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The night was cold, not a sound in the air except the gentle breeze passing by my face. I was standing outside the house on the veranda to get away from the crowd inside, my eyes closed and taking in deep breathes. The cold air and the smell of pine always intoxicated me. The simple solitude of it all made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hadn't been home for a while and I missed it a lot.

It's just the same ol' story. Guy goes off to college, guy feels home sick, guy comes home for a Christmas. It's one of those things that are programmed into people, and I was one of those guys that missed home so much he came back for Christmas. Sure I wrote many cards, made a bunch of phone calls but the presence of your f****y and your home...that was the one thing I missed, the on thing I longed for.

The front door opened and shut in an instant. I turned and saw my dad. he grabbed a smoke from his pocket. He took the match lit the cig and walked over to railing next to me.

"You miss it any bud?" My father said while taking in the smoke.

"Yeah I do. I love it here..." I paused for a second and looked over to my dad "...I'm glad you didn't cut down the forest. I know you wanted to give the farming bid a try."

"Yeah, well some things are better left alone, plus you, your s****rs, and the rest of your crazy f****y loved those pine trees."

I took in another deep breathe." Still do dad."

"Yeah, I still do too." My dad nodded "So how come you're not inside with your f****y?"

"Ah, they're here all week and I'm tired. I just want to chill for a little bit, take it all in."

"Take all what in?" He asked?

"I miss home, I miss the open space, and I miss the snow white forest. There's not one real blade of grass at my college! Also everything is so fake." Dad looked at me puzzled. "Like they have fake grass, fake smiles on there faces, fake bull...crap, the place is filled with sluts, whores, and d***k bums who have the equivalents of and 8 year olds brain!"

"Sounds awful Blake"

"It is, and you know what the worst part is?"

"That you're so far away from home." Dad said knowing that was my answer

"Exactly! Sometimes I wish I took your advice and went to the college out here."

"Well you wanted that scholarship."

"Yeah, but now that I take a look back at it all...I wish I didn't go...But hey I graduate in a couple of months and then I'll head back out here to teach at my old school."

"Sounds good to me." dad replied. "You know Blake, when I'm gone I'm giving you this place."

"What do you mean when you're gone?" I asked

"You know, when I die."

"Dad, you're not going to die for a while"

"I know that, but when that fateful day comes I'm giving you this land and everything on it."

"Really? That's awesome dad, I love this place."

"It's got to stay in the f****y, and I can't think of anyone else to leave this place to, except your s****r."

"Speaking of Shady, where is she, I thought she would be here by now."

"Oh, she'll be here tomorrow, she had to finish some things up before coming down."

"Okay, hey pops"

"What's up Blake?"

"I love you."

"I love you too son."

Yeah I love my dad what are you going to do about. I have always been affectionate about f****y and I always will. Dad took one final drag on the cigarette then threw the bud away. About that time my mom called us in.

Dad and I entered the house and immediately everyone was asking me about school, life, job, love. I was overwhelmed and looked at my mom in dismay. She saw the look that I had given her and took me out of the swarm of f****y members. She told everybody it was late and time to clock out for the evening. Everybody agreed and said there goodbyes, got into their cars and drove to the hotel in town.

"I hope that wasn't to much for you Blake." Mom said

"No, I just loved being surrounded by people asking a million questions in my ear" I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Well for better or for worse they're gone for the night."

Dad nudged me and spoke "Get your bags dude and head up to your room. Me and your mom are going to crash so if you want to stay up keep the volume down a little bit."

I nodded my head and went to the car to get my luggage.

The moon was out and it wasn't really dark. After setting my bags down on the front porch I stopped and looked at to the land that dad said would be mine in the future. I smiled at the satisfaction that the infamous spit of land would remain in the f****y. My glance turned to the forest, I smiled as I remembered all of the times I spent in there writing, reading, or just hung out. Then I wondered if my spot in the center of the woods was still there.

I opened one of my bags and grabbed a coat. I started running toward the almost magical woods. The woods were a fair distance from the house. Just picture two football fields put together and that would be the distance from the house to the forest. The forest trees were white with snow on them. Pine still filled the forest with its amazing smell. I breached the trees and ran through the rows of them mind set on my special spot in the center of the woods. I then stopped at an opening in the center. I started to grin when I was met with the sight of a huge tree in the center. Snow covered the tree just like all the others, in front of the tree was a frozen lake. I walked slowly towards the gigantic tree then placed my hand on it slowly. Then I looked behind the enormous trunk to see a bench, a bench that I had made for the very purpose of staying in there to write. I was an amazing writer some people even called me the next Shakespeare. I always had a little journal with me and when ever I felt like writing I did. Poems, sonnets, stories, letters, everything, I wrote anything that popped into my head. I was planning on making my little journal into a published book but I didn't have the money. So there I sat on the cold bench that hadn't been used in years, I was the only one who knew about this little secret spot. The forest was so wide and vast that no one dared to venture to far into it, but I did and I turned out to find one of the best hiding spots.

