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Dennis The Menace: - Alice, The Mardi Gras Gang-b

Dennis The Menace: - Alice, The Mardi Gras Gang-bang Whore
by Sniper32

At a collage in California, three sorority s****rs were sitting around in
there bedroom talking. "Finals are done, so where are we going to go for
Spring Break this year?" Blondie asked.

"Well there's Tijuana or Cancun" Rita said.

"How about skiing in Aspen, that would be fun, or we could go to Ft.
Lauderdale, but that's a pretty wild place" Alice said shyly.

"We've been to Tijuana dozens of times, Cancun was fun until we drank the
water and all got sick, and Ft. Lauderdale was a blast last year, but it's
the same thing there every year. We get d***k and have guy's trying to scam
you to sl**p with them, like I said fun but been there done that" Blondie
said. "Skiing in Aspen sounds boring, I want to go to a place were we can go
completely wild for our last spring break before we graduate" exclaimed

"I've got it!!!!" screamed Rita. "How about Mardi Gras, my ex roommate went
there last year and had a blast, 14 days of partying, drinking, and
collecting beads."

"Hell yea, that sounds like the place for our final spring break, all of
those hot guys throwing beads at us and buying us drinks, I'm in" said

"I don't know, I've seen movies about Mardi Gras, I know what women have to
do for those beads. I couldn't show my breasts to a complete stranger, let
alone dozens of them. Only Henry has seen them and only a couple of times
sense we've started dating last year" said Alice.

"Oh Alice, out of the three of us you have the best tits, your problem is
your to shy and reserved, you need to go wild and cut loose at least once in
your life, especially if you stick to your plan to marry Henry and have a son
after graduation. After that happens you will never ever have the chance to
cut loose again" Rita explained to Alice.

"It's not my fault I am like I am, I just am a quiet, shy person. How ever
you do have a point about not having another chance to go wild after I get
married. Henry will be working with his father this spring break, so why not,
lets do it, what's the worst that can happen?" Alice stated.

So Blondie got all of there reservations and plane tickets taken care of for
the three girls and in a month they flew down to sunny New Orleans for Mardi

They checked in to there rooms, Rita and Blondie changed into their sluttiest
outfits, tube tops and mini skirts, were as Alice wore just a simple
sundress. They met in the lobby, "Alice that's what your going to wear
tonight? I thought you were going to go wild and cut loose for once" Blondie

"Get off my back, were going to be here for 2 weeks, I'm starting off slowly,
not like you two, my god are you guys even wearing underwear?" Alice asked.

"HELL NO!" Rita and Blondie hollered out simultaneously.

"Well at least she isn't wearing a bra under that dress, that counts for
something" Rita said.

Blondie just shook her head and rolled her eyes. The three sorority s****rs
walked down Bourbon Street and started bar hopping. It didn't take long for
Blondie and Rita to start collecting beads. Blondie was flashing her tits
every few feet, as was Rita, they were both were about 5'10 and on the thin
side, with long shapely legs and a tight ass, their chests were a nice 32C

A few times when Blondie lifted her tube top to flash a bead giver, one or
more sets of hands would start cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples,
she loved it, the feeling of complete strangers hands roaming over her tits
was really turning her on. Rita was even more wild, not only was she flashing
guys, she would flip up her skirt and flash her freshly shaved pussy at them
also. She was having the same thing happen to her as Blondie was, guys would
be groping her breasts and every now and then she would feel a finger
caressing her pussy and sometimes she would feel it being inserted into her
or rubbing her clit, she was so wet and turned on.

By the time the trio of young lady's had gone a block both Rita and Blondie
had about 2 dozen beaded necklaces on them each, were as Alice had not even

"Come on Alice loosen up and show a tit or two, my god your at Mardi Gras and
you have no beads" Rita said. "Hey mister, come here, you want to see some

"Hell Yea" he said.

Rita grabbed Alice's sundress and pulled the top down, both of Alice's 36C's
were now exposed for all to see. A couple of other guy's around them saw what
was taking place and started to cheer, a few of them even threw a couple of
necklaces at Alice.

"Rita stop that" Alice exclaimed as she pulled up her dress back up over her
chest. Her face was beet red.

"There now you have some beads" Blondie said as she put the half dozen
necklaces over her friends head.

"I can't believe you did that" Alice scolded Rita as the three of them walked
down the street to the next bar.

