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Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 4

(Sorry this is taking so long to get completed. I have been so busy lately)

As I was rubbing his cock hard, I couldn’t get out of my head that in a short time, Jim and I would be fucking without birth control. I had it in my mind that I was not going to be nervous about fucking Jim, but I knew that in just a few minutes, I would be feeling his big hard cock in my hot cunt and his cock would explode inside of me… unprotected. I started wondering to myself if I should go along with the bet just like all of us had talked about or do I ask Jim to pull out? Those that know me well know that I love feeling a guy buried as deep as he can be inside of me when he explodes. The feel of hot thick cum flowing inside of me really turns me on. It is even better when it is a big cock all the way inside of my cunt when he cums. But it is better because I know I won’t get pregnant and I can enjoy feeling a guy cumming inside of me. So, do I ask Jim to pull out just before or should I let him cum inside of my ass? And then Jim said that he can’t wait to get his cock inside of me. I couldn’t wait either. His cock felt so big and hot in my hand. Jim looked me in the eyes and asked if I was really ready. The moment of truth. I told him I wanted to feel his big hard cock inside of me and that I was going to fuck him so hard and make him explode deep inside of me. There. I said it and no more thinking about it.

We started kissing and I felt Jim adjusting himself between my legs. He started rubbing his cock along the outside of my cunt and it was getting me wet and hotter. Jim stopped and propped himself up on his arms and asked me to reach the bottle of oil for him because he wanted to put some all over me and on him. I handed him the bottle of oil and he started filling his hands and was rubbing it all over my boobs and stomach and filled his hand again and started rubbing the oil all over my cunt. The more he rubbed, the hotter the oil was getting. Then he filled his hand and started rubbing it all over his cock. After he handed me the bottle and I sat it on the nightstand, he rested his body on top of mine and we could feel the heat of the oil between us as we started kissing again. The soft smell of coconut filled the room. (and I love the smell of coconut!) I felt Jim slide a little closer and the tip of his cock was poking for my cunt. After a few seconds of searching, his cock found the spot.

I felt the tip slide in the opening of my cunt and it felt so good. Even though I have had big cocks before, and an occasional fat cock, Jims cock was big and fat. As he pushed in deeper, I could feel him spreading my cunt and was becoming a very tight fit. We started kissing some more and I begin to thrust my hips up at him to letting him know I wanted even more of that hard cock. With each thrust of my hips, Jim would drive his cock into me deeper. It was maybe about another minute, (but felt like much longer) and his cock was finally getting buried to his balls into me. As his cock sank as far as it could inside of me, he just held himself there for a second or two. He pulled his head up a little and told me how tight I was and he wished this night could last forever. And feeling his big, fat, hot cock inside me, I started thinking the same way. I arched my hips up to him letting him know I wanted him to start fucking me.

Jim started slowly thrusting his cock in and out of me. It felt so hot and I was raising my hips off the bed to plaster my cunt against his cock. I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands on his ass and starting pulling him into me. It felt so good and I wanted to fuck this cock all night long! Jim was kissing my neck and telling me how tight I was and this only turned me on even more. He would pull his cock back and then thrust it into me and would grind his hips against me with his cock stuffed deep into my cunt. The more Jim did this, the more I wanted it. After several minutes of Jim ramming his cock so deep inside of me, I felt myself getting ready to cum all over him. It felt so good and I could not hold back any longer.

I told Jim I was about to cum and without saying a word, he started fucking me faster. By this time, my hands were around his lower back and just as I was starting to cum, my hands went back to his ass and I pulled as tight as I could to get every last bit of his cock inside of me. I arched my body against him and my whole body shuddered as I begin to cum. He drove his cock as deep as he could inside of me and I was shouting for Jim to fuck me hard with his big fat cock. I do hope the rooms on the ship are soundproof because I couldn’t stop. I was cumming so hard on his cock and the harder he rammed his cock into me, the more I was cumming. Jim would pull his cock back and with all of his f***e, he would ram his cock to his balls inside of me. I was trying hard to catch my breath as I was cumming and it seemed like the harder he fucked me, the harder I was cumming.

As I finished cumming, I slowed up a little, but Jim just kept ramming his cock into me. He asked if I was okay and trying to catch my breath still, I told him I was great and told him his cock feels so fucking hot inside of me. Jim asked if he was being too rough and I told him I was enjoying feeling his cock being rammed into me. (Sometimes I enjoy feeling a cock being drilled into me.) Jim kept pounding his cock so hard and so deep inside of me and I started to get the feeling I was going to start cumming all over again. I had caught my breath and started arching myself against him once again. Just about the time, I was about to start cumming again on his cock, Jim said he was going to cum. I was so into the moment and had my legs wrapped around his back and had my hands on his ass and I didn’t comprehend what he had said. Jim shouted “Here it is! I’m going to cum!” And just then, my brain picked up on what he was saying. My mind raced about what I should do or say right then.