After reminiscence I realized that it was getting late and the temperature was getting colder. I headed out of the woods and back to the house. Once at the porch I sat down to catch my breath, the smell of pine was inhaled in every breath. Pine was my weakness, my euphoria. After that small rest I got my bags and headed into to the house.

The next morning I woke up early. Knowing that the house wasn't alive yet I went for a run through the woods to my secret spot. I rested a bit, ran back to the house and started the process all over again. I did this for a couple of hours then went inside. Sweaty and hot I went straight up to my room grabbed some fresh clothes and headed toward the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I walked in I ran right into my baby s****r in nothing but her birthday suit. I stood there stunned at her beautiful body that I didn't remember her having when I left. She had maroon hair, dark green eyes, perfectly round tits, brown nipples, and lost a lot of her baby fat and when I say a lot I mean a lot. She was a cow when I left her 4 years ago and now she was this skinny golden tan fox that I am ashamed to say made me get a small erection. She let out a scream and I ran out and closed the door. I shouted through the door "I'm sorry!" Then looked down at my pants and saw my member begin to shrink. "I'm so sorry." I said under my breath. What the hell, I can't lust over my s****r, for crying out loud it sounded wrong even thinking about it.

A couple of minutes later she walked out of the bathroom and I jumped right into it. I turned on the water to the shower and striped my clothes, thinking about what I had just witnessed. Shady was cute when I saw her last, overweight but still cute, but now she was a babe, and for the first time I had a feeling for her that wasn't natural. I hopped into the shower and started soaping up, my mind still on my golden fox s****r. As the water fell down on my head I kept thinking about how incredible Shady looked. Once I finished I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waste and headed for my room. I quickly changed into the clothes I got from my suitcase and head down stairs.

When reaching the bottom step Shady was there waited for me.

"Shady, I'm so sorry, I didn't hear any noise from the bathroom, so I thought it was safe."

Shady gave me a huge hug then released and said in an excited voice 'It's ok Blakey I understand, besides it's not like it hasn't happened before."

"Yeah but that was a while ago. I haven't seen you in 6 years and now I saw all of you,"

"Yeah, still I'm glad to see you, it's been forever b*o!"

"Yeah I know, how's the college life for you?"

"Fine, I only got another year and then I'm coming home to teach at our old school."

"No way. I thought you might work Down in Atlanta near Ben"

"FYI Blake, me and Ben broke up years ago"

"Serious? Ah, I liked him, oh well. It's still cool you're going teach up here, I'm going to do the same thing."

"No your not, are you?"

"Yeah, when I graduate in a couple of months I'm coming out here and teaching. What are you studding again?"

"History, that's freaky how you're planning on teaching here. Even freakier that I am too."

"Well great minds think a like."

"Isn't that the truth" Shady said and gave me another hug.

We walked into the kitchen and all our relatives were there getting their breakfast. Everyone was looking at Shady and I, we both looked almost exactly the same next to each other. We both had long hair, mine was a little below the neck and Shady's was to the small of her back, we both had dark green eyes, you could definitely tell we were b*****r and s****r. Mom came in front of us and handed us two plates of toast, bacon, eggs and sausage, then handed us each a glass of orange juice.

"Here you go my angels.' She said with a bright smile on her face.

"Thanks mom" We said in unison, we glanced at each other and giggled. Then I quickly belted out, "Jinx, you owe me a soda!"

She quickly responded "Hey!, no fair. Mom!"

"Now k**s do I have to separate you two?"

"No." We said in unison again. This time she got the better hand of me and blurted out the c***dish saying "Jinx, you owe me a soda!"

"All right you two go sit down at the k**dy table." Our mother said

"Uhg...oh well, at least Shady will fit in all right." I said as I sat in a small chair A smack came to the back of my head.

"Your mean Blake. You know that?"

"Aw c'mon it was a joke, seriously though you do look a lot different than you were at 17."

"Really? You think?" She blushed

"Yeah, I mean you had that uh...never mind"

"No what, what did I have?"

"I don't want hurt your feelings."

"This about the weight?"

"Yeah, how'd you loose it all?"

"Exercise, does wonders to the should know all about that manly man." She lent her hand over to my muscular arm.

Now I'm not bragging and I don't want to but I had a pretty good build going on for me. I mean I wasn't outrageously ripped but you could definitely see my build wasn't average. I had a small six pack, my chest was rock hard, no man titties. My thighs were pretty average. My butt was hard and flat. I had a very descent look and that got me in many situations were girls wanted me but I refused them all. I believe in waiting for the right one., Even got myself a promise ring.