Once there, both Rita and Blondie started drinking shots big time, both of
them were pulling down there tube tops around their waists, the guy's in the
bar would cop a feel as the girls walked by them. After awhile you couldn't
even see their chests any more due to the amount of beaded necklaces they had
over them. Finally they both jumped on top of the bar and started lifting
there skirts up and flashing their pussy's at everybody. Alice on the other
hand had been slowly being pushed back from the bar by the mass of d***k
guy's trying to get closer to the bar to see the two almost naked girls, she
was almost to the rear of the bar just shaking her head at her friends

A group of about a dozen guys grabbed the now d***k Blondie off the bar and
started fondling her as she was being passed over there heads, fingers were
being thrust into her pussy as hands were groping her breasts. She was
intoxicated and in heaven, she had had a multiple partner experience before
but nothing like this, there were so many hands and fingers. She had already
had one orgasm from all of these fingers being plunged in and out of her now
hot wet cunt. "OH YEA KEEP IT UP BOY'S I"M HOT AND WET" she hollered out.

The same group of guy's pulled Rita off the bar next, and she to was being
groped and fingered as they passed her over head. Both of the lady's ended up
being passed towards the bathrooms in the rear of the bar, they both ended up
in the men's bathroom floor.

When the two d***k girls looked up from the floor they were surrounded by
about 7-10 guys with there cocks in there hands taking a piss.

"Well well well what do we have here, a regular dick smorgasbord" Rita said
as she reached out with both of her hands and grabbed a cock in each one and
started pumping them hard. Blondie went one step further and started to blow
two of the guy's at the same time, while giving a hand job to two other

"Yea baby get it hard for me" Rita said as she got one of the dicks fully
erect. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and let it slide down
her throat, she started bobbing her head rapidly up and down his shaft,
faster and faster until he blew his load of spunk down the back of her
throat. "Next" she said.

The rest of the guy's split into two groups of four and lined up in front of
the two lady's and proceeded to get a blow job from them. Blondie was on her
knees blowing two guy's at once when they both started to shoot their loads
of cum, between them they flooded her mouth with their spunk, it started to
run out of her mouth and down her chin and onto her tits.

Guy after guy slammed their cocks into the two sorority s****rs mouths, the
line never seemed to get any shorter. After swallowing a dozen guy's worth of
cum each Rita and Blondie had sobered up enough to realize that there was a
line of guy's of about 2 dozen more in front of them and it started to freak
them out a little. Before the next guy could slide his cock into her mouth
Rita jumped up and grabbed Blondie's hand and started for the door of the
bathroom pushing then guy's out of the way.

The guy's left in the lines were not to happy about this and tried to stop
the lady's, Blondie said "If you guy's don't let us pass I'm going to start
screaming `****.'"

The guy's let them pass. Blondie and Rita stumbled out of the bathroom and
into the bar, their tits were hanging out and they had cum in there hair and
on there faces an chests.

Rita saw Alice and made there way over to her. "Where have you two been, I've
been looking for the both of you for about the last 1/2 hour?" Alice stated.
Then she noticed all the cum on them an their disheveled appearance's. "WHAT
DID YOU GUY'S DO"? she demanded.

"We got a little bit carried away," Blondie said with a smirk.

"Lets get you cleaned up a bit, where's the lady's room" said Alice.

So after getting themselves cleaned up and remade up the girls once again
started down Bourbon St. hitting more bars. Alice started to loosen up after
drinking a few more shots. They found a bar that was getting ready to start a
wet T-shirt contest.

"Let's sign up" squealed Alice.

So the 3 ladies received there white tank top T-shirts and got on stage with
about a dozen other d***k co-eds. The announcer and his helpers started to
wet down the girls with ice water, the shirts became see through an their
nipples got hard an began to stick out. One by one the contestants started
strutting their stuff on the stage to the rousing cheers of the mostly male
audience. They were dancing provocatively on the stage, flashing an groping
themselves in front of the guy's.

When Rita began gyrating on the front stage, she was groping and flashing her
ass and tits to the crowd. Then Blondie came over and pulled her shirt off
and started swinging it over her head an then tossed it into the crowd, then
she started to lift her skirt up around her waist an let everyone see her
snatch, she laid down on the stage a began to finger herself.

