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Oh what a night - 2

Jason walked to me and I reached and took his cock in my hand and guided it to my mouth and started sucking on the head of his cock. His cock is so soft and I loved feeling it in my mouth. Ron was between my legs and was rubbing my cunt and slid a finger inside of me. Damn, that felt so good! He was fingering me for about a minute as I was taking Jason deeper into my mouth. Just as I was getting the entire length of Jasons cock down my throat, Ron pulled his finger out of me and I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my cunt. He gave a little push and I felt about two or three inches of his cock slide into me. By now, I had Jasons cock worked all the way into my throat and he started slowly fucking my throat with his hard cock. Ron started thrusting his cock deeper inside of me and after about a minute, I had a cock at each end of me. One was drilling into my throat and the other was starting to pound away at my cunt. I was having a great time too and knew I was going to do anything I could to make sure both of these guys unloaded into me hard and deep.

I was timing Jasons thrusts and had it timed so I could take in a breath at the very second he would pull his cock back, allowing him to drive deep into my throat without slowing down or stopping for me to catch my breath. Ron was picking up his pace and it seemed like he was in time with Jason and just as Jason would thrust his cock into my throat, Ron was driving his cock all the way to his balls into my cunt. This rhythm kept up for quite a while and I was in heaven. It didn’t take long and I waved my arms to let them know I was going to cum. Jason and Ron really started to hammer at me now. I started cumming and with a throat full of cock, I could only moan and was jerking my ass up to Rons cock wanting to bury it deeper. As I was cumming, Jason said he was going to cum. Well, he didn’t give me much time to think about what he said because as soon as he told me, I felt the first shot of his hot cum enter my throat! I wrapped my hands tight around his ass and pulled him close so I would not have to swallow and his cock would just send all of his cum straight into my throat.

In between shots of cum, I took another breath and held his cock as far into my throat as it would go. Ron rammed my cunt a few more times and yelled that he was cumming. Just as I felt Jason shoot even more down my throat, I felt Ron explode deep inside of my cunt. Both of them were cumming and it felt like I had a hose in my mouth and one in my cunt and someone turned them both on. Jason finished cumming and started to slow his thrusting into my mouth. Ron was still flooding my cunt with his hot cum, and I was still cumming myself. While Ron and I were still cumming against each other, Jason pulled his cock out and I opened my eyes to see him fall back on the couch. Ron would ram his cock into me and hold it as he would send his cum into me and then pull back and thrust again. Each time, I could feel his cum leaving his cock and filling me. I finished cumming about the same time Ron did and he slowly pulled his cock out. Very little cum ran out of my cunt when he did.

I had to ask Michael to help me up. I was so relaxed right then and still had more to go and the night was still not over. I grabbed my wine glass and started drinking it. I held my hand out for Michael and he took my hand and I used his hand to pull myself over to sit next to him. He kissed me and asked if I was having fun. I told him I was and asked if he was enjoying himself. He said that he was so far and then leaned in my ear and whispered “But I can’t wait to see Norris fuck you with his huge cock.” I whispered back that it might be awhile if Norris wants me to give him head first. Norris was sitting on the loveseat and said “I heard you doll and I do want that sweet cunt of yours.” I looked at Michael and since Norris heard what was said anyway, I said “Well there you go. Norris is fucking me and that puts you in my mouth.” Michael had a big grin and said he would be a little nervous that if Norris pushed his big cock into me while I was giving him head, I might clamp down and bite his cock off. I looked at Norris and said “So you can’t ram it into me if I have a cock in my mouth. I can’t bite my babys cock off. That is mine forever and I need it all in one piece!”

Norris asked Michael if he could get himself all the way into me before I started giving him head. I spoke up and said “Both of you have to wait a minute so I can catch up.” Paul and Jason were talking quietly to each other about how great I was swallowing their cum and I heard Ron tell them he was glad to be the first to fill my cunt. I was patting my stomach and looked at Jason and Paul and said “And there is always room for more in here.” Paul seemed a little shy, but Jason said he was reloading and will be ready soon and told Norris not to stretch me out too bad before everyone had a shot. Norris told them he will just open me up to make room for them. Michael started telling them I am tight no matter how many guys I have. I finally said “Hello? Do I get any say in this? I’m the birthday girl.” Norris laughed and said “Of course you have a say. You get to tell us how deep we can go.” I shook my head and said “That’s no say. I always want it as deep as you can!” Ron said “That’s the way I always like it.”