"Well, I do try to keep fit." I replied to Shady's remark.

"Me too, feel my muscles." She flexed her arm and you could see a small muscle pop out from those arms.

"Nice Shady, soon you'll beat up your big b*o."

"You know it!" She punched my arm twice softly with a wink

"Hey mom!" I said.

"Yes Blake?" She turned to look at me sitting in a little small plastic chair, knees to chest. She began to laugh.

"Mom, I feel uncomfortable in this chair, can I go out play in the snow?"

"Ok" She said still laughing.

I collapsed out of the chair, got up off the ground and went outside.

I started to walk to the forest when a snow ball came flying at me.

"Hey!" I turned around to see my s****r putting on a pouty look. "That hurt...Your going to get it now girl."

I bent down grabbed a handful of snow and ran after her. She ran as fast as she could, which was pretty fast, but I final caught up to her and gave the snow straight to her face. She frond a little bit then ran out of my grasp and started running.

"Oh no you don't!" I started to run after her. She finally fell to the ground and I collapsed beside her.

"Ever miss these Christmases Blake?" She asked

"Of course, it's been too long since our last snow ball fight.

Shady curled up beside me and I looked at her. Then I remembered this morning looking at her naked in the bathroom. It was only for a couple of seconds but I remembered it well. I quickly let go. I was about to walk away when she pulled me back down close to her.

"What's wrong B?" She asked with concern

"Shady, I want to tell you this but d-don't freak out please."

"Ok, what is it?"

"Well this morning when I walked in on you, I looked a little, I-It's one thing to look on accident but this was kind of on purpose."

"I know, I saw your eyes on me."

"Yeah but..."

"It was obvious when I saw you look straight at me with a goo-goo look on your face."

"Well in truth I haven't been able to get that picture out of my head all freaking morning, and as much as I'm supposed to hate it, I don't."

Shady blushed for a second, I released myself from her walking away into the forest leaving her in the snow alone. I had always found solitude in my secret spot and this was a time when I really needed it. As I reached my spot I saw my bench and grinned at the sight of it. I went over to it and sat down with my legs stretched out. I tried thinking about everything that had happened and why I felt this way, when finally I popped out my little book and started to write. It was a letter this time. It read this:


Dear Shady

I feel something for you I know I shouldn't. I don't know how to explain it, hell I can't even explain it to myself. I love in the b*****rly way and the friendly way I am suppose to, but there is also that other way of love. I hate myself for this. To love you is a crime against my own morals and the morals of society. I don't know what to do. If I keep this feeling inside I will burst, but if I don't I will hurt everyone around. This morning I saw you and I felt so alive, more than I ever have in my life. I felt as if the sky was blue and the water was warm, like a perfect summer day.


I tore that page out of my book and on the back I sketched her name on it. I placed the paper in my pocket then I heard a snap of a twig in the woods.

"Who's there?' I yelled out

"No one special" a voice said and a woman came walking out of the trees, Shady.

"Shady! How-how are you?"

"Fine? Uh are you ok Blake you seem very skittish."

"Oh yeah I'm fine..." I took my hand and brushed my hair back "...just a little surprised you found this place."

'Dude, this place is like the easiest place to find"

"No." I then put on a little k**dy voice "It's my super secret hiding spot, no on can find it."

Shady gave a small laugh "What's that you put in your pocket?"

"Nothing!" I realized my urgency and said it more softly "Nothing"

"Uh-huh, c'mon let's see what it is." She ran up to me and reached for my pocket.

"No! It's my paper" I struggled to back away from her reaching hand. Unfortunately my little s****r has slippery hands and grabbed the paper. "Give it back Shady! It's mine."

"I will, I just want it to read it, hey it's got my name on it." She unfolded the paper and began to read my message. Her eyes widened and she looked up at me.

"I was going to put that on your bed before I left." I said with my head down

"You're leaving? No you can't!" She exclaimed

"What should I do Shady, I can't control my feelings but I can control what to do with them"

"So what are you going to do with this one?"

"Bottle it up, counselee it, keep it locked up."

"You can't..." I stopped her before she could continue

"It's wrong Shady."

"According to you it is. Blake, like it or not I am your s****r but I want to be more as well. I know you want me too, so take me."

"Shady I can't"

"Yes you can!" She stomped her foot on the ground and folded her arms like a spoiled little girl.

"You're being unreasonable; I do want you, but..."

"But what? But this, but that, fuck that Blake! Excuse after excuse, for once can you just stop making excuses?"

"I...I don't..." I didn't know what to say

"No more excuses?" She exclaimed

I sighed "No. I've run out."

