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Watching Porn with My s****rr and Her Friend

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I came home that evening around seven so find a car parked outside our house. I entered the house and heard giggling from the lounge and heavy panting. I opened the door to see my s****r and her friends Linda and Katie watching porn on the T.V. All three are 20. Katie is best described as all boobs and ass with a big mouth to match. Linda got the big ass but missed out on the big tits and mouth and is less attractive than Katie. My little s****r Nicole is the pick of the bunch, she had perfectly formed smaller ass and tits but they look and feel extra firm.

Nicole: Hey b*o, good day?

Me: The usual, what you watching?

Nicole: Katie brought some porn round...

Katie: You want to watch too? There's a seat here.

She patted the space on the sofa between herself and my s****r. I wasn't too keen to watch but from the look on Katie's face she would have took it as a personal insult if I had declined. I sat down and started watching the hot blonde getting fucked hard doggy style on the television. I saw movement out the corner of my eye and adjusted my gaze. What I saw shocked me. Katie had lifted the front of her skirt up and was rubbing herself over her black silky panties. I quickly looked away and turned to my s****r. Had she noticed her friends' behavior? To my even greater surprise my s****r was rubbing herself over her purple satin panties in the same manner as Katie. I looked at Linda who was sitting normally like me, but then she did have jeans on. My erection soon filled by jeans. I was shocked my Katie and Nicole's behavior but was now contemplating whether I found the porn or them masturbating next to me more exciting.

Katie: Would you mind if Linda took her jeans off Nick? She's desperate to rub herself too but she doesn't have the easy access skirt.

I paused for a second and looked up at Linda who was looking back at me.

Nick: Sure, I don't mind.

I watched Linda remove her jeans and looked at her pink silky panties as she relaxed and started rubbing herself too.

Katie: You might as well join in Nick we can all see the bulge in your jeans.

Nick: Not sure that's a good idea Katie. If I get too excited I'll make a mess.

Katie puzzled over this for a few seconds.

Katie: Nicole, take you panties off and give them to Nick.

Nicole: What for?

Nicole replied quickly.

Katie: Well he needs something to cum into if he gets too excited. I'd let him use my panties but I wouldn't have any clean ones to wear home.

Nicole looked at Katie to see if she was joking or not. Katie was not joking. My s****r stood up, moved her hands up her skirt to find the top of her panties and pulled them down. She carefully stepped out of them and dropped them onto my bulging lap.

Nick: Thanks

Nicole: No probs.

The girls were all watching me as my dick was still safely inside my jeans. I unbuttoned them and lowered the zip and pulled my hard cock out, and wrapped it with my s****rs purple satin panties just ready to wank. I looked at the girls. Katie was staring at my cock. Linda was staring at my cock. My s****r was staring at my cock. From their faces I decided they approved. Our attentions soon returned to the film and we busily wanked.

Then the porno finished. I thought that would be the end of things but it was only the beginning.

Katie: Put the next one Nicole

Nicole: Why do I have to do it?

Katie: It's your video player, what if we break it?

Linda: Yeah you know what your Dad's like, he'll go mad.

Nicole signed and got up to change the video. As she did Katie leaned over and moved my hand so Nicole's panties were at her nose and took a deep sniff, as she looked me straight in the eye. She gave me a look that meant they smelt good then moved my hand so the panties approached my face. I was faced with a huge dilemma. I had sniffed my s****r's dirty panties before but never while she was in the room and might catch me and certainly never when her friends were present and encouraging me to do so. I moved towards the crotch area and gently sniffed. They smelt very strongly of her pussy, god knows how long she had been wanking in them before I got home.

Nicole: Which one should I put on?

Linda: Anyone, we'll watch them all anyway.

Linda and Katie were both smiling at me as I continued sniffing and enjoying the smell of my s****r's panties. Katie looked away from me and spotted something. She returned to me and lowered the panties slightly and gestured at Nicole. I looked and saw my panty-less s****r's ass in the air as she fiddled with the videos and her glistening wet pussy staring back at me. At this point Katie grabbed my s****rs panties from my hand, wrapped them around my cock and started wanking me. I looked away from Nicole to see if Linda had noticed (she had) and Katie stopped wanking me. I looked back at my s****r to see that she was none the wiser and Katie returned to wanking me. She stopped when I looked at her and I worked out her game. I would only get pleasured by her if I perved on my s****r's pussy. Katie didn't have a problem with that so I decided I didn't and feasted on my s****r's bare pussy whilst I received my panty hand job.

Nicole: There we go, hope this is a good one.

Nicole got up and as soon as her pussy was out of my sight Katie stopped her wanking and held my throbbing cock in her still hand. Nicole had sat down next to me before she realized the situation.

Nicole: Oh, let go of my b*****r's cock

Katie: Why? He doesn't mind. Do you Nick?

Nicole: I mind!

