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Fucking the Mother in Law while the Father In Law

Shortly after hanging up Darlene asked me to hand her panties to her. I found the tiny pair on the floor just out of her reach. She grinned upon taking them. I watched with great interest as she stuffed them just inside her cunt. Darlene stood up then carefully. A trail of cum oozed from one side so she stuffed the panties in a bit farther on that side.

I looked at her quizzically and she said, "I'm saving this for Eddie to see when he gets home." I laughed at that and went to my room to get my clothes. I came back fully dressed, but Darlene was now in the kitchen washing the dishes from last night's dinner still completely naked. She looked so fucking hot. Her dark brown nipples standing out at least an inch long if not more. A bit curious now about how the panties were doing holding back the flow I knelt in front of her looking between her legs. She pulled my face into her nose pressed against the ball of panties. Darlene rubbed her clit against my nose rubbing up and down until she came hard pressing my nose hard against her. What an incredibly horny woman!

I stood up then and said I wanted to fuck her. She surprised me by saying "NO", then smiling said, "I'm saving us for Eddie when he gets home. I grinned and asked, "You mean I am really going to fuck you in front of him? Is this something you guys have done before?" Her grin and wink let me know they had some experiences under their belts...literally.

Darlene made me tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. She sat at the table, her eyes looking like they were full of stars, her mouth bent in a lascivious grin. She casually pulled on a nipple with her left hand. I couldn't see her right hand, but figured out what was happening there when she came again.

She stood up then and said she wanted to feel my tongue on her pussy. I smiled and said I wanted to shave her cunt for her first. She shrieked and stood up then walked quickly to the bathroom, returning with scissors, shaving cream and a razor. She lay back on the dining room table, her legs open wide. I trimmed the bushy cunt hair down as close to the tender flesh as I could. I put the trimmed hair into a small bowl. I rubbed her clit for several seconds until she came once again. Darlene took the shaving cream, spreading a thin layer over the black stubble. "Shave my cunt dear son in law", she cooed as she moved her hands to hold her thighs apart.

I used my thumb to hold her clit to the side as I shaved near the sweet little nub. Darlene was breathing hard the entire time. I told her to hold her ass cheeks apart when I got down low. I shaved one side completely bald, then started on the other. Darlene held her clit to the side this time as I started near the top. Once her cunt was completely smooth I stood up, told her to stay right there, and went to the bathroom for a clean washcloth. I wet it in warm water. I enjoyed washing her cunt so shiny and pink now. It was fun watching Darlene lying on the table with her legs wide open and her cunt shining from the reflection of the dining room table light.

It took a while to wash her clean of all the shaving cream and stubble. I did a very good job. When she was clean and smooth, I pulled her ass to the edge of the table. My hands on her thighs, holding them up and apart, I started to take a wide-tongued lick of the bare sides of her cunt. I opened my mouth wide, my nose pressing against her clit as I traced the edges of the panty plug trying to slide between the thin cotton and the smooth lips. I licked from her tiny rosebud to her clit, taking long drawn out licks like she was a pussy flavored ice cream cone.

"Did you ever realize what a slut you had for a mother-in-law Peter?," she asked breathily as she watched me make her feel so good. I looked at her eyes directly as my thumb played lazily along the borderland between panty and cunt lips. "I have thought you had some slut in you Darlene. I fucked your daughter many times thinking about you...knowing you were built somewhat the same. Your tits are nicer than hers are and while she loves to fuck, she has nothing on you."

Smiling at me she asked, "Do you remember on your wedding night, after you and Annie returned from the hotel just before the reception? Do you remember what I asked you?" Grinning now I told her I certainly did. "You asked if we had consummated our marriage. Annie was too shy to say anything, but I told you we had consummated it several times. I loved saying, in essence, that I had just fucked your daughter, but wondering if my telling you about it made you wet." Darlene laughed and said she had been wet during the entire wedding, but admitted that what I had said made her cunt soak her panties and she had to go to the bathroom and take them off.

"So did you and Eddie fuck that night too?" The wicked grin Darlene gave me told me the answer, but she said, "Yes we did Peter. He fucked me...then I fucked him." I gave her a quizzical look. "I sat on his face and fucked his mouth and his nose. I came hard on his nose. He had a hard time breathing, but when I let him up he was laughing so hard that he almost choked."

The sound of car wheels on the gravel driveway made us both look out the window. "Just relax and enjoy yourself Peter. It's all going to be fucking great!" She hugged me, then she and I walked to the kitchen, standing there waiting for Eddie to come inside. I was dressed completely. Darlene was absolutely naked if you don't count the panty dam inside her cunt.

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