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My First Cock in Vegas

I moved to Vegas in 1972 from So.Cal.I kept seeing ads in the newspaper for a theater that showed adult movies with all male cast the theater was call the Gaiety it was in a back alley not far from I was living it had several rows of seats which had only men sitting in them it was my kind of place. I had moved to Vegas a couple of months before and was craving some cock. After a few minutes of watching the movie a man sat in the row behind me just to my left he kept bumping my seat with his foot so I figured he was trying to get my attention. So I put my arm up on the seat in front of him and reached back and started rubbing his crotch. He got up and moved to the seat next to me he then reached over an started to rub my crotch of course I was rubbing his cock after a few minutes he whispered to me to meet him in the bathroom. After what seemed like several minutes which was more like a minute I got up and made my way to the men's room there was only one bathroom guess they didn't have many women coming to the place. I went in and there was the man standing by the urinal I got down on my knees in front of him undid his belt unzipped his pants pulled down his underwear freeing his already hard penis. I hadn't noticed until I had gotten into the men's room that my first cock in Vegas belonged to a black man which was just fine with me. I started by licking the head of his cock he moaned I slipped my lips down the shaft until my nose was buried in his pubes. I kept on licking the head of his cock while sliding his cock in and out of my throat he grabbed the back of my head and thrush his cock far down my gullet telling me to take his cock which is why I was there he pulled out and shot his load on the front of my shirt depriving me my reward a mouthful of his cum. I asked him if he wanted to go to my place which was only a few blocks from the theater so he could fuck me he declined. I went back to the Gaiety a couple more times but never hooked up with any one, the theater soon closed I then started going to the adult book stores for my search for cock. All my posts are true. Firstrandy

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