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Club My Place! Where Anything Goes (Adventures of

"Quit looking at yourself Sasha." her man scolded. She didn't see anything wrong with admiring her voluptuous shape. Nice big round tits,40DDD to be exact small waist and an ass to match the size of her bust. She had the perfect hourglass (May West) figure. "They don't make em like me anymore baby."she giggles and walks over to bed. She takes a seat and pats Mike on the thigh."Are you ready to hit the road baby?" "Yes suga." It was date night. They were off to the new club in town. "I hear that My Place is an awesome club." Sasha tells Mike. "Well one thing about the name you don't have to lie about where you've been. If you were cheating you could lie and say I was at My Place. But then it wouldn't be a lie at all." They both laughed and headed toward the door.
The place looked packed. Cars were lined up it seemed for miles and there was a line outside the door. The only thing that they were looking forward to was a nice little corner booth so they could be naughty. They finally made it inside into the crowded and loud atmoshpere. It looked like all the booths were taken and so it was standing room only for the both of them. "Damn it my feet fucking hurt." "You shouldn't have worn those spiked 5 inch heels babe." "Fuck you Mike! I gotta look good,I see the men peepin out my tight black fuckem dress and nice thick legs." "You do look delicious baby." They went to the bar to get some cocktails and headed to the back of the club. There in the back was this sexy Latin babe. She had honey brown hair and her fucking knockers were like BAM! She was alone and that was hard to believe within itself. "DO YOU GUYS WANT TO JOIN ME!" she shouts. The music was so loud they could barely understand her. She pointed to the huge booth seat and nodded in a ok fashion. Mike had the biggest smile on his face as they walked toward the booth. Mike scooted on the right side of me, letting me in first. The girl introduced herself as Veronica. She didn't look like a Veronica but then again who does. They made small chit chat when Sasha noticed that Veronica was scooting closer to her. Everytime she had another glass of wine,the closer she moved. Mike was noticing too. "Hey that chick is becoming pretty chummy. I think you should do something about it baby." he whispers in her ear. Sasha gave him a wink and leaned in and began talking to Veronica again. This time she placed her hand on her thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. Veronica smiled."If you wanna touch me then you can refer to me as Roni sexy." Mike heard that and his cock became semi erect. "I think we need to go to the powder room Roni." "I agree." They both informed Mike that they would be right back and left the table. They entered the bathroom only to their surprise that there was only one lady on that bathroom. It was probably because most of the women used the two restrooms in the front that were close to the dance floor and bar. "I look like my lips need some refreshing." Sasha began to apply her ruby red lipstick to her full sexy lips. " That looks so good on your beautiful brown face. Your complection in gorgeous." Roni tells her. "Honey I would die for skin like yours. That sexy carmel latin tone. I would love to look like you." Roni blushed and stared at Sasha. Sasha and Roni's eyes met. Their faces drew closer and their lips met. Their passionate kissing gave way to some sexy fondling. Veronica pushed Sasha back into one of the stalls and pulled her dress up. She pulled down her black lace thong and buried her tongue deep inside Sasha's pussy. "Oh fuck yeah baby." she moaned. Her right leg propped up on the toilet seat and the other planted on the floor. Roni licked her pussy without regret and she didn't care if they got caught. "Mmmm baby your pussy is a wonderful treat.I need more of it." She continued to dine on her cunt and Sasha mushed her face into her soaked pussy. She was fucking Roni's face and Roni loved every minute of it. She grabbed her face and held it in place as she trashed it into her tongue. She came hard and Roni licked up every once of her love juice."It is time for me to return the favor.Give me that cunt." Sasha sat on the toilet and lifted up Roni's silky red dress. To her advantage she wasn't wearing any panties. "Damn baby!Did you know I was gonna be here to eat this pussy. You have it ready for me." Roni laughed and plunged Sasha's face in her cunt. It smelled so sweet so inviting. Sasha was so glad that she met this sexy latina. She was hot and ready to please. She was hoping to carry this on to their place. Shit she knew Mike wouldn't give a fuck.
Meanwhile why they were having their feast, Mike was having some fun himself. The waitress was pretty hot, she was the kind of woman that he loved. She had a fat ass and short skirt. Everytime she came to the table she made sure pussy rubbed up against Mike's hand that was on the edge of the table. The last time she bought the drink over to the table he stuck his finger upward. "WTF?" he was shocked. She didn't have any panties on. He got a big finger full of cunt, wet cunt to be exact. She smiled and took his finger in her mouth and sucked it like a cock. With that act his cock was at attention. The tent was pitched and need to be relieved. He beckoned for her to return to the table and she bent down to see what he wanted. "Hey would you mind standing here for a minute. I hope you don't mind but I want to finger your pussy." he tells her bluntly. She didn't say a word,just nodded yes. She moved her body as close as she could get it to the edge of the table and stood. Mike moved his big fingers up her thighs even leaning over to give them both a gentle peck. Then she opened her legs slightly and he inserted his fingers. The two fingers felt like a thick cock deep inside her pussy. He moved his fingers in and out slowly.Her pussy juice began building up and started to drip down his hand. Her head began to move back a little and small moans escaped her lips. She was digging every moment of Mike's nasty idea and she wasn't about to make him stop. "Oh Baby! You feel so fucking good." With that he moved his fingers faster. She finally held on to his arm and with a couple of thrust came all over his fingers. She finally got herself together and offered him a napkin. " Are you fucking joking!I'm savouring this juice." and he licked his fingers clean. The waitress walked away satisfied and tipless.
Veronica was staddling and thrusting her sweet cunt all over Sasha's face. She held on the coat hanger on the back of the stall door. She was trying to keep her balance as Sasha stroked her cunt with her long tongue. "You fucking like that don't ya!I can't blame you,I love eating pussy." Roni looked down at Sasha's greedy pussylicking ass and continued to fuck her face. Soon she gave way to an awesome orgasm and smeared her juices all over Sasha's sexy mouth.
We need to get back to the table I bet Mike is wondering what the fuck is going on.
The woment walk back to see Mike there with a smile on his face and the waitress in the corner staring with an even bigger smile. "Mike what the fuck is going on!That goofy bitch is staring over here at you!" Mike told her not to get her panties in a bind and she just laughed. "Speaking of what the fuck.What the fuck have you been doing in the bathroom." Sasha and Roni giggled and he gave them both a sly smirk. Sasha told Mike to kiss her and he could taste the sweet pussy of Veronica on her lips and tongue. "Oh fuck yeah!" "Tell me all about it." Veronica got on the other side of Mike and Sasha began to whisper in his ear.She began to tell him about what they did inside the restroom. The whole time while she told Mike about the little session ,Veronica pulled his cock out and stroked it. Mike's dick grew larger inside of her hand with each stroke. By the time Sasha finished talking Veronica had bent down to swallow his load. She took the beverage napkin and wiped her lips.There was no need for her to wipe his cock. She had already licked his cock clean of jism."I think it's about time to leave." Mike announced. "Care to join us Veronica?" Veronica agreed and they all jumped inside Mike's SUV. Sasha decided to drive and Mike decided to pull his seat all the way back. Veronica mounted his face and he began to lick her pussy. "We have about a mile to go guys. With that Sasha pulled out Mike's cock.

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