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I was 15 years old and I slept over my friend&rsqu

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I was 15 years old and I slept over my friend’s house over the weekend. Early the next morning my friend Richie and his father went to get their car repaired and I stayed in bed. My friend’s mother knocked on the bedroom door and asked if I wanted breakfast or if I wanted to wait for Richie to get home. I said I would wait and she said ok, how about you take a shower and get ready. They should be home in an hour. I said ok and she said she would get me a fresh both towel. The guestroom I was in had a full bath and I went in and started to get myself ready for the day. Since the bedroom door was closed I left the bathroom door open so the bathroom mirror would not get fogged up from the steam of the shower. The shower had a clear glass door and the bathroom had a big mirror on the opposite wall above the sink. I got in the shower and started to get soaped up. I had forgot that my friend’s mother said she would get me a towel but I remembered when I saw her reflection in the mirror outside the door holding a towel. At first I was not sure if she was going to walk in one me so I turned away so my back was facing the shower door. Then I wondered if she could see me in the mirror. I turned around and she was still standing outside the door holding the towel with a big smile on her face. I knew she could see me in the mirror and I was wondering if she was going to leave the towel and go or if she wanted to watch me. I soaped up my chest and looked over at the mirror and she was still watching me. She did not know I could see her and I guess she liked watching me take a shower. I thought it would be fun to give her a show if that was what she was looking for. I slowly started to soap the rest of my body working my way down to my cock. When I started to soap up my cock it got erect fast since I knew I was being watched. I looked in the mirror and my friend’s mother was still there but now her face changed to a curious look. I soaped up my butt and started to wash my cock. It was so hard now and I could feel it throbbing. I slowly started to masturbate and closed my eyes but I was facing the mirror. When I opened up my eyes I saw my friends mother with a shocked look on her face and her hand over her mouth. She must have been surprised that I was masturbating in her shower. I closed my eyes again and started to masturbate faster. When I was just about ready to cum I opened up my eyes again and my friend’s mom was watching with her eyes in the mirror looking right down at my cock. I shot my load and some of my cum hit the glass door and was dripping down. I turned around and let the water rinse off my body. When I turned around again my friend’s mom was gone and the towel was on the floor outside the bathroom. When I dried off and went into the bedroom the door was closed. I got dressed and went into the kitchen where my friend’s mom was. She was talking to me but would not look at me for the first few minutes I was in the kitchen. She told me that she left me the towel on the floor when I was in the shower but since I left the door open she just tossed it from the bedroom door. I guess she did not want me to think that she saw me. After a while she seemed to become more relaxed and asked me how my shower was. I said it was ok and she said that’s good. Just then my friend and his dad were home and we all had breakfast together. Since that day every time I saw my friend’s mom she was very friendly to me and asked when I was going to sl**p over again. I guess she was looking for another show.

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