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Moms and their sons

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Alison paused outside her son's bedroom, her beautiful face spreading
into an amused smile as she listened to the soft moans and rhythmic
creaking sounds emanating from the other side of the door. Her son
Randy was beating his meat again. Actually his full name was
Randolph... after his grandfather, but everyone called him Randy, much
to Alison's amusement. A fitting name for a sixteen-year-old who spent
most of his time alone with his cock in his hand, she thought with a
smile. In the year since her husband had died, she'd heard Randy
jacking off with greater and greater frequency. Now, dressed in a
transparent, waist-length negligee, Alison had decided to help her
horny, frustrated young son become a man.

It was perfectly natural, Alison thought, that her only son should
enjoy the intense pleasure of his very first fuck with his own mother.
She looked down at herself, admiring the extreme voluptuousness of her
nearly naked body, the size of her large, firm tits and the dense
triangle of her dark-brown pussy fur. Her figure was extremely
curvaceous for a woman of her petite build, with full, perfectly formed
thighs and the kind of plump, round ass that men always wanted to pat
and pinch and stroke.

Her most impressive feature, Alison knew, was the size of her breasts.
She'd often caught Randy, or one of his young friends, admiring her
big, jiggling tits. It excited her to know that she could still turn
on teenage boys... especially her son. Alison often went around the
house without a bra, just to get a reaction. She invariably did.
Right now, her tits were completely visible through the transparent
negligee. For the first time, Randy would be able to see the stiff,
crimson buds of her nipples.

Alison was hoping it would make her son so awfully horny, he'd want to
stick his hard young cock into her pussy rather than beat off alone
all the time. She saw nothing wrong in her desire to fuck her own son.
In fact she got extremely aroused at the thought of feeling Randy's
lips sucking her stiff nipples, his hands on her ass as he rammed his
throbbing young teenage cock in and out of her cunt. Why shouldn't
she give him some relief, when her son was obviously so horny?
Sometimes she'd heard the bed springs squeaking five times in a single

"Oh, Randy," Alison said, in a gentle voice. She knocked lightly.
"It's me. Do you mind if I come in and talk to you for a minute?"

"Uh... yeah, sure." Randy's voice sounded rushed, and Alison pictured
him hastily pulling the sheets over his naked body. "Come on in, Mom!"

Alison stepped into his bedroom, smiling lovingly at the tall,
slender, red-faced youth sitting up in bed, supported by pillows
bunched between his shoulders and the head board. He was dark, like
her, and the lamp shining on the nightstand showed the lean
musculature of his bare torso. The sheets were around his waist, and
Alison felt her pussy begin to moisten as she saw the tenting bulge of
an obvious hard-on beneath the covers.

"Wh-what'd you want to talk to me about, Mom?" Randy said nervously.

Alison crossed the room, her tits jiggling seductively as she took a
seat beside him on the bed. Randy's eyes bulged as he saw his mother's
transparent negligee.

"About what you were just doing, honey," Alison said gently. She
smiled at her son, dropping her hand to lightly stroke the downy fur
that had just begun sprouting on his chest. "You were jacking off when
I knocked on the door, weren't you?"

Randy's blush grew much deeper. "How'd you know?"

"The bed springs squeak, honey" Alison smiled, bouncing up and down
gently. "But I guess you were too engrossed in what you were doing to
notice, right?"

She moved her hand down, stroking his stomach.

"Honey, I've heard you jacking off an awful lot recently. Are you
really that horny?"

"I g...guess so Mom," Randy mumbled.

"Mmm. I hope it doesn't embarrass you, darling. It's natural for a
boy your age to get a lot of hard-ons. Tell me, have you fucked a girl

"No," Randy whispered.

"But you'd like to, wouldn't you, honey? That's what you think about
when you stroke your stiff cock, isn't it?"

Randy didn't answer. He was licking his lips, trembling lightly with
helpless lust as he ogled his mom's gorgeous body through the
negligee. Alison's pussy started throbbing as she watched her son's
cock getting even stiffer, throbbing powerfully under the sheets.

"Honey, why are you looking at Mommy's body like that?"

"I... I can't help it," Randy mumbled.

"Ummm." Alison looked at his jutting crotch. "Your cock looks like
it's about to punch a hole through the sheets, baby. Is my body making
you horny?"

