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The Porch (an un-story)

The collar snug against my neck...a leash attached to the porch rail on both sides limits my movement....the warm breeze gently blows across my naked body...kneeling on the porch step my hands laced in front of me pushing my full round breast strong desire for your thick throbbing cock as you stand on the porch with your jeans undone...teasing my lips making my mouth open wide for it… making my neck press against my collar as I stretch out for mouth waters watching your fingers squeeze your shaft firmly as you stroke it forward & back...knowing you have full control of when and where you choose to shoot your cum...looking up at you my brilliant blue eyes sparkle and beg for your thick creamy juices...I hear movement…someone approaching...I struggle to restraints prevent me from turning to see…I look up at you fear in my smile at me reach your hand down to touch my face…your fingers trace my take a step back...I hear the sounds of belt buckles being undone I know there is more than one person behind me…my breath quickens my body trembles...I feel a set of hands squeeze around each thigh and pull in opposite directions...I am fully exposed...slap...slap...SLAP… the cheeks of my ass are slapped over and hips lunge forward...I collar presses against my throat with each thrust...I feel the sting and burn of my skin as my ass cheeks are squeezed and pulled apart...fingers roughly slide over my assbud and taint…pushing over my pussy lips grinding to find and press hard against my clit...hard cocks slapping against my hips thighs and ass your cock slapping against my face...fingers f***efully slam inside my wet cunt pushing hard deep & breathing is body…jolts I try to scream out...the collar has become so tight around my neck muffled gasps is all that is heard...I squirt...a long warm steam of liquid gushes out as my body shakes...I feel the fingers being pulled from my hot wet cunt as an oversize cock pounds quickly in...f***efully...a hand slides down my back between my body and the other pushing wet fingers into my tight ass body contracts squeezing…the huge pulsating cock and fingers tight inside of step forward your hand slides through my hair…grabs a f***e your hard throbbing cock into my mouth...down my throat....I gag and choke..I struggle to keep any control as my body is ravished and glassy eyes look up at you…my eyelids blink body struggles & squirms...short whimpering breaths as I eyes close completely... when my eyes open I sense a bed under cheek resting on a soft spent body covered with a clean cool sitting on the edge of the bed your fingers pushing my long dark hair off my face …you smile watching me for a very long moment...your fingers drop to my neck trace across it…touching the marks left there by my bend down kiss the top of my whisper…" were a very good pet will be rewarded."

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