The crowd of d***k and horny males went nuts and rushed the stage, they
jumped on the stage and started to m***** the female contestants. A few of
the lady's jumped off the stage and ran into the bathroom were they locked
the door to escape the rampaging guy's, but about 9 women plus Alice, Rita
and Blondie were stuck on the stage, they were being groped and fondled by at
least 3 dozen guys. Some were running there hands over the lady's breasts,
tweaking their nipples, others were sliding there hands between the girls
legs, a couple were finger banging the girl's pussy's and assholes. Most of
the contestants were trying to push the d***ks away from them, but about half
were d***k an liking the feelings that the guy's were bringing out in them
and were responding in kind.

Blondie was reaching into two of the guy's pants an pulling out their semi
hard cocks, she dropped to her knees and stuck one of the cocks in her mouth
and proceeded to start sucking him off while jerking off the other one with
her hand. A third guy got behind her and whipped out his hard cock an started
rubbing it up an down the crack of her ass, she got on all fours and he
wasted no time, he slid his dick into her pussy and started to fuck her.

"Oh yea, fuck me hard, you big studs" Blondie moaned as he started slamming
his nice fat hard cock in an out of her hot pussy.

Rita had a guy on his back an was riding his cock like a cowboy, as she
continued to suck off two other guy's. "OWW OWW GIVE IT TO ME, HARDER,
HARDER" she hollered. Another guy came up to her and spit on her asshole and
plunged his long but thin cock into her. "OH SHIT, UMPHGGG FUCK MEEEEE!!!!'
Rita screamed.

Both guys got into a rhythm were one would pull almost pull out then the
other would slam his in all the way, then they would switch, Rita was having
one orgasm after another.

Alice was shocked as she was surrounded by 6 guys who had backed her into a
corner and had pulled her T-shirt an dress off, they were fondling her all
over her body. She had two guy's sucking on her breasts, and a couple more of
them plunging there fingers in an out of her cunt.

"Damn your pussy is so tight, I'm going to have to get you really wet to fit
this in you" said one of the guys as he pulled out his hard cock out.

Alice gasped when she saw the guy's dick, her eyes had a frightened look in
them as she took in the sight of a dick that was at least 11" long and at
least 4' thick. "Stop this all of you, I'm not doing that, get off of me" she
said as she tried to struggle and push the d***ks off of her.

The guy's started to chuckle ominously, Alice looked around in the hope that
she could find somebody to help her. The other female contestants were in
various positions on the stage, some were on there knees giving guy's blow
jobs, others were on their backs with a guy between there legs pumping their
hard cocks in and out of their pussy's, a few of the lady's had a dick in
each of their holes getting the shit fucked out of them.

Blondie had a guy in each hole plus a extra one in her pussy. All the lady's
had orgasmic looks in there eye's as they were being ravaged by all of these
d***k an horny men. From all over the stage and bar all you could hear was
the sounds of sucking and fucking, moaning and groaning, and the sounds of
multiple women in the throes of orgasmic delight.

Alice was shocked by the pure a****l debauchery going on around her, her
friends were fucking and sucking complete strangers with total abandon. They
had always given her grief over the fact that she was a tad uptight, but she
had to admit, the feelings she was experiencing with all of these hands
roaming over her body, the multitude of fingers being plunged into her
virginal pussy, her breasts an nipples were so sensitive right now!!!!...
something in her just snapped.

She got on her knees and grabbed the first cock she saw an started jerking
the guy off to get him hard, then she started to roll her tongue over an
around the head of his cock getting it all wet and moist, than she began
running her tongue up and down the bottom side of his dick, flicking his
balls when she got down there. Once he was hard she slowly started to engulf
him, wrapping her lips around his shaft and slowly started to take him down
her throat, in and out she was sucking him off like a pro, letting him ram
his dick in an out of her mouth an down her throat.

"Damn girl, go for it" the surprised guy moaned out. He grabbed the sides of
her head and started to face fuck her for all he was worth, slamming his cock
in her, all the way in , finally he blew his load, emptying his balls with
spurt after spurt of hot cum deep in her mouth.

"Fuck Me, this chick has some suction on her" he gasped as she cleaned his
cock off.

"Not bad for my first ever blow job" she asked?

"Hell no, that was awesome" he exclaimed.

"My turn" his buddy said as he shoved his hard dick in her mouth.