Randy just gulped and nodded his head. Alison smiled at her son's
sudden shyness. It was very appealing. Grasping the sheets, she slowly
pulled them down to the foot of the bed.

"Mom! What are you doing?!" exclaimed Randy, but made no move to cover
himself as his tremendously large erection came into view.

Alison gasped at the sight of his naked cock. It was everything she
had expected, and more... incredibly huge and stiff, at least as long
as his father's had been, but much thicker. Her's nipples tingled as
she gazed hungrily at her son's enormous prick, watching it jerk and
pulse over his flat, muscular stomach.

"Oooh, Randy, it looks like it's going to explode," Alison purred,
shamelessly wrapping her fingers around her son's prick. "Does that
feel good, honey?" she asked, as she started jacking his cock.

"Jesus, Mom!" Randy gasped.

"Please don't be ashamed, Randy. Mommy really wants to do this for
you." Alison jacked his prick faster. "Would you like to learn about
sex with your mom?"


"All right, baby. Why don't I start out by showing you how good it
feels to have your cock sucked? Be a good boy, now, and sit up on the
edge of the bed."

Randy did as his mother asked, his huge prick throbbing wildly,
wiggling to the edge of the mattress. Alison eagerly knelt on the
floor facing him, her mouth watering as she confronted the jutting
thickness of his cock. Again she wrapped her fingers around his
fucker, this time she squeezed it very hard and pumped her fist up and
down its length from tip to base. Her pussy began to drool as she
watched his spongy cock-knob puff up in front of her, oozing out
little, milky droplets of pre-cum.

"Your cock is leaking," Alison purred. "You must be awfully horny,
darling. Mmmmmmmm! Oooh yeah, you really do need Mommy to suck your
prick for you, don't you?"

"Please! Oh, please, Mom..."

"Ohhh, Randy..."

Her words trailed off as Alison dropped her head, planting a wet kiss
on the flared tip of her son's throbbing erection. With a moan, she
thrust out her tongue, wantonly lapping up the sticky juice from his
cock-hole. It was delicious, salty-tasting and creamy at the same
time. She couldn't wait to get her lips around his gorgeous young
pole... to milk the full load out of her son's balls... to swallow and
gulp down his jizz as the hot cum fountained down her throat. Her cunt
twitched with wild, i****tuous anticipation.

Alison let her lips part, sliding her mouth down onto the throbbing
stiffness of Randy's cock. She paused with a third of his big prick
in her mouth, her lips stretched to bursting around his surprisingly
thick cockshaft. Then the horny mom shut her eyes and puckered her
cheeks, eagerly sucking the bl**d-pounding length of her own son's
cock .

"Uuuhhh, Mom!" Randy gazed down at her, shocked and excited by the
obscene spectacle of his own mother slurping hungrily on his prick.
"That feels so good, Mom! Unggghh! Oh, shit, it feels way better than
jacking off! Suck harder, Mom! My cock's so stiff!"

Alison sucked her son's prick extremely hard, as if she were
physically starved for the taste of his soon-to-be-squirting cum. Her
cheeks reddened with the wanton intensity of the blow-job, and she
shut her eyes more tightly, wanting to block out all thoughts
unrelated to the taste and feel of his wonderful fuckmeat.

She was sure this was her son's very first experience with
cocksucking, and she wanted to be sure it would be one he'd remember
for many years to come. Already Randy's vital personality and rugged
good looks had attracted a number of young girlfriends, but Alison
doubted if any of those teenage cock-teasers had sampled her son's
big, stiff prick yet. But it wouldn't be long, she thought, before he
found one who would be willing to go down on his pleasure-pole for

She really needed Randy to enjoy his first blow-job. Alison wanted
him to remember his mother as the best cocksucker of them all. She
would certainly be one of the most eager. During the years of their
marriage, she could count on one hand the nights she'd allowed her
departed husband to go to sl**p without sucking at least one spewing
load of cum from his prick. Alison was determined to continue the
tradition with her eager young son.

Randy's prick was getting even stiffer now, pulsing violently on the
roof of her mouth. Any second now, her son was going to squirt his
load down her throat. Alison tightened her fingers around the base of
his prick, again jacking his glistening shaft hard and fast with her
fist. She bobbed her head in a shameless rhythm, eagerly fucking her
face with her son's stiff prick.