Nicole knocked Katie's arm so she released my cock but Katie returned her hand quickly. Nicole glared at Katie and knocked her again this time grapping my panty covered cock in her hand to stop Katie snatching it back. The two glared at each other for about 10 seconds.

Katie: You win then.

Both girls returned their gaze to the T.V., my panty covered cock still in my s****r's hand. My erection remained hard as ever. I glanced at Katie, she was smirking, and it was as if her plan was to get my cock in my s****r's hand. I glanced at Nicole; she was watching the movie and looked annoyed with Katie. I looked down at my cock in Nicole's hand for a few minutes before looking up and seeing that all three girls were rubbing their clits again. I coughed and Nicole looked at me and then down at my hard cock and her hand.

Nicole: Oooppp, sorry b*o, my hand's stopping you having any fun.

With that she let go. I returned to wanking but this time my thoughts were firmly directed at my s****r and the feel of her hand around my cock. God it felt good. But what a weird situation!

It wasn't long until these thoughts had me ready to shoot my seed into Nicole's panties, and boy did I cum hard! I came so much that I saturated the inside crotch of my s****rs panties, while all three girls watched me in excitement.

I relaxed for a couple of minutes watching the girls wanking and checking out the porno and was surprised how soon I became hard again. Katie was the first to notice.

Katie: Fucking hell Nick that was quick. I suppose I should offer you my panties this time so you can have some more fun. I'll just have to go home commando with some spunky panties in my handbag.

With that she stood up and removed her black silky panties and handed them to me. Unlike my s****r though, Katie didn't watch the movie once I had her panties. Instead she watched me and spoke dirty to me, encouraging me to soak them through. I soon obliged and Katie looked thrilled, so thrilled that she put the cum soaked satin panties back on! She leaned over and kissed me deep, I kissed her back, feeling very kinky and pleased with myself. At that point Katie backed off and looked at me.

Katie: I don't think Nicole likes me kissing you Nick.

Nicole: I don't care what you do Katie.

At this point for some unknown reason I kissed my s****r full on the lips and tongued her. To my surprise she didn't pull away and her tongue even pushed against mine. I pulled away and there was silence as I sat looking at Nicole.

Katie: Look Nicole we've made him hard again.

It didn't strike me as strange at the time that Katie said 'we have' but thinking about it she had nothing to do with it! My s****r had made me hard. Katie pulled my head around and began kissing me again and moved her hand on to my cock so she could wank it slowly. After about twenty strokes Katie stopped kissing me and turned my head back to my s****r who moved quickly to my face and replaced Katie's tongue with her own. My s****r was voluntarily kissing me! Katie continued to wank me, I was to busy kissing Nicole to count how many strokes she did on my cock before the next change in proceedings she orientated. I felt her hand release my cock from her hand and quickly felt another hand wrap around my cock. I heard my s****r whimper and but two and two together, Katie had put Nicole's hand around my cock and was now moving her hand up and down my cock. I kissed Nicole harder, I didn't want her to break free and object.

This went on for some minutes before I felt the grip on my cock relax (as Katie let go of Nicole's hand) and quickly tighten again as my s****r took to wanking me without Katie's assistance. Fuck, Katie couldn't have planned that better, if she had just asked Nicole to wank me off there was no chance of her doing it but by orchestrating her actions in steps she had got s****r to wank b*****r. This was proving too much for me. I broke free from my s****r's lips,

Nick: I'm close to coming.

Katie: Linda's ready Nick, go for it.

I looked forward and saw Linda kneeling before me.

Linda: Cum on my face Nick

Katie: Stand up; it will be easier to aim.

I stood up, all the time my s****r wanked at my cock. Once I was standing she aimed my cock at her friend's face and increased her efforts. My orgasm was huge and I coated Linda's face, as it ended my s****r squeezed the last drops of cum on to her friend's face.

Linda looked divine as I looked down at her my cock still in my s****r's hand. She couldn't see as my cum had f***ed her eyes shut.

Nick: That was fun

Katie: It's not over yet

Katie knelt in front of Linda and started licking my cum off her face. Once she had it all she stood and faced me and opened her mouth to show my cum pooled in the bottom of it. My cock grew hard instantly in my s****r's hand. I felt Nicole adjust her grip to my new erection- still not letting go. Katie stepped towards Nicole and pulled her mouth towards hers and kissed her deep. My mouth dropped open as I watched my s****r kiss her back. It looked like tongues to me, which could only mean that my s****r tasted my cum. Katie, parted from my s****r and turned and opened her empty mouth to me.

Katie: Ooops, where's it gone.

I instantly looked at Nicole who opened her mouth to show me my cum, my s****r sloshed it around her mouth a few times then swallowed hard. I waited in amazement until she confirmed my cum was in her throat on the way to her belly by opening her empty mouth. Nicole smiled at me and slowly started wanking my cock again. Katie touched my balls.

Katie: My turn. Hope these babies still have some juice left for me.

