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This all started when I was 18 and just split up from my first boyfriend I was lonely and had been looking on the internet for some fun, a guy messaged me saying he liked my pic and he knew what I was. A dirty little slag... looking for cock!!
My cunt twitched as I read it and I replied yes I am. He told me he wanted a slag, he was married and 55 his wife only liked straight sex, what he needed was a cheap young slag who would do what she was told, he gave me a hotel room number and told me to only turn up if I was serious, he had a group of friends that I would be required to service and not to bother if I wasn't interested.

I thought about it for a few minutes but I was so turned on I couldn't resist, was this what I truly needed? I dressed slutty like he had told me too, a tight white v necked top, with a black push up bra underneath showing so much cleavage that my areolas where showing, a short skirt the barely cover my arse cheeks, a black thong fishnet stockings and suspenders and so high heeled shoes.

I nervously knocked the door and i heard him say 'come in whore' so.... blushing bright red I went in.

'stand here in the centre of the room' he said from his chair. He looked old, a big man tall and very well built, he looked like he liked a drink, his belly hung over his belt as he sat with his legs apart looking at me.

'turn around' I felt his eyes on me as i turned around god this was so wrong but it was turning me on.

'it's just me today I will have a look at you and see if you are worth offering to my friends slut, now come closer stand between my legs'

I moved closer my face red as his eyes looked me up and down his hands reaching for my tits groping them hard.

'mmmm lift your top up slut show me you bra'

Hands shaking I lifted it up leaving it folded above my cleavage as he reached up grabbing at my tits, sliding his fingers into the cups he pulled them down my bare tits falling out hanging over the pulled down cups.

'mmm thats better slag show me those fuckers, fuck they are big going to enjoy using those things now get your nipples hard!'

I rubbed my nipples for him using my fingers to tweak them hard watching him wriggle in his chair and slowly rub himself as he leered at my young body, his hand pulling down his flies and sliding inside.

'turn around slag and take off your thong. then lift your skirt and bend over so I can see that slut arse'

As I obeyed him and leant forwards I felt his hands on my arse groping it his fingers digging in spreading my cheeks his finger poking in my arsehole as he moaned 'mmmmmmmm tight little hole' after a few minutes poking at my arsehole he told me to turn to face him and as I did I saw he had opened his shirt and dropped his trousers his cock poking out from his grey Y fronts. He reached forward and pulled down my skirt then slowly rubbed his hand over my smooth mound. His finger sliding between my lips and then poking hard into my cunt.

'mmmmm tight little cunt u got there slag' 'now suck me'

He pulled down his pants and grabbed my head shoving his hard fat cock in my mouth, I was so turned on I sucked him swirling my tongue around his head, licking under his foreskin making him moan, he yanked his cock out of my mouth and pushed my face into his big sweaty hairy balls moaning 'suck those fuckers slag' rubbing my face into his balls..... 'lick my hairy arse slut get right in there' he moaned as I did what he said lapping at him as probing his sweaty arse with my tongue. He groaned again and pushed me on my back kneeling over me his fat cock looking so swollen and red.

Wanking it hard he spoke ....'Spread you legs whore show me your cunt! show me what I own I will have you I think...... your holes will please my friends pull those lips wide now I m going to mark you with my spunk, I'll save fucking you for later lets keep you horny and gagging shall we you dirty little slag' with that he exploded stream after hot stream all over my cunt 'take that you slag fucking dirty little bitch' as he covered my wet horny little cunt.

Standing up he pulled on his clothes, and walked to the door, saying 'be ready I will call you when my friends want you whore ' and with that he left me there, open legs tits pulled out covered in his cum.....

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