"Good." She came over and gave me a small but sweet kiss on the lips; you could say they were lips of an angel.

She smiled after releasing from my lips and started to walk away. I was worried about this but I was eurning for more so I ran over to catch her. I grabbed her by the arm and turned her to face me and I planted one right on her. It wasn't a short and sweet thing. This was a long passionate kiss, one that told the other person everything you were feeling. She then placed her hands around my neck then slowly began to pull me closer to her. I felt her tongue try to enter my mouth, I allowed her entry and she began to explore my mouth,

Her hands slipped down from my neck down to my chest, she grabbed the zipper to my jacket and brought it down.

"Wait." I gasped releasing from the kiss.

She smirked at me and kept unzipping. She brought her lips back to mine. Once fully unzipped she flung my jacket off. I did the same to her jacket. I slid my hands from her waist up to the zipper of her jacket, grazing her boobs as I passed them. She giggled a little bit when I was fiddling with her zipper. I finally started to unzip her and flung her jacket off her. She wore a white tank top and a black bra underneath. I released from our lip lock. I looked at my perfect little s****r after a few seconds I smirked with a feeling of joy and even, crazy as it seems, love.

"What?" She asked with a small laugh

"Nothing, you just look so beautiful."

Shady began to blush and we began our kissing again. I felt her hand smooth down to my jeans. She released the belt, then the button, then the zipper and before I knew it my jeans were at my feet. I reached for her pants and repeated the process that she did for me. She stopped the kiss and raised her arms signaling me to take her shirt off.

I curled her shirt above her waist, to her breasts then over her head and past her vertical arms. She remained only in her underwear, she gave me a look, I can't explain it all that well but it reminded me of a sunset on the beach, warm, breathe taking and beautiful. She unhooked her bra and two 36B breasts slid out. I couldn't believe it, my s****r, my baby s****r, was undressing in front me. I couldn't help my self, I went down and sucked on her left breasts. She let out a grunt at the sudden impact and pushed me away. She shook her finger at me and then pointed to my bench. She grabbed my hand and led me to the wooden bench.

Once at the bench she went and grabbed our clothes, came back and laid them on the wooden shay. She grabbed my boxers and slipped them down my waist, my erect penis, then down my legs and past my feet. After examining my naked body she pushed me down onto the seat. I lay there, flat on my back. Shady slipped her black panties down and straddled me. I gazed into Shady's green eyes and saw a sparkle in them that seemed almost mystical, like one of those sci-fi films and the eyes have a neon glow, that's what her eyes looked like.

Shady slowly lowered herself onto my 7 inch, she gasped at the penetration and kept lowering herself. I inhaled at the pleasure of her hot, wet vaginal walls sunk down on me. After lowering herself all the way on me she began to rise up and then go down, leaving my dick soaked each time she lifted herself. After a few minutes she began a steady motion, going up and down. She began to get a little cold so she lowered herself onto me once more and placed her body against mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her head on my chest. I rubbed her exposed backside with my hands to keep her warm.

She started to grind against me then started humping me again. I followed her motions and soon after we were having full on sex. Her hands were on my shoulders and her hair dangled in my face, her eyes still had that same sci-fi glow in them as we kept at our flow. Then I felt my balls cringe up and I knew I was going to cum. I told shady I was going to let loose.

"Hold on...uh, uh, uh uh, Ahhhhhhh...oh yeah"

She reached her orgasm and spewed all over my dick. I felt myself reaching my climax and had to pull out of her.

"Oh crap here I cum!"

I pulled my little s****r off my rod and let loose. Load after load shot up onto her stomach and on mine.

Once done, my arms weakened and Shady collapsed onto me. She gazed into my eyes and I into hers and we laid there for a few minutes.

"Ok Shady, we got to now." I told her

"Do we have to? I want to stay here, with you, forever."

"Shady, we have to go inside the house. People might get worried about us."

"I know. I just enjoy being held by you."

"We're here for another few weeks, plenty of time for me to hold you in my arms."

"You mean it, your staying?"

"Are you k**ding me, after that I never want to leave."

"Awe Blake..."

She lent in for a kiss and backed away to tease me. I grabbed he head and f***ed her mouth onto my and we just kept going on with this small excursion. I broke our kiss after a few, "Ok Shady, we have to get dressed"


We quickly started to change and no matter how many times I tried to pull my eyes away, I kept staring at Shady like my eyes were stunned and couldn't move. We were finally fully clothed and walked out of the woods walking hand and hand.