"Jesus, Mom!, I'm gonna cum!" Randy gasped, wincing as his mother's
strong right fist flew up and down his cock, from the base to her
sucking lips. "Suck it, Mom.. suck it hard! Uuuuuuuh, fuck! It's gonna
be a big one, Mom!"

Alison started sucking as hard as she could, slurping and gurgling
noisily, her wet mouth covering the top third of his cock with spit.
She pushed her left hand between his trembling thighs, and gently
squeezed and fondled her son's big hairy balls, encouraging the load
of spunk to come gushing out of his dilated cock-tip.

"Oh, Mom, I'm cumming now! Ahhhhh!"

Randy clutched is mother's head, curling his fingers in her wavy brown
hair. Alison whimpered in ecstasy as the hot spurts of cum started
shooting out of his throbbing cock, spewing and gushing in a torrent
down her throat.

Frantically the horny mother gulped and swallowed, the sounds of her
cocksucking growing even louder as she urgently consumed the creamy
tide of her son's delicious cum. The milky jizz spattered the inside
of her mouth, squirting rhythmically across her tongue. Alison clung
feverishly to Randy's jerking, spewing prick, refusing to let it out
of her mouth until she'd licked the last trace of her son's tasty
sperm from the tip.

"Ohh, God!" Randy panted dazedly. "Jesus, Mom, that was so good!"

Alison rose to her feet, shamelessly licking the cum from the corners
of her mouth. Her pussy burned as she looked at her son's prick. His
saliva-coated erection was still hard as a rock, as if he'd never cum
at all. It was more than stiff enough to slide up his mother's cunt.
Alison stripped off her negligee, tossing it to the floor, completely
exposing her incredibly sexy body to her son. Her big tits quivered
invitingly as she crawled onto the center of the bed, spreading her
legs and settling her asscheeks into a good humping position on the

"Would you like to touch Mommy's body now, honey?" she purred,
wantonly. "Before I teach you how to fuck?"

Randy quickly turned toward her, stretching out beside his mother on
the bed. Alison shuddered with pleasure as he slid his hands up her
slender, girlishly-rounded belly, then filled his fingers with her
luscious tits. His fascination with her breasts was obvious as he
lewdly squeezed and milked the heavy globes, kneading them under his

"Go on, suck them, baby. Suck Mommy's tits!"

Randy lowered his head, opening his mouth wide to engulf one stiff,
crimson nipple. Hungrily he slurped his mother's rubbery teat into his
mouth, and Alison was reminded that this wasn't the first time her son
had sucked her nipples. As a baby he had done it hundreds, thousands
of times, sucking her warm creamy milk into his hungry mouth. But now,
sixteen years later, his suckling was doing things to her that it
never had as a nursing baby. She only she wished she had some milk
for him to suck up now.

Alison whimpered and started humping her ass off the bed, groaning as
her horny son ran his fingers through her dense brown pussy curls and
slipped two, stiff fingers into her creamy, clasping cunthole.

"Oh, my baby! Ooh, my sweet, sweet baby!" she cried. "Mommy's cunt is
so wet now, Randy! Please, honey... fuck your mother now! Hurry, baby!
Fuck my cunt!"

Randy took a moment to suck her second nipple, until the second
areola was also crinkled to total stiffness, covered with saliva and
little tooth marks. Then he released her quivering tits and crawled
into position between her legs. Alison quickly lifted her luscious
legs high in the air, spreading them wide-open, completely opening her
tight, wet, curly-haired pussy for the first eager thrust of her
son's stiff cock.

"Lean over me, Randy," she panted. "I'll help you put it in."

Randy did as his mother asked, placing his arms either side of her
shoulders to support the weight of his torso. His huge erection pulsed
over her lower belly, and Alison reached down, grasping his hard-on
with both hands. She bent it down until his fat cock-head nudged
between the pouting lips of her gaping pussy-slit.

"Push your hips down, Randy!"

Randy did as he was told immediately, his mouth opening wide in
pleasure his cock slid into a tight, wet cunthole for the very first

"Uhhhhh, fuck! Mom, it feels so good!" he cried.

Clumsily he started humping on top of her, thrusting two, then three
inches of his long, hard prick up his mother's clinging cunt. She
stopped him when he had about four or five inches of throbbing
man-meat lodged inside her tightly-stretched twat. But there was still
a good deal more to go.

"Unggghhh! Oh, Randy! Oh, baby, it's so big!" Alison cried. "Take
your time, lover. We've got all night. That's right... that's better
... oh, Randy... ungghhhh! Oh, Randy, it's such a monster! It feels
so good up Mommy's cunt!"

