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I was 22 and had been single for about 4 years straight. Then one day I went to visit my freind dave and his wife alice. After I got there alice started telling me she was going to hook me up with a girl from her work named crystal. Alice and her are both bar tenders at a local bar. Then alice continues to tell me that I need to get laid and put out and that crystal is a freak in the bedroom and will rock my world. I had been single and horny for way to long and i said ok sounds good.

The next day alice called me and told me to go to the bar and meet crystal for some drinks. I did and we started talking she was a little bit of a bigger girl a bbw but beggers can't be choosers right. She was fat but not huge she probably weighed around 250lbs and was 5-9 but had a cute pretty face and kind of a metal gothish look to her. We got some drinks and started getting to know each other and then she moved the topic to sex. She started asking me qeustions about my sex life. She asked me if i was kinky and if i liked trying new things in the bedroom. I said yeah sure i havent done much more then just plain old basic sex.

Crystal said wow I dont know if your gonna be able to handle me I'm very openminded and kinky. Then she tells me she's very dominant in the bedroom and is into all kinds of different wild fantasys and fetishes and says I better be openminded and ready to try new things cause I'm gonna blow your mind. I got excited and happy not knowing what I was getting my self into and said sure sounds fun. Then we go to her house to have some more drinks and hang out.

When we got to her house I asked her what her fantasys were. She said I've got lots of them but the one I want to try first and the most is a Dom/Sub relationship. Where I'm your dominant mistress and your my submisive slave boy and you do exactly what i tell you to do know matter what it is. listening to my every command and letting me do what ever I want to you. Would you be willing to do that for me and try it out. Again I was desperate and had no idea what I was getting my self into I said yeah sure. Then she says I want to try it for The next whole month at least to really get a feel for it. You better be serous and ready to try all kinds of new things and be very open minded cause once we start theres no backing out.

I said ok I'm your slave she says are you sure I said yeah. She says ok Be here tomorrow at Noon and we'll get started then she makes us another and takes me to her room. She instantly starts taking my clothes off and starts sucking my dick it felt so good. Then she got up grabed some lube put some on her finger and started sucking me again. Then I felt her wet finger start rubbing and pressing against my asshole before she shoved her whole finger up my ass and held it there. I had never had my ass played with or anything in it but her blowjob felt so good i didnt care. She started fingering my ass harder and harder then she got more lube and stuck two fingers up my ass and stated fucking my ass with them while she sucked my dick. It didnt take long and i started blowing what felt like the biggest load ever and she sucked every drop of it out into her mouth. Then she pulled her fingers out of my ass and said with muffled mouthfull of cum open up and she pulled my mouth open and started spitting all my cum in to my mouth and then spit a couple extra times in my mouth and told me to swallow.

The next day I went to her house at noon Like i was told. She instantly takes all my clothes off and starts lubing up my ass. Then she slowly eases a butt plug up my ass it hurt alot at first but i tried to be tuff. Then she says i hope your hungry and starts making me a tuna sandwich with celery, pickles, red onions, cuccumbers and mixes a huge amount of mayonnaise in it almost more mayo then tuna. Crystal then puts on a strap on dildo and tells me to bend over doggystyle on her bed. Then she tells me to start sucking it so i do for a while. before she pulls it out of my mouth and puts lube on it then she pulls the buttplug out of my ass puts the tuna sandwich in front of me with mayo leaking out of it all the way around and tells me to eat it while she fucks my ass.

She slowly shoves the strap on up my ass and starts fucking me while i eat the sandwich. She says you like it dont you bitch as she starts ramming my ass harder and harder for about ten minutes. Then she pulls it out and sticks a bigger buttplug up my ass and says i'm gonna see how much i can stretch out your ass by the end of the month using bigger toys every day. Then she sits on my face and starts making me eat her pussy it smelled musky like she hadnt showered in a day or 2 then she started grinding her cunt and ass on my face. Telling me to lick her ass hole i hesitated and she punched me in the stomach and i started licking as fast and as deep up her ass as i could. Untill she gets up and pulls the buttplug out of my ass and replaces it with her strap on again and hands me a plate. She says jack off on to that plate as hard as you can and make sure you dont loose a drop. Then she starts pounding my ass while i jerk off till i explode all over the plate jerking out every last drop. Then she says eat it and tells me to lick up every last drop it tasted horrible but i did it. Then she told me to get dressed and cum back tomorrow at same time.

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