And then he rammed his cock into me as deep as he could and I felt his cock explode with his hot cum deep inside of me. Fuck it! I shouted for Jim to fill me with his cum. He would pull his cock back and drive it in deep and each time he would bury his cock all the way into me, I felt his hot cum shoot from his cock and into my cunt. The thought that I was letting him to fill me with his hot cum and I was not taking any birth control escaped my mind. All I could think about was draining his cock and I started cumming all over his cock at the same time. The more he was exploding inside of me, the more I was cumming and it seemed like he couldn’t stop cumming. Over and over, I could feel his cock shooting his hot cum deep into me. It seemed like it took a few minutes before either of us started to slow up. And then we collapsed against each other.

Jim was breathing so heavy and I was trying to slow my breathing up and catch my breath. Jim raised his head and looked at me and said “That was fucking great!” and before I could say anything, he kissed me. He held his cock in me and I could feel his cock starting to go limp and after a couple of minutes, he rolled over next to me. We laid in each others arms not saying a single word. Jim finally said he his mouth was dry and asked if I wanted a glass of champagne. All I could do was nod my head yes. He got up and poured us each a glass and I sat up, and he came over and sat next to me as we sipped our champagne. Every so often, Jim would lean over and give me another kiss. I sat my glass down and the next time he leaned in to kiss me, I put my arms around his neck and held him there and we started french kissing. When we stopped kissing, Jim reached over and sat his glass on the nightstand and we started kissing some more and fell back on the bed until we were laying next to each other again.

Jim was laying on his side and propped his head up on one hand and with the other hand, he started rubbing my belly with his hand. He caught me off guard as he said “So, do you think you are going to have a boy or a girl?” Somehow, I caught myself saying “Twins!” I was no longer nervous about not taking birth control with Jim and was actually considering what it would be like to get pregnant with him. As long as Michael was okay with it, maybe I wouldn’t mind it either. I also knew the night was not over and I would feel him cumming again inside of me before morning. And we still had several days left on our cruise and this would not be the only night I would get his big cock shooting inside of me. After I mentioned I would have twins, Jim smiled and told me he wouldn’t mind watching my stomach grow with his baby inside of me. The first time felt so great and all I could say is “Well, we will just have to make sure of that. We still have plenty of time during this trip.” Jim reached down and started rubbing my cunt and said “I’m happy you said that.”, and he leaned in started kissing me again.

As he was rubbing my cunt, I was getting hot again and I reached down and took his cock in my hands. I could feel his huge balls and could feel them begin to enlarge in my hand and his cock started getting hard once again. Just as his cock was rock hard, I started to roll over onto him. This time, I was going to be on top of him, fucking his brains out just like he did to me not less then a half hour earlier. I was laying over him and I felt his cock probing to find my cunt. His big cock knew its way around by now and he found my cunt and I started to sink myself over him.

I was laying over him and would raise my ass up and thrust back down over his cock. This time, it was Jim arching his back up to me. I started thrusting my cunt down hard against his cock and I sat up so I could slam myself down against him. From this position, it felt like his cock was going even deeper then before inside of me. After fucking him for several minutes, I told him I was about to cum and told him I wanted him to cum with me. Jim started thrusting up into me even faster and after a couple of minutes, he said he was about to cum too.

Just as I started to cum, I tilted my head back and just then, Jim shouted he was cumming. I slammed my self down onto his cock and started grinding my hips against him to get every bit of his cock all the way into my cunt. Just as I felt his cock shooting his hot cum inside of me, I started cumming on him. I was cumming just as hard this time as I did the first time and from the feeling of his cock exploding deep inside of me, I think he was getting off in me just as hard as the first time as well. It seemed like he more he would cum, the more I was cumming. The deeper I felt his cock inside of me, the more I wanted and the harder I would thrust down onto his cock. I glanced down at Jims face and he had his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face. This was telling me that he was enjoying what I was doing and made me fuck him even harder.

It took a few minutes before we finished cumming and I laid my body over him and started kissing him. He started rubbing my back just above my ass and even though, neither of us had enough energy to keep fucking at that second, his cock was still rock hard inside of me. I started twirling my hips against his cock and he just laid there and I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. We were french kissing as I continued to grind away at his cock without raising up off of it. I felt his hands slide lower to my ass and without saying a word, I felt his cock release once again inside of my cunt.

Knowing I made him cum again made me start cumming all over. Not as hard as the first two, but I was getting so turned on knowing that what I was doing was making his balls explode inside of me. I raised up for a minute so I could hold my cunt so close against his cock. When I did, I glanced down and seen just how spread out his cock had my cunt and that was turning me on even more. It looked like about an inch of my cunt was sliding out against his cock as I would raise up just a little on him. I also glanced at my stomach and seen I was a little puffed out from getting his cock and cum stuffed so deep inside of me. Now, I know it is far too soon, but it was almost like I was watching my belly grow with his baby.

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