Tomorrow we would have another day together. Her eyes met mine, and they still had that glow that was so mysterious and powerful. Once we were half way in between the woods and the house Shady pushed me to the ground and began to run. I grabbed a bunch of snow and ran after her. I lunged the snow ball towards her, I missed. Then like in an action movie, Shady summer salted into the snow grabbed a heap of white powder and flung it straight into my face. After whipping my eyes off I saw her running for the house. I reached down and grabbed some snow again, shaped it into a ball, aimed for my s****r and released the snow ball nailing her right in the back. She giggled on impact and kept running towards home.

Once we both were inside the house we took off our coats and put them up. The couch looked so inviting so we both collapsed on the soft coushions with a sigh.

"There you two are where were you? I've been looking all over for you." Our mom said while giving us two hot cups of cocoa.

"Well, we were just exploring the woods." I replied

"Oh? Did you get lost in there?" mom asked

"No...we found our way through pretty good."

"That's good..."A timer in the kitchen went off "Oh, that's the biscuits"

"Biscuits?" Shady shouted

"With gravy and sausage" Mom replied

"Mom, you're too good to us." I said

"That's why I'm mom, I know what you like"

"Not everything" I muttered and glanced at Shady. She blushed with a small dimple lit smile. "Hey mom, where's the f****y at?"

"They went back to the hotel for a few hours. They'll be back for lunch."

"Oh ok, I'm going to go take a shower...get cleaned off."

"Ok honey."

I walked up the stairs towards the bathroom. Opening the door my mind flashed back to this morning when I saw my cute little s****r naked. Then my mind went to when I was in the woods with my little s****r. I closed the door and started the shower. The hot water with the cold air fogged up the room and within minutes I couldn't see anything. I took of my clothes and hopped into the shower. The warm water felt good. Ever drop of water felt like a thousand small hands massaging my body until I was loose and limber. After the shower I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and went to my room. Scavenging through my suit case I heard footsteps walking close towards my room and stopped at my doorway. I turned and saw my s****r standing there.

"What's up?" I said pulling a black T-shirt over my body.

"Nothing I just wanted to see what you were up to."

"Changing." I replied and found a pair of grey boxer briefs. I slipped my towel off and threw it into they hamper by the dresser.

"Changing in front of your s****r? Tisk, tisk."

"I've done worse things." I smiled and slipped the underwear over my waist.

"So what happened in the wasn't just a one time thing was it?"

"Nope, I plan on doing that to you a couple more times on this vacation." I pulled up my jeans and started to zip them up. Shady walked over slowly and put her finger at the top of my jeans and pulled me close to her.

"I don't just want a couple more times, every second we're alone I want you in me."

"Hmm....we'll see." I smiled at her and took a pair of socks out of the suitcase.

"It better not be a 'we'll see' Blake Dennis Toner" She wrapped her arms around my body and gave me a bear hug. She looked like a little girl next to me. A 6'3" man being hugged by a 5'2" girl was an awkward site to see but I felt happy having her arms around me.

I sighed a little "Ok, if you insist."

"Good!" She let go of me, smiled and skipped out of my room humming.

'This was going to be an interesting Christmas.' I thought to myself.

After changing I ventured down stairs and went into the kitchen, Mom was making the second batch of biskets, Shady was making Christmas cookies and dad....where is my day?

"Hey mom where's dad?" I asked

"He's in the barn. Why don't you go help out there and see what he's up to."

"Ok, can I have a biscuit first?" Just as I said that mom threw me a nice and hot biscuit. "Thanks mom." Then I went outside to the barn.

Dad was working on fixing his old beat up VW bus. "Hey dad!"

"Blake, is that you?"

" still have this piece of garbage?"

"Hey you can't mess with quality." My dad said while whipping his hand on his jeans. "So what's up?"

"Nothing, I just came out to see what you were doing."

"Yeah well I'm just working."

"Need help?" I asked

"No, I think I'm done for the day." There was a pause in the air then my dad spoke again "C'mon I want to show you something." He signaled me to follow him up the ladder.

"What do you want to show me?" I said while climbing the wooden ladder.

"Just come up and you'll see." I walked up off the ladder and stood straight up. "Here, take a look at this." I walked over to a dusty chest.

"What is it?" I asked

"Open it, and see" My dad said with an anxious grin.

I opened up the wooden box and found a huge book. I opened it up and there was a picture of my mom with a baby in her hand. "That's you when you were born." My dad said. On the next page there was a picture of mom, a little older with another baby in her arms. "And that's your s****r." I then turned to the next to see Shady and I at ages 7 and 8. Then I saw me on a bike and Shady riding a tricycle behind me. "Yeah, I'm going to give this to your mom for Christmas."

"Dad it's amazing, she'll love it." I said with a small tear in my eye.

"I know." Dad said with a smile.

"Well, I want to go inside now, I just wanted to come and check up on you."

"All right I'll be in after a while." He took the book and placed it into the chest.

I went back into the house and found some of my cousins loafing on the sofa.

