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A Walk In The Park

When I was 7 years old I was walking in the woods with my b*****r, s****rs, cousins and friends. We were playing soft ball earlier and had a picnic with all of our parents there as well.The grown ups stayed at the campsite while all of us k**s went for a hike. We were probably 9 -11 k**s. I was the youngest. They were all in front of me walking faster so I was trailing far behind. As we were walking, for no particular reason I turned around and saw this tall man walking not too far behind us and he was pulling on his dick. PULLING ON HIS DICK?! holy crap! I was fascinated. I never said anything to the other k**s as we walked, I just kept turning around to see, He was looking at my face while he was stroking his HUGE cock in a downward motion. It's now obvious that he was getting very turned on by me watching him jerk off He was aproximately 50 -55 years old, white, dark hair, short, and a creepy look on his face. I was just so awestruck to see this old man pulling on his dick while he was walking close behind me/us. I think I must have turned my head two dozen time as we walked until I saw streams or spurts of "white stuff" coming out as he walked. Then I turned back a few seconds after that and he was gone.I remember telling that story at the dinner table, telling the whole f****y that "white stuff was coming out of his dick as we walked" that's exactly how I said it too. Needless to say that the whole f****y stopped eating to listen.....

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