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Turning My Husband Into a Pervert

Last year I got married and this is a little story about our honeymoon. It was kind of a short honeymoon – only two nights – because my husband is in the military and was just on leave for a short time. So, we booked a real nice suite in Birmingham, Alabama, which is the closest city to the little podunk town that we live in.

Up until our honeymoon our sex life had always been very soft and romantic. Lots of hugging and kissing and regular missionary sex. There was some oral sex too. But it was getting pretty routine. I guess my husband was afraid to let go because we met in a church and he thought I was a good girl.

But I had come across his collection of porn video files. Stuff like bondage, facials, anal and femdom. So I knew that he was into perverted sex. Which is fine with me because I'm into crazy sex too. So on our honeymoon I felt quite safe about going over the edge.

At the hotel we were changing out of our clothes and getting ready for bed. My husband thought it was going to be just another normal night of fucking, but I had other things in mind. I wanted to unleash his inner pervert.

In the bathroom I put on the little black outfit that you see in the picture above. Then I entered the bedroom where he was sprawled out naked on the bed watching television.

I walked up to Hubby and pulled my pussy lips apart and told him in the sexiest voice that I could do, “See this tight little cunt? Now it belongs to you to use anyway that you want to.”

Then I turned around and pulled my ass cheeks apart and told Hubby, “This is my backdoor and you can enter it anytime that you need to.”

Hubby was totally shocked at my slutty behavior and just stared at me. I also saw that his cock was rock hard and he wasn't even touching it. Then I jumped on him and ordered, “No missionary tonight. Treat me like a dirty girl. Do all the bad things to me that you have always wanted to do.”

That's when Hubby threw me on the floor and we got in the 69 and he just started fingering my cunt really hard while he fucked my face. So intense and rough. I loved it! Then he took his cock out of my mouth and starting beating my face with it and called me his “little cock whore”. Dirty talk makes me crazy so I loved that too.

Then Hubby pulled me up and pushed me against the wall and starting fucking my pussy from behind. He hardly ever did it too me from behind like that and this time it was really rough. He was totally out of control. His military aggression was coming out.

After about thirty minutes of this crazy fucking Hubby pulled out and put his arm around my neck and yelled, “You said I could take your asshole, so take this!” Oh, wow. he really should have started a little slower and it did hurt. But I asked for it and he was screwing my asshole incredibly hard. That was the first time that we had anal sex. What a first time.

Of course it ended when Hubby shot his cum all over my face. Then we dozed off. But in the middle of the night he woke up and jacked off on my face again. Our sex life had definitely changed for the better.

The next morning was my turn to take control. While hubby was still dozing I put on my strap-on dildo. Then I put a collar around Hubby's neck and hooked a chain to it. I tugged on the collar and ordered Hubby to wake up and get on our fours. He did what I told him. No questions asked. I loved that.

I put some lube on my middle finger and stuck it up Hubby's asshole. I loved being so deliciously dirty. Then I entered his asshole with my strap-on. Much slower than he had entered mine the night before. But after about five minutes I was pegging him really hard. I yanked on the chain and screamed, “Take this hard cock, you dirty little doggy bitch.” While this was going on I used my hand to milk his cock of its' semen and ordered my little doggy Hubby to lick it up. Which he did.

We did other crazy stuff on our short honeymoon. Since I'm twenty years old and Hubby is thirty-five years old I played his daughter. I played a prostitute too when he picked me up in a back alley. The craziest moment was when he was fucking me in the doggy in the hotel elevator. The door opened and two older ladies in their seventies saw us. I started barking and Hubby began to spank me. This scared the ladies to death and they ran away so fast I thought they would jump out of their shoes. So funny!

All and all, a great honeymoon. Hubby has been away in Afghanistan most all the time since those nights. But he's coming back for good in August and he's going to make me a baby.

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