Nick: I'll see what I can do.

Katie knelt in front of me and stripped off and started playing with her tits. I wasn't really interested though she did her best to turn me on. I was more interested in my s****r tugging on my cock! She certainly was an expert and seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was. She seemed to sense that I was again close and increased her efforts.

Katie: Cum for me Nick.

Linda: Go on Nicole milk his cock.

Nicole: Come on b*o, make me proud!

That was it. I erupted over Katie's face and she coo-ed in delight. Linda followed Katie's lead and licked my cum off her face and again my s****r swallowed my cum after a spunky kiss from a friend. I was spent and no new erection followed. All three girls turned their attention to my limp cock still in Nicole's hand. She gave it a few strokes.

Nicole: Looks like the show's over.

Linda: Bugger, it was just getting interesting

Nick: Hey, I've already cum like 4 times.

Katie: I bet you can get him hard again Nicole.

Nicole: How? He looks spent to me.

Katie whispered in Nicole's ear and both girls giggled.

Nicole: You're on!

With that Nicole dropped on to her hands and knees and stuck her ass and pussy in the air. Katie knelt down and held Nicole's ass cheeks apart so I could see her tight ass hole and shiny pussy as clear as the porn star's on the TV. Nicole turned round to look at me.

Nicole: 30 seconds to get hard b*o before I stand up.

Katie: 30 seconds Nick or you miss this opportunity if you know what I mean.

Linda knelt down too and spread by s****r's legs wider and opened her pussy lips too.

My cock sprang to life. The girls looked very excited.

Nicole: 20 seconds until I move b*o.

Katie: Be a shame for that cock to go to waste.

Linda: Nicole's really wet Nick, really wet.

I looked Nicole in the eye and she held her head round facing me. I understood. I quickly knelt behind her and aimed my cock at her pussy. Linda and Katie adjusted themselves to make room. I thrusted forward and entered my little s****r's pussy for the first time. Her pussy was so wet!! Then I noticed that Katie and Linda actually cheered. Nicole moaned loudly.

I held Nicole's hips and started fucking her hard. Katie and Linda backed off and Nicole started trusting back at me. Linda and Katie started chanting Jerry Springer style

Girls: Go Nick, fuck her pussy harder, fuck your s****r and make her scream!

We both increased our efforts. After about 20 cycles of the chant I wanted to change position to be able to look at my s****r whilst I fucked her. I pulled out and lay her on her back. I pushed her legs back to her chest so her feet were in the air and she held them still like a good girl. I then re-entered her and continued to fuck her hard and deep. My face was right in front of Nicole's and I could see she was enjoying this as much as me. Her face was on fire and her eyes glazed over in pleasure. I kissed her hard and she responded with her tongue deep down my throat. I felt my orgasm rising and was pleased to feel Nicole's pussy contract around my cock first as she started to cum. That triggered me off and we came together as I filled her little pussy with my cum. I broke off from kissing her and slowly pumped the last of my cum into my s****rs pussy while she beamed at me. Katie and Linda were clapping and cheering.

Katie: That was amazing. Better than the porn movies. Wow. To think I've just watched real i****t!"

Nicole: It's a shame you too only have s****rs. Cock's a lot better when you're related to it.

Linda: It certainly looked good.

Katie: I knew I should have brought the camcorder. How cool would that been to get that on film?

Linda: Very cool! No doubt about it.

Nicole: Well I'm game for doing it again on film. What about you b*o? Do you think you could perform like that again?

I was very shocked right then. I'd just fucked my little s****r in front of her cheering friends and now she wanted to film us fucking.

Nick: Ok. I guess it gives me an excuse to fuck you again.

Nicole: Oh you don't need an excuse to fuck me again. I'm yours anytime, anywhere, any hole. Hell I don’t care if you just want to jerk off into my panties and have me you’re your cum against my pussy all day. I only want your cock from now on my dear b*****r. I don't mind sharing you with other pussy. I'm sure my friends want to fuck you to but I can't go with that cock of yours anymore.

My mouth fell open.

Katie: Yes! I knew it. We watched an i****t porno earlier Nick and we talked about Nicole fucking you but she wasn't keen and thought it disgusting and thought you'd be disgusted too. I knew that any man would want to fuck Nicole so I decided to try and bring you too together. I think you too owe me big time.

I sat silent for a while and the others watched me silently. Nicole with a worried look on her face. She feared she had scared me off.

I stood up and stepped to Nicole and kissed her.

Nick: That's fine by me. I will hold you to that. Anytime, anywhere, any hole Ok?

Nicole: That's right. That's a promise.

Nicole looked ecstatic

I walked over to Katie.

Nick: You're right Katie we do owe you so as you don't have a b*****r to seduce Nicole and Linda are going to have to help you with your dad. I'm sure he'd love to slide his cock between your tits. Katie smiled big and wide.

Katie: Oh yeah, I just know he'd like that!

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