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After we had rested for a bit and cleaned ourselves off we had ourselves a cold drink. Cathy and Ashley were eager to continue playing and they both were quite horny. We were all sitting on the sofa, Ashley to my left Steven next to me and Cathy to his right. The girls began playing with our cocks stroking and teasing us until we were both hard again. I was eager for Ashley to begin sucking on my cock as I watched Cathy suck Stevens cock. Both of the girls did very well making Steven and I feel really good. As Ashley sucked my cock I slipped her sundress off and suggested that Steven do likewise to Cathy. Cathy seem to be enjoying Stevens cock as she lovingly played with his balls and sucked him up and down his shaft. Ashley was enjoying sucking on my cock and began rubbing her pussy. I was eager to play with Ashley's beautiful tits so I lifted her up and had her sit on my lap letting my hard cock press against her pussy as I fondled and sucked on her tits. Her beautiful brown nipples began getting hard as I licked and sucked each one while she continued rubbing my cock against her pussy. I looked over to Stephen and saw he was really enjoying the way Cathy was sucking his cock, his head was laid back and his eyes were closed. Occasionally I heard him moan softly as Cathy bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock.

Ashley was getting very excited and began writhing in my lap as she continued rubbing my hard cock against her pussy making her panties wet. I asked Ashley to stand up and remove her panties and let me see her beautiful pussy. She stood up and slid her panties down and stepped out of them. I reached out with both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her closer to me and I buried my face in her furry pussy and began licking. Her pussy was so wet already and I enjoyed the taste and smell of her juices. I flicked my tongue across the lips of her pussy several times then pushed my tongue inside probing for her clit. She moaned loudly as my tongue found her clit and I gently sucked on it. Steven looked over seeing what I was doing to Ashley and he told Cathy to remove her panties and let him lick her pussy. He was hesitant at first not being sure what to do to please her. I told him to just be gentle as he spread her pussy open, and to just use his tongue to lick around the lips and probe inside to find her clit. He soon got the hang of it and Cathy was enjoying it. I believe this was Stevens first time eating pussy and he looked like he was enjoying it also.

Turning my attention once again to Ashley's pussy she pressed herself against me as my tongue darted in and out and around her clit. Her beautiful pink pussy lips were dripping wet and her juices tasted so good. After a few minutes toying with her she couldn't take anymore and told me she wanted my cock deep inside her. She straddled my legs and lowered herself down and she guided my throbbing hard cock into her wet pussy. Slowly she eased herself down onto me until my entire shaft was deep inside her. She let out a loud moan of pleasure and began grinding her pussy back and forth on my cock. I nibbled and sucked at her nipples as she rode up and down on me. My cock was throbbing so hard and my balls were aching as I enjoyed feeling her tight pussy slide up and down my shaft. She worked her young pussy faster and faster and soon she cried out I'm Cumming. She arched her back and ground her pussy hard on my cock, I could feel the muscles in her pussy squeeze on my cock as her juices begin to flow. I thrust upward into her and exploded shooting streams of hot sperm into her. She collapsed onto me and gave me a kiss as I held her tightly and continued thrusting my cock into her pussy until I finished cumming.

Steven was still licking Cathy's pussy and playing with his cock. Finally he looked up at her and asked if she was going to let him fuck her. Cathy smiled and said I guess we've gone this far, it would only be fair to go all the way. She eased herself down onto his lap and with one hand she guided him inside her. Steven moaned as his dick entered her pussy and she began bouncing up and down on it. In just a matter of a couple minutes Steven was unable to hold back any longer and he shot his load into his s****rs pussy. Cathy continued pumping her pussy on his cock making slurping noises as it slid in and out. She moaned and arched her back burying her pussy down on him and cried out I'm Cumming. Finally we were all feeling a bit exhausted and completely satisfied. It was getting late and Mrs. Waters would be coming home soon. I told the k**s they should get cleaned up and ready for bed before she came home.

After they had gone upstairs to go to bed I sat relaxing on the sofa watching TV. Mrs. Waters came home about an hour later. She asked me if everything had gone well this evening and asked me if everyone had behaved themselves. I told her everything went great and there weren't any problems. She said good I'm glad you all had a good time and she paid me for the sitting. I said good night and went home relishing the memories of the evening.

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