In a span of about 15 minutes Alice ended up blowing about 5 guy's, she loved
taking their loads of hot cum in her mouth and swallowing it all down. "I can
see why my girlfriends like to give head, this stuff tastes great" she said.

One of the guy's wanted to eat her out so he grabbed her and flipped her over
so her legs were flung over his shoulders and he started rolling his tongue
over her clit and sliding it into her hot wet pussy.

One of the other guy's came over to her and slid his dick in her mouth, now
being as she was upside down, this was very weird to her but between the
feelings she was experiencing with a man's tongue deep between her pussy lips
and another guy's cock slipping and sliding in an out of her mouth she had
her first orgasm ever.

"OMMM OMM GMPHFFF' she moaned as her legs clamped tightly around the guy's
head, she started to spray her pussy juices all over his face. The guy just
continued to suck on her clit an drink it all down.

"UMM UGHH" grunted to guy she was blowing as he pulled his dick out an shot
his load across her face an in her mouth.

Blondie was getting the gang bang of her life, she had a string of orgasms,
and the guy's would not stop fucking any and all of her holes that she had,
and she was loving every moment of it. She at one time thought that she was
going to pass out from the shear ecstasy of it all. She had two large fat
cocks fucking away in her cunt, being slammed in an out of her as hard as the
guy's could, an then a third guy proceeded to stick his cock up in her ass at
the same time, this made her cum hard... very hard, harder than ever before.

"YEA!!! YEA!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!" she screamed. She was whipping her
head back and forth with a look of pure pleasure on her face. She saw out of
the corner of her eye Rita being ravaged by 5 guy's, their cocks hard and
glistening with theirs and her juices, like pistons they were driving in and
out of all her holes, a puddle of their cum had formed on the stage under

When she turned her head to find Alice, another guy came up and stuck his
hard cock in her mouth, she started bobbing on it, before to long he pulled
out and shot his load of baby batter all over her face. She saw Alice being
eaten out upside down while blowing another guy. "Alright Alice, your
finally going wild, go for it" Blondie screamed.

At that moment all three guys let loose and came in her pussy and her ass,
she felt their wet slimy spurts start to flood her holes "UMPHFF, YEA YEA OH
OH GOD YES" she screamed as she her own orgasms racked her body.

Alice had heard her friend yell out to her, "Lay me down and fuck me" she
said to the big dicked guy who was eating her out. He laid her on top of a
table on the stage with her head and legs hanging over the table edge.

"I'm a virgin so take it easy at first, OK?" she warned him.

"Hey you two come here and hold her legs as far apart as possible" he told
his two buddies.

He started to rub the tip of his engorge cock head up and down her hot wet
slit, her pussy was still soaking wet from her orgasm of a few minutes
earlier, so it did not take long for his tip to get totally covered with her
juices, he began to slowly slide his member in to her. "Oh Shit, your so
fucking tight, DAMN, spread her out boys, I'm going to fuck the shit out of
this cherry" he hollered.

As he slid his dick further into Alice's cunt she started screaming "OH GOD

So he pulled his dick back out of her a little and plunged it all the way
into her in one thrust "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK" Alice screamed.

The guy could not move as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock like a
vice. Alice had never felt such pain in her whole life, she felt like
somebody had ripped her open, yet it was not a totally unpleasant, once she
relaxed her muscles, the guy continued to thrust into her at a slow steady
pace, his cock was covered with her juices as he fucked her with piston like
strokes, in and out, in and out.

One of the guy's holding her legs reached over and started to massage her
clit, rolling it with the tips of his fingers, he continued to do this for a
few minutes, "I'M CUMMING AH AH MMPHFFFFF, UH UH YEA YEA" Alice howled as she
started to thrust against his hips, meeting each of his thrusts with her own,
her pussy was squirting all over his groin.

"God your so tight, Ung Ung Ung" he grunted as he continued to pound away in
her cunt until he to joined her in a massive orgasm.

By now all of the guy's in the bar had either fucked or been sucked off by
all of the female contestants on the stage, most of the women were in the
process of getting their cloths back on and trying to leave, but about 9
guy's and Alice's two friends were in a circle around the table that Alice
was on, they were cheering her on.

After Mr. Big Dick had shot his load into Alice's snatch, he moved out of the
way and let one of the guy's who had been holding one of her legs get in
between her thighs, he slid he hard cock into Alice's now slightly less tight
cunt, were he proceeded to start power fucking the young coed.