Over half of his huge prick was buried in the syrupy sheath of his
mother's pussy now, and Randy could hardly believe how good it felt to
have a tight, hot cunt milking wetly around his prick. His humping
motions were smoother now as he worked on top of her, contracting his
ass cheeks, sliding his massive fuck-pole deeper and deeper into his
mother's tight cunt.

"Fuck me, Randy!" Alison squealed, growing hornier and hornier.
"Unggghh! Oh, please, baby, Mommy wants ALL of your cock!"

Randy pushed his hips down hard, sinking every inch of his rigid
fuck-pole into the juicy tightness of his mother's pussy. The giant
cock stuffed her cunt completely, his cock-knob reaching the depths of
her womb. Randy let his elbows bend. his chest now crushing his naked
mother's enormous tits. Eagerly he started humping his ass in a hard,
fast rhythm, pumping his hard young cock eagerly in and out of his
mom's hairy, clinging cunt.

"That's it, baby!" Alison gasped. "You're fucking me good now, lover!
Do you like the way it feels, Randy? Do you like the way Mommy's pussy
feels around your prick?"

"Oh, God yesssss!" Randy hissed, fucking faster and deeper. "It feels
fuckin' fantastic! Oh, Mom! I think I'm gonna cum again!"

Alison threw her arms and legs around him, locking her forearms
together around his neck, scissoring her ankles together across her
son's bobbing ass. Then the big-titted mom started humping her hips
off the bed in a frenzy of lust, ferociously fucking her pussy up at
the satisfying stiffness of her own son's pounding prick.

"Fuck your mother, Randy! Unh unh unh, fuck your mother's juicy pussy!
Harder, honey! God, I'm so hot for you! I love your big cock, Randy!
Oh, please, fuck the shit out of me! Mommy needs a good cum!"

Randy fucked his horny mother faster and faster, the headboard
thumping against the wall and the noisy bed springs squeaking louder
than ever under Alison's madly-humping ass. Suddenly, Alison felt her
cunt starting to spasm around her son's pistoning fuckrod. Randy's
cock grew even stiffer, milked hungrily by the tight, clinging sheath
of his mom's bucking pussy.

"Fuck it, Randy!" Alison gasped, her face contorting in a grimace of
pure lust. "Unngghhh! Harder, baby! Fuck that cunt as hard as you can!
Nnnngggg! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming! Fuck your mother, Randy!
Arrrrrhhh, Mommy's cuuummmiiinnnggg, babbyyyy!!"

It was an intense orgasm, the like of which Alison had not experienced
for a long, long time. The pleasure coursing through her naked body
made her tight pussy-hole suck and contract reflexively around her
son's deeply impaling prick, her trembling hips buck uncontrollably
off the bed. Randy fucked his mother hard, slamming his prick to the
hilt in her spasming fuckhole until his own climax peaked and a
torrent of jizz squirted from the end of his twitching cock for the
second time tonight, this time deep up inside his mother's hot,
clinging cunt.

"Oh, baby!" Alison cried, as she felt the milky cum spouting into
her. "Oh, yeah! Cum in me, Randy! Cum in Mommy's cunt! Uhhhhnnnngg!

The sticky i****tuous load gushed out of Randy's cock-tip, deluging
his mother's squirming pussy with fuck-cream. Alison eagerly kept
humping her ass beneath him, shuddering as she felt his jism oozing
back out of her hairy pussy-slit, puddling under her ass on the bed.

As the ecstasy began to fade from Alison's tingling body, the
importance of she'd just done began to sink in. She'd actually fucked
her own son... and loved every second of it! It was such an intensely
pleasurable experience, Alison knew that she would suck him off or let
him fuck her whenever his cock got stiff. She knew that a virile young
prick like Randy's was prone to frequent stiffness.. it was up to her,
as a mother, to give her son relief.

Alison sighed and settled back on the bed, feeling Randy's cock still
throbbing deep inside her tender fuck-hole. She thought of her best
friends, Monica and Kate, both of whom were single parents, both of
whom had sons just about Randy's age. The similarity in their lives
was one of the things that had made the three moms close.

