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A walk in the woods 2

it was a couple of weeks after my adventure into the woods,i was settling down nicely in my new home.the landlord seemed nice and the rent quite cheap.that day i had got up ,had a soapy shower and got dressed to have i was going down stairs the phone rang,i hurried over and picked it up."hello"i said."hello,naughty boy,remember me!its the man who found you naked in the wood".my heart started to beat fast,my legs went to jelly."oh hi"i said sheeply."do you remember i said id be in touch,well here i am"he said"and i want you to come out for a drive with me".i gulp"ok when"i said."now,im sitting out side your house in my car!".oh my god i thought."but im not ready"i said."dont worry about being ready,just put on a pair of shorts a nd a top and be quick"he demanded.i put down the phone and ran to the bedroom,looking through my draws i spied some old skimpy shorts and a tshirt,i quickly got dressed and went outside to his car.i got into his car."hello dirty boy"he said.i looked over at him and he grinned at me."hello i said.he drove the car to another part of laindon hills that id not seen before,he drove into a car park.there was 5 other cars in the car park,only one had its driver in it.the old man stopped the car and reached over to me.he grabbed at my nipples under my top."now then dirty boy,i want you to come for a walk with me in the woods"he said."ok i said.he grabbed at my tshirt and ripped it off over my head."wot are you doing" i asked worryingly.he tore the shorts i was wearing off my hips ."wel i want you naked for this walk"he said.oh my god there i was sitting naked in this old guys car."but theres a man over there in his car,hes looking over."i said"dont worry about that get out of the car"he demanded.i stepped out of the car and into the fresh air,my heart was racing as i stepped away from the car naked.the man in the other car stared as me and the old man walked past.he started to get out of his car as i rounded the next bend and onto a path into the woods."THis way" said the old man.i followed quickly very aware that i was naked and vanrable.we came to a woode part with trees close together.the old man grabbed me and tied my arms with some rope that he had hidden nearby.he tied one arm to one tree and the other to another tree."wots going on "i said."im ganna make sure you dont try and struggle this time"he said.i was helpless i could move.the old man went behind me and slapped my bottom relly hard.SMACK,SMACK,SMACK.OUCH PLEASE OUCH.I BEGGED."be quiet boy said the old man,he pulled my head down hard that it yanked at my ropes and hurt my arms.his cock was in my mouth in no time,he fucked my mouth so hard he made me gag severel times.."ohhhh your fucking sexy,look at you all tied up and naked" he said as he pumped awy at my mouth.suddenly the driver of the other car was behind me and touching my cock sprang to attention.his fingers probed the crack of my bottom and found my bum hole.i felt a finger penatrate me.i gasped on the old mans cock.then i felt the mans cock nudging at my enterance."im ganna fuck you good "he said,the old man gave out a wimper as he shot a warm jet of cum down my throat,i had no time to complaine as the man behind me was ramming his cock deep into my bottom."ooooohhhhh,fuck me,fuck my bum." i cried.he rammed it in and out as if there was no cock twitched as it gave out its cum."ooohhhh,youve made me cum"i said.suddenly there was three more men with cocks as hard as rock coming out the shoved his cock deep in my mouth,another grabbed at my cock,the last one just stood and watched as i was used by these other men.the man in my bum,gave a grunt then pulled out his cock and came all over my back"fucking lovely"he said.the man that was wanking grabbed my hips roughly then entered me with a hard thrust.his cock was huge,my bum hole felt stretched to its limits,oh god i felt good.the manin my mouth came all over my face.the man pulling at my cock was now waiting his turn on my bottom.the old man suddenly stepped up to the front of my face with his cock in his hand,surely he wasnt ganna go he started to pee on my face,the hot urine hit my eyes and stang.all the while the other man was fucking my bum."ooooooohhh yes im fucking coming"he said as he thrust deep into my bottom filling it up with his cum.OOOhh,i cried.the last man was now happy as it was his turn.i waited to fill the nudge of his cock on my bum hole.instead i felt a finger,than another,fuck he was working them in deep.then another,"oooohhhh god your hurting my bum feels like its on fire."i complained.his little finger was next.oh my god it felt so bad.he stuck his thumb in next and proceeded to try and get his nuckles past my bum hole.he thrust his fist time and time again trying to get his whole hand in.i was screaming but they didnt care.he finally stop trying and pulled out his fngers,only to be replaced by his cock.he fucked me hard as the others watched.then as he was coming into my arse another 2 men stepped out of the woods and took over and fucked my face and now ery sore bum hole.after a whilwe my bum felt as if it was notgoing to close anymore after this onslaught.all the men had emptied their sacks into and onto me and had walked off.i was still tied up and the old man took out a camera and took photos of me spunky and fucked.he cut my ties and i fell to the dirt floor.he went round behind me nelt down and started to eat out my spunky bum hole.his tongue had no difficulty entering my gaping bum hole.after a while he took me back to the car and gave me some new shorts then drove me we got outside my house he said"be ready for my next call dirty boy,we are ganna have i stepped through my front door i felt the cum dribbleout of my arse and down my leg,i lent my back onto the front door and pulled out my cock and wanked it furiously thinking about how id been used and abused by these strangers,i came alot just as i fingered my bum hole and felt how wet and open it felt.i cant wait for my next call.all i can think about now is sex,i love it.any time i can i strip off around my home and sunbath nude in my garden.i feel ive been awakened by these strangers,i feel now that im a sexual spirit burning to fuck and suck once more

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