After resting up for a few minutes and drinking some wine, I finally got up and turned over onto the coffee table again with my legs spread in full view for Norris. I motioned my hands for him to “come on” and he walked over to me. His cock looked so huge and even bigger then I remember it. I said “What do you do? Tie a brick to it to make it get bigger?” Norris laughed and said he ties it to bumpers of cars and waits until the light turns green and tries to hold them from moving. Michael laughed and said “Hmmm. I should try that!” Norris told him he should always start with a small car like a Prius before moving up to a mustang or camaro. I said “You guys! Always have to tell everyone how big you are.” Jason said “Well, of course we do! I go to the bathroom and that water is awfully cold.” Norris said “It’s deep too!” I said “Yeah, yeah, yeah. All talk. Just give me that cock and I will be the judge.”

Norris started rubbing the head of his cock along the outside of my cunt. A little of Rons cum was leaking from my cunt and that only lubed Norris’ cock even more. He held onto his cock and started pushing into me. He only had a couple of inches in me, but damn, he was splitting me with that huge cock. I looked down and watched him as he pushed some more and sent a good few more inches into me. And from the looks of it, he still had a lot more to go. Norris was stuffing my cunt so full with his cock and I was loving every bit of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love any cock, but every now and then, when I get one that is almost too big, I am on a quest to get every bit of it inside of me no matter what it takes to do it. Norris held himself there for about a minute and was twirling his hips in small circles. I was raising my hips a little and gyrating under his cock. After it became too much for me, I told Norris I wanted to get a huge breath and I wanted him to send the rest of his cock into me all at once. He asked if I was sure and I told him I was going to get it all anyway, so I might as well get it all now and get it over with. Just as I took in a breath, he rammed his cock all the way in without warning me or telling me it was coming. He held his cock all the way inside of me so I could get used to having it all.

After my brain was able to regain control, I told Michael I promise not to bite him and waved him over to me and I reached back and took his hard cock in my hand and guided him to my mouth. Now, I had this really huge cock splitting my cunt and the cock I love in my throat and I was getting hammered at each end from them. I lowered one hand to my stomach because I was feeling a twinge of pain and I could feel the bulge of Norris driving his big cock in and out of me. The pain was not intense, and as I got used to it, I kept my hand on my stomach. I was enjoying the feeling of this cock inside of me. This made me reach my other hand around Michaels ass and pull him deeper into my throat. I couldn’t get enough of his cock and I was trying to get even more from him. Norris slowed his pace some and would pull his cock about halfway out of my cunt and then drive it back in and hold it. He did this for a few minutes and each time he would hammer his cock into me, he was pushing hard to bury it all.

A few minutes of this and I raised my hips up and started rotating in circles on his cock. I was about to start cumming. When I did start cumming on his cock, it felt like I was trying to raise my entire body up to him to get it all inside of me. I had my legs around Norris pulling his cock into me deeper and I had to stop sucking Michaels cock so I would not bite down as I was cumming on Norris. It has been some time since I have fucked Norris and feeling this huge cock spreading me and pumping so deep inside of me was sending me into a frenzy. I was cumming so hard that I was losing my breath. Just before I stopped cumming, I heard Norris say that he was going to cum. My legs were wrapped tight around his waist and my hands were all over trying to grab his ass to pull him into me, and all I could do was grab all over his legs.

Norris rammed his cock so deep inside of me and held it. I felt his cum leave his cock and start filling me. He started fucking me with short thrusts and each time he would get his cock all the way in, I felt his hot cum filling me more and more. It must have been a while since he has had any because he was really flooding me. Just when I think he about drained, I would feel even more. This sent me back over and I started cumming all over again. Michael was near me and was rubbing the sides of my face with the back of his hand and I felt another guy start rubbing my boobs. This just made me cum even harder. It seemed like a long time, but probably about two or three minutes and Norris slowed down and finally, just pushed his cock all the way into my cunt and held himself there. I finished cumming and Norris pulled his cock out. Michael stepped closer to me and as I was still catching my breath, I felt his cock against my face.

I opened my mouth and took his cock and begin to pull on him to get him buried into my throat. I glanced over and seen Norris sitting down and looked like he had just ran a marathon. I smiled knowing I just drained that huge cock of his and he seemed happy. As I was sucking Michaels cock, Paul started rubbing his cock against my cunt and I felt him slide into me. I was still spread wide from Norris and there was so much cum and he slid in very easily. He started fucking me very fast and hard. It must have really gotten to him watching me getting fucked by Norris because it only took about two or three minutes and without saying a word, I felt his cock explode inside of me. As much cum as Ron and Norris sent inside of me, I was surprised that I was actually able to feel his cock erupting and sending his cum deep.