"He cuz, what's crackin'?"

"Not much Jake."

"You want to chill for a while?"

"Nah, I think I'm going to head up stairs read a book"

"Did you here that Brian? Blake doesn't want to hang with us."

"Well it's his choice." Brian said

"Yeah that's true...Hey catch you at dinner bud." Jake said with a smile

I nodded my head and went up stairs. I was in my room, on my bed, grabbing my journal out of my back pocket. I was beginning to write when I heard a noise from under my bed. I put down my notebook and pen and lifted the sheets from the floor. I crouched my body and looked beneath my bed. There she was staring me right in the face, Shady. She was small and limber enough to squeeze her self underneath the small cavity. She smiled at me like a cute little girl playing hide and seek.

"What are you doing under there?" I asked

"Waiting for you."

"For me? Why?"

"Because you're my boyfriend!"

"That I am, but you don't have to hide underneath your boyfriend's bed"

"I know but its so much fun." She came crawling out from the small space and walked over to my door,


"Don't worry lover boy, I'm not going anywhere." She closed the door and locked it. She turned to me and started to strip. Inch after inch of clothing came off her and went on to the floor. When she was in nothing but her maroon panties She began to walk over to me. "I have an early Christmas present for you big b*****r..." She then slid of her g-string. Once fully off she threw the maroon panties in my face. I could feel the moister on it and the smell was sweeter than honey. "Merry Christmas big b*****r," She then grabbed her jeans and pulled them over her bare naked thighs.

"Wait, we're not going to... you know" I asked

"Not just yet, I just wanted you to have a little something of me." She said while pulling her white tank top over her head.

"No fair..." I whined

She interrupted me, "Don't talk like that; all is fair in love and war."


"Love" She shook her head in agreement.

After that tease my s****r gave me I was building up my urge for her, the more I saw her the more I wanted her, the more I wanted her the more I thought about having her. Every time she passed by me, my heart fluttered. I finally had to let this compulsion subside. So I grabbed some baby lotion went to a private place, unzipped my pants and started masturbating. My beautiful little s****r on my mind I came and spewed my seed. It wasn't the real thing but it eased the yearning for my little s****r.

When it was time for lunch I walked down the stairs and there she was, my s****r. She dressed up in a cute outfit that just screamed sexy. I walked down to her and brushed the hair from her forehead back. She smiled at me then lent in to whisper to me.

"I'm still not wearing any underwear Blake, what do you think about that?"

"I think you turn me on when you whisper in my ear."

"C'mon big b*****r let's go eat."

We walked into the dinning room and were greeted by all our f****y members. We sat down at the table across from each other and then lunch was served. During the meal I talked to everyone about what my plans were after college and how I was planning on teaching, they all agreed that it was a smart choice and started talking about how they were doing at their jobs and life for them. I wasn't listening to most of it; I was focused on my s****r and how she made feel. I stole glances at her all evening, she did the same, a few times our eyes met and we both blushed at our c***dish game. After awhile I got bored, the meal had been finished for a while but everyone was still at the table talking. I was a little tired, my uncle was bragging on and on about how his company in Nevada was getting better business I was almost dozing then I felt it, something was rubbing my crotch. I jumped up a little bit and looked down my to my waist, it was a foot rubbing my area. I looked up and saw my s****r slouching. I knew it was her foot on me; I shifted my body a little because the pleasure of her rubbing me was very enjoyable. I felt my climax coming so I stopped her before I came. She looked at me puzzled and I just shook my head as to tell her to wait. I politely excused myself from the table and went up to my room. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I turned and saw her, the most beautiful woman in the world. Standing right in my door way.

"Hey there handsome." She said walking toward me. "You going to let me finish what I started?"

"Yeah, I just didn't want to cum at the table." I unzipped my pants and let out my erect penis. Shady laughed at my quickness and closed the door.

She then came back over to me. She kissed me on the lips softly then knelt down. She grabbed it with an urgency that caught me off guard. She started to jerk it; I closed my eyes in the ecstasy of her hand forming around my penis. Then I felt her warm breath on my cock, I knew what she was planning on doing. In that instant I felt her mouth cover my erection. She slowly moved up and down my shaft I grunted in the feeling of her mouth on me. The moister of her mouth and her lips around my shaft was incredible almost insane. Then I felt it, my climax, it was almost at its peak, my breathing grew faster and heavier then I came. A few squirts went into her mouth then she let go of my penis. And the rest hit the chest part of her shirt. She let go of my rod and stood up grabbing one of my shirts from the floor and took off her blouse. She jiggled her breasts a little for me then put my shirt on.

"That was fun, we should do it again sometime" Shady said.

"I agree we definitely need to do that again."