Another guy who had already busted a nut with one of the other lady's came
over to were her head was hanging off the table and stuck his semi hard dick
into her mouth. Alice energetically started to give him the best blow job she

Rita and Blondie were amazed, here was their normally VERY shy and VERY
uptight sorority s****r getting power fucked and blowing another guy at the
same time. The guy's started a round robin on Alice, one guy would start
getting his dick sucked to get him hard, while another would be between her
shapely thighs fucking her, once the guy fucking her busted his nut in or on
her, the getting the blow job would come over and start fucking her.

In a span of about 45 minutes Alice had been fucked by at least a dozen men,
her pussy was covered with there deposits of cum, it was literally running
out of her and there was a good sized puddle of it on the floor under her.
She had had dozens of orgasms herself in that time. After the last guy had
spurted in her she had almost past out from the shear ecstasy of it all.

Rita and Blondie helped her stand up, her legs were completely numb, she
needed help to get to the bathroom to clean herself up, as when she got
vertical what seemed like a 1/2 gallon of hot slimy cum and her own juices
started pouring down her thighs.

"Damn girl, I never ever thought I would see the day when you could pull a
gang bang bigger than anything I've ever done" Rita said to Alice when they
got into the bathroom.

"That was a blast, but I've got to have your promises that you two will never
and I mean NEVER tell anybody about what I've done down here, Henry would
leave me for sure" Alice pleaded.

"No problem, my lips are sealed" Rita said.

"Mine to, but honey your pussy lips sure ain't" Blondie said as she was on
her knees cleaning the cum out of her friends twat.

"Hell your pussy's still open from all that fucking, but give it some time
and it will go back the way it was, other wise I hope Henry's got a big dick"
Blondie said.

Alice smiled and said "Well it's about 7" long, I saw it once when he was
changing his cloths in my bathroom a few weeks ago, I peeked, but we decided
we were not going to have sex until our wedding night and that's in about 6

After the girls got themselves cleaned up and remade up they left the
bathroom, the dozen or so guy's still in the bar started hooting and
clapping, the table were Alice had been ravaged on was piled high with
hundreds of beaded necklaces. Then to top it off, one of the guy's who
happened to be the bar owner came up and handed Alice and envelope with
$500.00 in it. "We all agree even if you hadn't fucked all of us, you would
have won the wet T-shirt contest, so here you go, it's the first prize

Alice turned beet red again, "Um, thanks I guess" she mumbled.

The girls left the bar and being as it was quite late headed back to there
hotel for the rest of the night. Blondie and Rita both took long showers to
get fully cleaned up, were as Alice was so sore she ended up soaking in the
tube for a couple of hours before they all turned in for the night.

The following week went by pretty normal (as normal as Mardi Gras gets).
Blondie and Rita had amassed a fairly good sized collection of necklaces,
about the amount that Alice had received on there first night. Alice would
flash her tits every so often and get a couple more necklaces each day. By
the second week things in New Orleans where picking up, more people were
there partying and having fun, so more guy's would be buying the girls drinks
more frequently, it did not take to long before all three of them were quite

While stumbling down Bourbon St. Rita and Blondie saw a airbrush stand, so
they stripped down to their waists and had the artist paint there collage
emblem on their chests, Alice of course declined the offer to have her chest
painted, but at least agreed to have her face painted. So off they went down
the street, d***k and half naked.

The street was packed solid with party goers, hands were constantly being
rubbed over the topless two girls chests, this plus all the drinks in them
were making them both so hot and wet, Alice was intoxicated herself. A
muscular guy bent over and put his head between her thighs and lifted her up
on his shoulders. "Hey put me down" she demanded as she started to wiggle
around trying to get down. "Calm down and enjoy the view" he said. Two of his
muscular buddies grabbed Blondie and Rita and hoisted them on to their
shoulders also.

All three of the girls had beads being thrown at them now, Rita and Blondie
had hands being thrust up to fondle their tits and their asses. They didn't
care as they were loving all the attention that they were receiving, even
Alice started to get in to it, she started to flash her tits, and not
freaking out when a hand or five would reach up to grope her chest. They were
next to a bar that was selling test tube shots, the three guy's all handed
one to each of the girls on their shoulders. The girls all did the shot and
started to cough and choke on the liquor, as it was punch flavored moonshine,
100% alcohol.

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