune to my charged vibe and lets his hands go a little farther than the others...cupping my ass cheek, brushing my tits with his palms, barely touching my nipple with his thick fingers..

The guys start milling about, talking and teasing each other, stealing long glances at me, eyes full of lust, then quickly, guiltily looking at you. You just smile….rub my ass, give it a healthy squeeze or slap so they all see and hear it. David is definitely on the scent, and can't take his eyes off me. He makes his intentions known subtly by adjusting his cock, or licking his lips seductively, hungrily letting his eyes wander over my body, making his desire known only to me. Soon enough you all start to settle in to chairs around a poker table. I busy myself bringing snacks, delivering drinks. Whenever I set something down or pick something up, I lean in more than I need to, the loose, low-cut top of my dress revealing the tops of my creamy breasts…maybe even a peek of pink nipple. I purposely lean across one or the other of them, so they can only see and smell me for that moment…I be sure to make eye contact, maybe lightly brush their arm or hand, rest my hand on their back or shoulder or neck. I occasionally drop something so that I have to bend over…giving a seductive peek of the back of my thighs, the curve of my cheeks… I hear sentences trail off behind me, momentary silence until I’m upright again.

Once everyone is settled I move behind you….putting my arms around your neck and shoulders, kissing your neck a little, biting your shoulder, while you play. They all pretend not to notice, but we both know they all do. Then I turn it up a bit, whispering in your ear, tracing it with my tongue, running my fingers along your face and and shaved head….someone jokes that we should get a room…you respond by pulling me onto your lap and kissing me deeply. They start to cheer you on…. I reluctantly pull away, give them each a seductive smile and offer to get more drinks…

When I’m out of the room they start commenting to you on how sexy I am. They start hinting at what I must be like in bed, and you give full detail. You tell them what I like, the sounds I make, how I react to different things. Then David says something along the lines of you being a lucky dog and jokingly, how the hell could he get some of that. You look him dead in the face and say, “Ask her. It’s fine with me.” I enter with more drinks before he can respond, but you give me a slight wink and nod that no one else sees so I know he’s our first player. So I really turn it up for him…giving him extra attention, leaning in much too close….locking eyes with him, running my tongue across my lips.

I move behind him this time….rubbing his shoulders, commenting quietly in his ear how he should just relax, giving it a playful nibble. I run my hands roughly down his chest, breath on his neck and I feel him shudder a bit. He nervously jokes that he and I might be the ones in need of a room….I move around in front of him and straddle him, taking his face in my hands and kissing him first lightly but then deeply. I feel his hands come up to my back, then move down to my ass, grabbing it with lusty desire. With my hand I move one of his hands to my breast, and help him squeeze it…hard. He moans, his body relaxing and giving in….and I can feel his cock harden through his jeans and my panties, against my moist pussy. Everyone else is watching, eyes heavy, mouths open, each man lost in his own fantasy world….I slowly ease my way off him and take his hand. He’s reluctant at first, but you encourage him. He stands up, raging hard cock clearly outlined in the denim of his jeans, and lets me lead him to the bedroom. You give it a few minutes and then ask the table, “who wants to watch?”

Chapter 2

I thought ahead and lit dozens of candles, some slightly fragrant with a relaxing, seductive, light musky smell. Windows are open, letting in a cool night breeze. The room is simply furnished, other than the huge bed covered with pillows of all shapes and sizes. I guide your best friend through the room and stop us in front of a large framed he can see us both while we start to engage. I playfully kiss and tease, nipping at his ear, biting his lip. He's easily turned on and picks up my mood, returning my nips and bites, both of us smiling and laughing lightly, the way lovers do between themselves. He tells me how lucky you are and how jealous he is...that if I was his he'd never share me. I say coyly, "Now where's the fun in that?"...he growls deeply and buries his face between my breasts...his big arms pulling me tight against his muscular body.

From the other room I hear chairs scr****g the wood floor, and I smile knowing that we’ll soon have an audience. David doesn’t notice, as he is caught up in the moment, his hands and mouth roaming my body hungrily. His hands are all over the place, up under my dress as you and the others enter the bedroom. He's hungry for sex like a man who's been wandering in the desert for years and it gets me insanely hot to know that I'm the one that will quench his thirst. My eyes meet yours over his shoulder, you are smirking, lusting, enjoying the show. Your other friends are all a bit nervous, but can’t help but take it all in…some of them adjusting and rubbing their cocks through their pants. I'm thrilled knowing that I'm turning you all on...that I'll get to feel and taste and smell each and every one of you....

David is still oblivious to the presence of the others…and things are heating up between him and me. I start to undress him, pulling his shirt off, unbuckling his belt and pants, being sure to stroke his rigid cock and cup his balls in my hands while I kiss his belly and hips. This drives him wild and he pulls my dress down over my shoulders as I step out of my panties. He finally notices you and the others in the mirror and freezes with surprise. I move away from him and come to you…you embrace my naked body, kissing and biting and sucking, leaving marks….and then you pass me to the person to your left. It clicks for David, and he moves behind me while I start in on the second friend. Both are tentatively kissing, rubbing, grinding… as I start to undress the second. They become more confident, bolder….I can feel how hungry they are through their touch, their glances, their kisses..their hard cocks pressing into my ass, my hands and mouth are busy touching and sucking, pulling and nibbling on anything within reach.