She grinned and went out of the room. I zipped my pant's up and fell on my bed with satisfaction. I figured that all the Christmases before were nothing compared to this one, After a few minutes I drifted off into sl**p not knowing what tomorrow would hold. Not knowing what the next few weeks would hold, hell I didn't know anything. All that I really knew was that my s****r just gave me head and it felt good.

A few hours later I woke up and it was well into the night. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 12:30 p.m. Confused I walked out of my room and explored the upstairs. It was quiet, not a sound except my dad snoring like a frate train. I heard a noise come from the kitchen, down stairs. I walked down the stair case as quietly as I could. I peered into the kitchen and I saw Shady nibbling on some cereal. After realizing that it was her I walked in and sat in front of her.

"Hey sl**py head." She said

"Hi." I replied rubbing my eyes. "How come no one woke me up for dinner?"

"Cause you were asl**p and no matter how hard I tried you didn't wake up."

"Oh...I'm hungry." I stood up and went to the fridge.

"Thought you might be. Your food's in the microwave." She said with a smile

I looked at her for a moment then turned to the microwave. There was a plate with chicken, green beans, carrots and potatoes. "Yummy." I grabbed the plate and it was still warm, I set it on the island where I was sitting before. "I dreamed about you"

"You did?" Shady squealed girlishly

"Yeah, it was like an old western movie. You were being abused by some ignorant jackass and I came to rescue you." I took the chicken and began to rip it to shreds.

"My hero" Shady placed her hands over her heart and batted her eyelashes.

"It was great. Saving you from an evil person was the highlight of my dream." I just sat there eating my food when I noticed Shady was starring at me. "What?" I said with a mouthful of food.

"I don't know, you just seem so handsome and...manly, it's really fetching"

I smirked and swallowed down the food I had in my mouth. "Well, your quiet fetching yourself."

"And don't you forget it." She darted back.

After a brief moment of silence we heard mom scream from upstairs. Shady and I both ran strait to the noise. I opened the door to her room.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"It's your father, he's not breathing." She yelled

"Shady call 911, get them here fast" I told her while running over to check my dad. I felt for a pulse and it took me a few seconds but I finally found it. "He has a pulse mom; we need to get him to the hospital though."

"They're coming." Shady said running up to the door. I nodded my head in agreement, keeping my fingers on my dad's pulse.

A few minutes later I heard the sirens from the ambulance rush up to the house. Shady went down and opened the door to for them, they came rushing into the room with a stretcher and placed my father on it. Rushing out of the room my mom followed them.

Once they loaded my dad in the ambulance my mom went in. "Hey, c'mon let's go." Shady tossed the keys to her small VW bug over to me and we drove behind the medics.

The car was silent most of the way. I was thinking about how dad was talking about giving me the land, Once I saw him there on the bed u*********s I thought to myself that he was telling me because he knew that something was going to happen. Was he sick? Did they forget to mention a certain something during one of our phone calls? Was dad going to survive? My head was frantic; I could only imagine what Shady was thinking.

"Blake I'm scared" Shady frowned at me

"Me too Shady. I don't want to loose him yet. I want him to see me graduate and maybe one day get marri....." I stopped myself from saying more

"Married? Is that what you were going to say?" Shady asked more intently.

"I was, but then I realized I can't marry you" I kept my eyes on the road never breaking site of the car in front of us.

"Well maybe one day...."

"Shady c'mon, you know the law about this kind of stuff. We couldn't get married and if we told anyone about us they'd flip lids."

"So do you" Shady asked her eyes firmly on mine, no neon glow just a question.

"I...don't...Shady let's not talk about this dad is in..."

"Screw dad for a second, answer me, do you regret us? Shady interupted with a growl.

"No...I don't regret us, I'll always remember it."

"But there's no us, is there?"

I looked into her eye's and I nearly broke down, how could the one person I wanted to be with, the one person I lost my virginity to, the only girl I actually honestly loved be my s****r? She was amazing, I loved her and that killed me. "Shady..." I couldn't finish. I wanted to say, Shady I love you, I need you, I want to hold you forever, but nothing came out of my mouth. Her gaze faded and head slouched down.

The minute we got to the hospital I parked quickly. The ambulance had gotten there much faster than us. I shut of the car and placed my hands and head on the wheel. I was about to open the door when shady grabbed me and kissed me. It was quick but I knew what she meant. "You think about that Blake, think about us."

Shady grabbed the handle to the car and went running into the hospital. I sighed as I knew I was in a big pickle, for love or law?

I exited the car and walked into the lobby. Mom was sitting anxiously next to Shady who was curled up beside her. "Is he ok?" I asked smoothly with worry.

"The doctors don't know yet." Mom muscled up.

"I'm going to ask around."