Kate supplemented her meagre income with a small business as a history
tutor. Alison had met her when Randy had enrolled as one of Kate's
pupils. She'd met Monica in a more peculiar fashion, when the two of
them had become embroiled in a length argument about sex-education at
a school meeting. Alison sighed as she thought of Monica Walsh's
incredible beauty. Monica had the kind of long, wavy, golden blonde
hair that nearly all women envied, and a face that had once made her a
sought-after figure model. Her body was as incredible as Alison's,
with long, tapering legs and tits that were nearly as big.

Alison often thought it was a shame that Monica had to be so
conservative. She doubted that Monica had given her pussy to a single
man since her divorce, even though every male in the suburb would have
done anything to get into Monica's panties. And Monica had a son,
Paul, who had grown up to be quite a handsome young stud. Alison
smiled to herself, wondering how often Paul jacked off, if Monica
ever heard him. They had argued at the school meeting because Monica
had been so vehemently opposed to any form of sex-education in public

"Oooh!" Monica Walsh squealed in surprise as her bedroom door suddenly
flew open. Instinctively, she raised the bath towel to cover her naked
body, still dripping water from her shower.

"Paul! For God's sake....."

"Sorry, Mom," Paul mumbled.

But Monica's young son didn't seem very sorry or embarrassed about
barging in on his beautiful naked mother at all. The tall, blonde
youth took a good long look at her as he closed the door, his eyes
lingering on his mother's long, tapering legs that, like every inch of
Monica's mouthwatering body, were a natural, golden tan in color. He
seemed to shrug before he closed the door, as if he were sorry that
she'd been able to raise the towel so fast.

"Damn, him!" Monica said angrily.

She knotted the towel around her naked, dripping body, thinking about
what had just happened and grew madder and madder. This was not the
first time her son had either caught her naked, or done his best to do
so. Since her divorce, it had happened with greater frequency every
month, and there was no longer much doubt that he was doing it on

What kind of son would want to ogle his own mother? Monica sometimes
thought of her incredibly voluptuous body as a curse. She was in her
middle thirties now, but her age didn't show at all on her beautiful
face, and there wasn't, and never had been, an ounce of excess fat on
her tall, slender figure. She had a perfect model's body in every way,
except for the size of her tits, and Monica knew it was in the
combination of her larger-than-average breasts combined with her
otherwise lean, delicately structured body that made men so horny for

Men were constantly whistling and hooting at her, and Monica now knew
that her ex-husband who had practically stolen her from high school to
the altar had married her purely for her body. He'd always insisted on
fucking her at least twice a day, a level of lust that Monica had
considered alarming, even as her naturally high libido had made her
enjoy it. But her ex-husband's desire to start swinging with other
couples was the last straw! And now it looked like her son Paul had
inherited those repulsive, a****l-like lusts from his father. Actually
bursting in on his own mother like that! Monica felt so suddenly angry
that she could hardly think straight.

"Paul!" she shouted, suddenly, impulsively. "Get back in here this

Monica sat on the edge of the bed, the loosely wrapped towel reaching
from her huge tits to the tops of her thighs. Paul entered sheepishly,
wearing only his pajama bottoms. His face was red. He seemed to know
instinctively what his mother wanted.

"Get in here, Paul," Monica said harshly. "I want to have a little
talk with you."

Paul obediently stood in front of his smouldering mother. Even in the
face of her obvious anger he couldn't help himself, his eyes already
fluttering down to study the several deep inches of cleavage exposed
by the wrapped towel. Monica flushed as she found herself looking at
his cock. It was obviously quite large and semi-swollen under his
pajamas. She felt her pussy tingling, and that just made her angrier.

"Paul, I have simply lost count of all the times you have walked in on
me in the bathroom or in my bedroom any time you thought you could see
me naked," Monica whispered furiously. "Now don't try to deny it,
Paul. I know what you're doing, and I think it's utterly disgusting. I
don't ever want it to happen again, alright?!"

"Sorry," Paul muttered sheepishly.

"I mean, I happen to be your mother," Monica continued. "Don't you
know how repulsive it is to sneak peeps at your very own mother. Not
even your father stooped to that! I've got a good mind to... ooh!"

Monica gasped, staring at his crotch, watching helplessly as his young
cock swelled rapidly and obscenely in his pajamas. Paul's eyes were
moving all over her body, and she suddenly realized what a mistake it
had been to talk to him before getting dressed. Monica's face reddened
as his big prick jerked up to total stiffness, protruding obscenely
through the flannel.

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