About this time, Michael said he was going to cum and while Paul was still pumping his cum into me, I felt Michaels cum hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could and almost thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I never missed a drop and was getting filled with cum at both ends. I had my legs as high as I could into the air. I wanted all of that cum inside and didn’t want to lose any of it. Michael was still unloading his cum into my throat and I was enjoying every second of the attention I was getting from all of these guys. Michael finished cumming and so did Paul and both of them pulled back and collapsed. One on the couch and one on the loveseat. I was still straddling the coffee table holding my legs up and closing my legs tight. I was afraid if I tried getting up, a river of cum would flow out of me. I asked Jason if he would put a cushion from the loveseat under my legs so I can rest them on that and not have to keep holding them up in the air.

I asked Michael if I could have some wine and asked if he could get a straw from my kitchen drawer so I didn’t have to move. Michael was sprawled out on the couch and Ron got up and said he would get it. For about the next 20 or 30 minutes, I stayed on the coffee table and all of us were just talking about what a great night this was. Ron would hold my wine glass next to my head and I would turn a little and drink it through a straw. Drinking wine through a straw really gives you a buzz too. Jason had a washcloth and wiped my forehead and I took it and wiped my cunt. Not that there was a mess, but to cool it off!

Jason was standing next to me and asked me if he could have a turn and I could see his cock was rock hard. I told him that I was not about to turn down a hard cock and with my legs in the air, I spread them wide and told him I was all his. He got between my legs and was holding my ankles with my legs high in the air. I could feel his cock poking and prodding and I reached down and guided his cock into my cunt. With so much cum in me, there was no need for any lube and he slid all the way into me with one swoop. He held his cock deep inside of me and was grinding his hips against my cunt. I started gyrating my hips below him and the feeling between us was so nice and we started fucking each other like we were the only ones in the room.

We were fucking each other hard and fast and after maybe five minutes, Jason said he was about to cum. I told him to give it all to me. And he did! He pushed his cock all the way into my cunt and started moving his hips in circles against me as his cock was shooting his hot cum into me. It took about two minutes of his cock shooting into me and I finally felt his cock start going soft. Jason held himself in me as long as he could until his cock slipped out of me. I put my feet on the coffee table with my knees up. I felt great. The only one I have not fucked yet was Michael. I asked him if I was going to be getting his cock inside of me soon. He smiled and told me that I would before the night was over, but this was my night and these guys were part of my birthday present and he wanted me to enjoy them for now.

I finally got up after about 30 minutes and wanted to go get in the shower to rinse the sweat off. Between all of the guys and me, I was drenched. When I stood up, I had the washcloth ready, but maybe a single drop was all I felt coming out of me. I walked slowly upstairs to take a shower. I did have Ron come in and pay me a visit in the shower. He said he asked Michael if he could join me and he said it was okay with him. He soaped me all up and he was standing behind me and leaned in and started kissing my neck and asked if he could fuck my ass. I hardly had any feeling from my belly button to my knees as it was so I might as well just keep going.

I reached out of the shower and grabbed a bottle of lovers oil from under the sink. He turned the shower spray towards the back wall and I poured a bunch of oil in my hands and rubbed it all over his growing cock. My hands were still oily and I wiped it acrossed my ass. I bent over to set the bottle down in the shower and Ron said it was just what he was waiting for. So I remained bent over for him and he guided his cock to my ass and started pushing. He slid in fairly easy, but damn it stung! I was clenching my teeth but didn’t say anything and he kept pushing. Even though I had no feeling up front, I felt every bit of his cock ripping my ass apart and going deeper until I felt his balls against my ass and knew he was all the way in my ass. Ron was holding onto my hips and started fucking my ass slowly. He was telling me that my ass was so tight on him and I was going to make him cum. I turned my head up and told him to fill it to the brim.

I felt the first blast of his hot cum in my ass. And then another. And another. He was saying he was sorry for cumming so soon but he couldn’t help it. I felt good about it because it told me he couldn’t hold himself back from cumming with me. Ron leaned over me as he was fucking my ass and cumming with each stroke and started rubbing my cunt with his hands. Just as he stuck a finger inside of me, I started cumming all over his hand. Damn, he pumped a lot of cum in my ass. It took about a minute before he slid his cock out of me and we soaped each other up and rinsed off and after we dried ourselves off, we went back downstairs.

For the next 6 hours, I would fuck each one a couple more times, had Jason fuck my ass, gave Ron and Norris and Michael head once again and fucked Norris once more before we finished. In the morning, after the guys left to go home, Michael and I took a shower. When we got out, we hopped into bed. We didn’t just fuck, but we made love for the next hour! I told Michael thank you for my birthday present. He said it was only a small part of my present this weekend. I thought he meant there would be more guys. Saturday, we spent just lounging around and went to dinner, but early Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door and there in my doorway stood my mom and dad, Michaels mom and dad and Heather and David. He flew my mom and dad here and we are all going to San Diego for my birthday. I am so happy and I have been crying for the past two hours. I better get downstairs before everyone wonders where I am.

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