Mom nodded as I passed by the yellow line on the floor. Walking around I saw a lot of people, some coughing up a storm, some doped up so much that they can't do anything, crazy old women walking around naked. It was nuts. I finally came to a room and saw my dad surrounded by doctors. I cleared my throat to acknowledge my presence. One doctor came over to me. "You f****y?"

"Yeah, I'm his son."

"Listen we need you to wait in the lobby." The doctor said routinely

"No, no wait...tell me what's going on."

The doctor sighed "Your dad had a bad heart attack."
"What, why?

"I wish I could tell you..."

"So tell me!"

"Your dad has a dull heart, he must have pushed it overboard and it acted up."

"So, can you get him better?"

"Yeah, but it's going to take a new heart to get him there."

"How long does it normally take?"

"It's hard to say, could take a month, year, week."

"Ok, I understand...thanks"

"No problem" The doctor patted me on the back and went back over to my dad.

I walked back out into the lobby and told Shady and mom what happened. Mom began to cry and Shady tried her best comfort her.

"Hey guys, I'm feeling iffy, I'm going back to the house."

"I'll go with you." Shady said jumping up.

"No Shade, stay here."

"But I want to go." Shady whined

"No, stay here with mom, keep her company." I walked out the door slowly thinking about what the doctor said, thinking about what I said to Shady, everything.

"Wait!" Shady's voice came yelling after me

"Shady go back inside." I yelled back.

"Blake wait," She said walking up to me.

"What Shady"

"I-I wanted to come."

'Shady! I can't deal with this."

"This? Do you mean us?" She asked smoothly

"No! Thi-this whole ordeal is too much, dad in the hospital, us, everything."

"Maybe you and I can handle it together."

"What do you want from me Shady?" I exclaimed "I-I can't offer you anything, I'm your b*****r and by God I'm madly in love you. But the one thing that I really love, I can't have."

"Says who" She asked

"The entire fucking world that's who. You say you want to be with me but there's no future in this relationship Shady, I mean we had an amazing time together but then what? We do that till Christmas then walk away and carry on with our lives? Then we come back and it's the exact same thing all over again?"

"No, I thought we...."

"What, live together, oh yeah that's it, Shady, do we tell people that we're together? No, and I can't live a lie...I mean Shady c'mon! I'm just going to go."

"....I" Shady couldn't speak

I left her there alone in the parking lot. I knew I had been cruel but I was in no mood to try to sugar coat anything.

The minute I got home I went up to my room. I grabbed all my clothes and packed up, I was leaving. I couldn't stay there, I would think about Shady to much. She would probably ignore me also. I just needed to get away from it all. So I decided to go back to collage early.

"What are doing?" A voice came from behind me

"Nothing Brian...I'm going to head out."

"Why?" He asked entering the room.

"Cause I just can't stand this anymore."

"Listen Blake, I know it's hard but you'll get through this."

"I know, dad has a bad heart but he'll get a new one."

"I wasn't talking about your dad."

I swung my head around in astonishment, did he know about me and Shady. "What do you mean?"

"Blake that might work on your mom and your other cousins but I know better. You and Shady, Yesterday in the woods, ring any bells?

Oh shit, he though, I was so careful. "Bri listen man it's not what you think."

"Oh, it's exactly what I think, you and Shady have fallen for each other, and that's why you're leaving now." He came over to me and patted me on the shoulder, "What are doing man, I know better than this..."

"I know. I shouldn't feel this way."

"Dude, I'm talking about you not sticking around and being with her."

I shot up in confusion. "Are you insane? She' know"

"Yeah, I know but you love her and by all I know I can't believe your running away."

"Brian, you just don't get it do you."

"Oh, I get more than you think. But I can't change your mind on this one so go on and run, I ain't going to stop you."

"Damn it Brian! She's my s****r!"

"Yeah, so what"

"So..." I couldn't believe it. He was right. So what if she's my s****r, but I couldn't stay anymore I had to go. "Bri, why aren't you pissed at me?"

Brian laughed and placed one arm around me "Believe it or not Blake. I don't find anything about this wrong, so I can't be pissed at you."

"Thanks man." I zipped up my last bag and went walking out the door

"Wait you're still going?" He asked

"Yeah, not because of Shady, I just need to me when you know more about my dad."

"All Right." Brian sighed as I went out.

I drove off knowing that Brian was right and knowing that everything else was wrong. I still had to go though. I can't stand the fact of my dad in the hospital, made me sick even thinking about it. I got on the plane home and just wished that the whole situation hadn't happened. Shady was on my mind all the way to collage. Brian's conversation rushing through my head. Why was he so damn right about everything? I always knew that some day would come when I actually needed his advice but I never thought it would be about this. Oh well the flight is long and I need some sl**p

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