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First voyeur experience

When I was about 11 / 12 my older b*****r had some mates and their girlfriends over. I don't know what they were up to just having lunch or something, but I definitely wasn't invited as younger b*****r and was made to walk the dog.

As I walked back to the house I saw some movement and innocently looked across. The window was a toilet downstairs and whilst it had a curtain there was a section to one side not covered and I could see straight in clearly. One of the older girls at school who I fancied was standing up facing away from me. I think it was the first girls ass I had ever seen. Frozen I stared at this beautiful sight standing still for an instant, then thrusting her arse toward me a little as she pulled her black g string up. When she had it comfortably where she wanted after a little wiggling there was a brief pause, just enough for me to register and store the picture, then she pulled her jeans up and exited.

I was suddenly massively aware that I had been standing on the lawn transfixed by her arse for at least 2 minutes and felt dirty / guilty. I loved saying goodbye to her that day and looking into her eyes having seen her exposed and had one of my first wanks and many since over it.

Needless to say I spend a lot of time inviting girls I fancied over and suddenly having to let the dog out after that day!

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