You slowly pull me away from them and take me over to the bed, laying me down in and on the mountain of pillows, having already undressed yourself. The remaining guys all follow suit and before I know it I’m surrounded by a mass of skin and muscles and facial hair and broad chests and a delicious variety of cocks…hungry mouths are all over my body, strong hands tweaking, pinching, groping, rubbing, massaging. Hands and fingers are stroking my clit, entering my wet pussy. I’m not even sure who I’m kissing from one moment to the next or who is touching me where. It’s electrifying and I let myself go to the moment, time standing still; I relish every touch, caress, kiss, moaning with pleasure every time someone touches my clit or pinches a nipple or jams fingers deep inside me.

There’s a momentary lapse in the action and I open my eyes to see you above me….I wrap my legs around you, and you prop my hips up with a big pillow. Then, you slowly slide your hard cock into my waiting pussy. I’m so wet it slides in easily and you start thrusting faster. I look around at the guys, all of them absolutely smitten with raw lust as they watch you fuck me, and I beckon one after the other of your friends to move closer and touch me, kiss me. Guiding their hands and mouths…I guide one hand to my clit while you continue to pound away, I guide another to my breasts….I tease a hard cock with my tongue…licking and lapping, kissing and sucking…stroking yet another with my free hand…

Someone suggests that I get on all fours…. I lay you down, and take my position above you….someone else enters me from behind and again I find a cock to pleasure with my mouth. I stroke your cock while the others have their way with me…. There’s moans and groans and growls all around me, and I respond in kind…sometimes a throaty moan, sometimes a wimper, sometimes begging to be fucked… and again I get lost in the moment…I’m aware that the guys are all changing positions but I don’t know who’s fucking me, who I’m sucking on, who’s touching me where. It’s literally a fuck fest with me at the center of it all….I’ve never felt the power of my own femininity and sexuality so intensely….

Chapter 3

Suddenly I’m brought back to reality by a hand sliding up my neck and a sharp tug to my hair. It takes me only an instant to recognize your grip. You pull me down on top of you and I straddle you throbbing cock….you ram it hard into my pussy and we fuck fiercely. I cry out, a little in pain, but more in ecstasy. Your fingers dig into my hips as you move me faster….David grabs my tits from behind and rubs his cock on my back, fucking it. The other guys are close, watching…I can hear their heavy breathing…they make lusty remarks, “fuck her good”, “make her scream”….”make her cum”….and I’m so fucking close. The new level of intensity has got all my nerves tingling and I know as soon as I let it happen I’ll be hit with wave after wave of orgasm.

I look at you, your eyes are burning with such intense passion that it sends me over the edge. I fall to your chest with the most intense orgasm rocketing through my body….your arms surround me and I feel you cum deep inside me, your thrusts picking me up,…..It’s so intense I’m nearly in tears. I hear one of the other guys groan and I know he has cum, too. After a moment or two, I roll off you, onto my side. You spoon me loosely, still catching your breath and sweating up a storm.

David seizes the opportunity and slips his dick easily into my swollen pussy, sideways. I’m really wet because I’m still full of your cum, so he is able to fuck me easily and f***efully. I feel your hand on my ass, and suddenly you slap it so hard it stings and leaves a red mark. I yelp a little bit and jerk my hips, and David responds by grabbing my leg firmly and pushing his cock so deep I feel it hit my cervix. Someone else lies in front of me, squirting oil on my tits and then rubbing it in. This guy starts to fuck my tits, his huge cock nearly hitting my chin on the upstroke. I feel you move away from me, and someone else takes your place, closer than you were, his arm firmly encircling my waist. He rubs oil onto my back and starts moving his cock in rhythm with the titty-fucker. It’s all I can do to lie there and get fucked three ways to Sunday, hard, thrusting cocks all around me and in me.

My eyes find you…at the edge of the bed, watching. You look calm, in control, and so satisfied. I reach my hand out to you and you take it and kiss my palm passionately, suck on my fingers, kissing my wrist, never breaking eye contact. My heart literally shudders with emotion and I feel another orgasm slowly work its way from my toes to my pussy. The three guys fucking me sense it coming and turn me so I’m on my back. Just as the last wave of pleasure rolls through my body, I first hear the groans and growls, and then watch as each one in turns finishes himself off, stroking their cocks in unison; David cums on my belly, the other two on my tits.

After a little while, everyone starts to come back to life a bit. The three others slowly dress, kiss me lightly, and take their leave. You start a bath….and you and David take care of me. You take turns gently and carefully washing me, sweetly kissing me, tending to my scratches and bruises. We talk quietly of unimportant take your time drying me off, David gently rubbing lotion into my skin. I’m exhausted and fall into our great big bed with all its pillows only to fall into the deepest, most satisfying sl**p of my life. Hours later, in the early hours of the morning, I wake to find that I’m snuggled between you and David both. Safe, warm, protected. You sense that I’m awake and embrace me; we are touching head to toe…and we make quiet, sweet love while David sl**ps next to us….his cock getting hard and pressing up against my back..

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